Male looking for female romance partners +18 please

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  1. I'm good with any level of smut and I don't care if it is in a thread or PM. No partners under 18, and no fandoms. I can't do fandoms. I only do OCs and prefer playing males. How ever I can do universe play. If you want to do something like Sao or Star Trek (to give a few examples) I'm down.

    RPs I've wanted to do:
    • Human X Human (obviously)
    • Human X Alien
    • Alien X Alien
    • Human X Zombie
    • Human X Demon
    • Demon X Demon
    • Human X Robot (I don't know how it works, but I still want to try)
    • Slave X Master
    • god X goddess
    • god/ goddes x Human
    To name a few if you want to do something else ask me
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  2. I'd be interested in doing a sort of SAO RP but, It's a universe I've made in a plot. So it's actually just taking the concept.

    Would you be interested in hearing the plot c: ?
  3. Yea totally just pm with the plot
  4. I'd be interested in playing with you. Demon and human could be interesting.
  5. Yea just pm me with your Ideas
  6. I'm interested in demon x demon or demon x human or a mesh of one of those with master x slave. Pm me if you're interested
  7. • Human X Demon

    I may have a plot idea for this if you are interested.
  8. Ok PM me with the plot
  9. are you still open? :3
  10. yea pm me with the details
  11. If you're willing I'd be interested in the Master x Slave idea and the God/Goddess x Human as well. I actually have a small idea for the God/Goddess one (mind you I'm all for the god x goddess as well.)
  12. pm me with the details
  13. Want to try to make a plot with human x robot?
  14. Hm... Ah I have an idea for humanxrobot! Message me please?
  15. Human X Alien I would like to do this with you ^^
  16. umm ok?
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