Male Role-Play Partner Needed!

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  1. Hey guys! I have a few plot ideas that I'd like to run through, and since I'm mainly into romance role-plays and I play only the female, hence the name "Male Role-Play Partner Needed!".

    Anyway, the plots I have in mind don't have to go exactly as they are put, but just the general idea of the plot will be fine. I usually can't reply until around 4 or maybe a little later on the weekdays, but on the weekends and after four on the weekdays I'm almost always on here to reply back instantly. So if you're interested in any of these roleplays, just let me know by PM or replying to this... Thanks!:D

    A Summer In Italy
    Two best friends (MxF) have known each other their entire life's, and now it's their last summer before their senior year in high school, and they're both scared it might be their last summer together. When (F)'s aunt and uncle invite them to stay the summer in Italy with them and help out with some parties, will their relationship grow into more than friends or will their relationship grow weaker when they start talking about their future?

    Loving the Bad Boy
    (F) has never had the best past. She has secrets that no one would guess, and hides behind lies that everyone beloved. She covers up scars an bruises so that people won't see, and smiles so that she doesn't cry. In all reality though, she is crying inside and is heartbroken because if her past that no one knows. That is, until (M) comes along. He's the school bad boy. Hot and sexy, cool and outgoing, but rude and hateful, annoying and frustrating. He flirts with everyone, and then dumps them the next day. Aka, a player. He doesn't have good grades, and is failing his math class. In order for him to pass his senior year and be able to graduate with the rest of his class, (M) has to get tutored and make at least a B on the next big math test. In order for (F) to graduate with enough hours, she has to tutor the schools bad boy. As they get to know each other and get to know the real person hiding behind the image that everyone thinks of them of, they both start to get feelings that they've never felt before. Will the nerdy, good girl fall for the sexy bad boy?

    A Casual Romance
    For this role-play, there's not much to say. I was actually wanting to do a role-play where it's a young couple, maybe 16-17, starting out their relationship. I thought it'd be cool to see how hard it is to did someone in the 21st century and be in a relationship with all the difficulties of the world.
  2. I wanna rp Loving the Bad Boy if you don't mind
  3. Not at all! That'd be great... But you are wanting to play the male roll, right? I only play the female..
  4. I'd like tot try the casual romance or your first idea ^.^
  5. Okay... PM me and we can talk more about them^_^
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