Male 1x1 partner needed for a Standard romance

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  1. So I was thinking about it... And I thought it'd be really cool if I could find a male partner to do a romance role-play where we play the entire relationship, from the very first date. I thought it'd be cool to show the drama, difficulties, and how hard it is to find someone and stay with them throughout high school and the everyday reality of life.

    Let me know if you're interested... Thank you!:)
  2. Sounds fun. Got any specifics in mind.
  3. Not really but I'm open to any if you do!
  4. Usually I stick to winter of the small town variety when it comes to setting. Is that fine?
  5. Yeah.. Sounds great!
  6. Next is character details. You said "all through high school" so I'm assuming that the characters are starting at 14, maybe 15?
  7. Well we could start them at any age, but I was thinking more along the ages of 15,16, maybe 17, but that we could maybe start them as sophomores. Whatever you'd like them to start as is fine with me. :)
  8. 15 sounds about right. Some high schools still start at the Sophomore year instead of the Freshman year. First meeting or already established relationship?
  9. Okay sounds great.. I was thinking we could start with the first meeting unless you want differently.
  10. Sounds good to me. Any preference on that? Like maybe a forgotten coat or first time ice skating? Stuff that forces them to interact.
  11. Hmm... I like the first time ice skating idea but anything would work I suppose
  12. Then that's what we'll do. Anything we're forgetting?
  13. Well.. Did you want to exchange character sheets so that we know the important info on each other's characters? Like looks, personality, family, and other things?
  14. Can't really do that on mobile. It'd take too long.
  15. Okay thats fine. I think we got everything
  16. There's a couple more little details I'd like to figure out, but those can be established in the opening post.
  17. Okay... Would you like to do the opening post?
  18. Uhm okay lol... I'm still kinda new to this site.. Would we do this through messaging or on a different thread?
  19. Messaging, preferably.
Thread Status:
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