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  1. Some books i have ben reading have got me thinking of somethings here the books

    Before I die: a girl with cancre makes a bucketlist and meets a boy they fall in love and yeah
    You agents me: romeo and julet type but mordern and diffrent. girls brother is a cused of rape she does not remeber much on that day. the boy sister was rape but people say she lising and he trys to get info out of the other girl to tellhe teuth because he knows she knows something they yeah

    love this atour he's britsh

    so what i want to try is modern sad tragic type i also would like so problem with both characters like

    my character is blind and your character is a crimanl (not something big) and hes put in some sort of thing that keeps him out of prison. comutay servuse and he need to watch her till his time is up.
  2. Did you think about unite settings or keep separate? Anyway how about this: The crimes the guy done are smuggling drugs and one or two assaulting a guard. He has been hanging around with a gang. The gang also rapes people sometimes. There has been an attack guy's ex-girlfriend has died. He is very suspicious and cynical towards falling in love in general. Just maybe the emotion comes without asking... A tagic romance and tight action might be something my character need at the moment. Blindness point of view offers challenge and interest to the story I think.
  3. hummm so very intrestiing i like it
    i already know my charater for this will talk more in pm