Male Hormonal cycles?

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  1. It's no secret that all humans have Hormonal cycles whether male or female, transgender or cisgender.

    A woman's is more predictable well researched however, with her menstrual and ovulation cycles.

    I'm not too sure about a male's Hormonal cycle and I can't seem to find much research on it either. So I guess this question is for all the biological males out there.

    Do you have a Hormonal patterns that are predictable?

    I know about once a month I feel really, really strong need for intimacy (not that I get it, but you know what I mean.) literally it keeps me up all night long with me doing strange things to all my pillows, even if I TRY to sleep.

    What about you guys?
  2. Fapping saves lives. #Savethemales
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  3. Once a month my nerves harden into steel and my mind becomes s wall. It's got to be hormones.

    Nothing to do with my wife's less than stable emotions during her roller coaster time of the month.

    But, no. I do no not feel hormone fluxes or swings myself. Because I'm not a woman and have a normal functioning endocrine system for an XY person.
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  4. Nothing over here.

    I'm always me.
    Though I wouldn't mind free chocolate any ways. :3
  5. There is quite a few times that I recognize myself getting a bit more irritable or I'm more of a dick than normal.

    I always just thought I was hungry.
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  6. Most animals have a sort of hormonal cycle from what I understand of biology. Basically, the brain is not 100% efficient at producing chemicals, so you'll have natural phases where your brain has more or less things like serotonin, oxytocin, testosterone/estrogen, et cetera. Basically, to put it in a very crude way: Your brain has periods where it "produces" and periods where it "flushes." You can experience shorter term versions of these produce-flush cycles by experiencing an emotion over a prolonged period of time. A horror movie, if it doesn't relieve your tension, will eventually get dull, no matter how thrilling and well constructed it may be, because your brain at that point is "flushing" the chemical responses associated to fear before it overdoses on them. You never feel the "warm fuzzy" parts of love 24/7 all the time: It comes in bursts, fades, comes in bursts, fades, et cetera. Ergo the common dating advice, "marry your best friend, because you won't spend all that time being in love: Sometimes you just pay taxes or laze about."

    Women have such cycles in a more extreme period of time because it's tied to their sexual reproductive system. For males, know that the majority of your testosterone is produced in your balls. So imagine if, once a month, you pissed blood, gained muscle cramps, and your testosterone-producing balls went completely out of whack, causing your testosterone levels to spike and fall at fucking random. It takes that natural cycle of "production" and "flushing", and kicks it into a retarded overdrive that both physically and emotionally hurts.

    So, tl;dr: Yes, ish, kind of. Based on what I understand of biology, men do have hormonal cycles, but nowhere near as potent or predictable as females do. Cuz' ours isn't tied to our reproductive system. Because God hated us a little less than women, I guess. Misogynistic prick.
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  7. I've heard a few people speculate on a male hormonal cycle, but from what I've heard either it's incredibly subtle or not on a neatly monthly cycle because it's difficult to pinpoint, even by someone trying to track their mood specifically to see if there's a cycle.
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  8. I'm not a guy, but I know for damn sure my husband does. I've dealt with it for the past 15 years, and I've got the pattern down to a pat with him.
  9. Wait, pissing blood isn't normal?

    I dunno if it has anything to do with hormones, but I get totally random boners even when I'm not thinking about anything or getting any sort of stimulation. I think my body just likes putting me in awkward situations though... vv;
  10. I think I hit periods where I get uber depressed for no reason at all, or irritated at absolutely everything. Might be hormones, might just be because I'm a crustacean who wants to be human.
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