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  1. ((I'm wanting this to be sort of a possession rp, where in the beginning, her symptoms are from the beginning of the possession, where the spirit is trying to connect or 'attach' to her, finding a tangible body. Further into it she starts having out-of-body experiences [like the movie In Your Eyes], acting different [like the book Bad Girls Don't Die], etc. Later in the rp I'm thinking they can go to different doctors and they find nothing, etc. Then after that, weeell, we'll take it from there. If I need to or if you guys want, I'll make an OOC thread.))

    It started with her parents getting a new picture. One of those old framed ones some people have in there homes. Like ones of their family, except it's not; it's of someone else.

    "It was fairly big. It was a gold colored frame around an old painting of a girl and her horse. She was pretty: short brown hair in pigtails and what seemed to be hazel eyes, dressed up in light blue overalls with a tee shirt underneath. She was hugging her horse, though, somehow, it seemed... it just seemed like she was looking at you."

    "What's that?" Taryn asked as her parents came into the house with the picture in their hands. "Oh it's just a painting for our house. It's nice, I think you guys will like it."

    "A painting? Who of?" T's older brother asked from the kitchen, listening to the conversation. The family had photos on their walls of the family, but not paintings. "Oh, actually, I don't know. Some random little girl and her horse. It's pretty cute." The mother stated with a smile. Taryn watched as her parents got settled and put up the painting. After it was hung, all four family members stood in front of it, observing.

    "I don't know. It's kinda weird if you ask me." The eldest sibling said, walking back into the kitchen to finish making the family's lunch. "Oh hush." Mom said, the parents following him in. "Actually-" Taryn said, stopping her parents. They turned around to look at her. She stayed in front of the painting, arms crossed as she looked up at it; she looked as if she was admiring it. "I like it." A semi long pause. "I... really like it." She said slowly, sounding as if in a daze, like trying to text and talk to someone all at once.

    There was another pause, this time an awkward one, before her mother broke the silence. "Well I'm glad. Now come on, lunch is almost ready." Taryn watched it for another moment, then tore her eyes away and joined her family in the kitchen.

    As they waited for lunch to be done, the four talked and joked, Tar occasionally looking back at the painting, then tuning back in to the conversations. It was minutes after they all had started eating Taryn decided to speak. "Mommy, I don't feel good..." she said quietly, putting her fork down. "Oh, I'm sorry sweetie. Maybe you should lay down for a bit." The girl only shook her head in response. "No... I'm okay." She didn't want to lay down, she wanted to spend time with her family. She could take it.

    Minutes later: A gasp erupted from the daughter, as she was hit with something. A force, something. It didn't hurt, but it didn't feel good. It was like an invisible wall. The gasp was quickly followed by shortness of breath, causing her to get off her chair and stand, holding her chest and gripping her shirt gently. The family did a double take before they realized something was wrong. "Honey, you okay?" She heard her mom's voice, but it was blurred, as was her vision. Blurry and spinning. Was this what a panic attack is like?

    Quick, short, and choppy breaths struggled to get out of her as she stumbled on her dizziness. Her mother had come to her side now. "Honey what's wrong, breathe okay? Oh my God what's wrong with her?" She asked her husband and son. The voiced replies soon became distant, being pulled farther away until there was nothing.
    Beeping rung in Taryn's ears the whole time she was there. That's one thing she didn't like about hospitals. Besides all the tests and questions and hookups they put her on.

    Tar listened to the constant beeping as the doctor stood in front of her bed, speaking to her three relatives. "I don't know, all the tests turned out to be normal. She seems fine. Nothing's wrong with her. From what we know, it could've easily been a panic attack. She's described what one would feel like." "Are you sure?" "Positive. And it's rare but sometimes they can come out of nowhere. Feel free to come back if anything changes or gets worse. Although after no results from the test, we assume she could be coming down with some kind of illness as well. She sat been vomiting, having headaches, feeling dizzy, and one or two other things. I'd check her for a cold soon." "Alright, thank you doctor." Her dad said, reaching out and shaking the doc"s hand. Minutes later she were all set to go.

    It got dark outside; was she out that long? T's father drove, while her mother sat beside him, and her brother in the back with her. Taryn didn't say anything, only looked out the window at the dark neighborhoods and buildings. "That sh*t really scared me Taryn... scared us." Her brother finally said on the way home. "Watch your language dear." The voice of the mom was heard within the car.

    There was another silence among them, when Taryn said, softly, quietly, "I really like that painting Mommy. It's nice."

    ((I'm wanting the family member positions taken first if possible!! Thank you! Happy roleplaying!))
  2. (I'm willing to take a distant cousin's role)

    "Jenny! Dinner time!" Susan called from the livingroom.
    Pitter patter was heard downstairs, a seven year old girl ran to the table, wearing her favorite barbie doll shirt and jeans.
    Susan turned around to see her daughter holding her brown teddy bear, she gave her a look that Jenny knew all too well...disapproval.

    "Teddy Tom dosen't want to be alone with the monsters..." Jenny began, hugging her bear even tighter.
    Susan smiled warmly at her and took a deep breath, "how many times do I have to tell you Jennifer...there are no such things as monsters..."
    Without a word, Jenny looked down still hugging her bear.

    Jennifer had a special gift of being able to talk to spirits and entities, she had been able to see them all her life.

    After a moment of Susan staring at her daughter she took yet another deep breath, "alright you win...but just for tonight..."

    The phone rang and Susan walked to it, still looking at her daughter. The phone was in the same room as the kitchen against the wall next to the sink.
    "I am serious though, no more teddy at the table..."

    She picked up the phone, "hello?"
    There was a moment of silence, it was her sister.

    "Well, is Tyran okay?" Susan asked, making Jennifer look at her mom.

    The young mother nodded, she looked completely worried, "well...maybe it was just a panic attack...I hope this doesn't cancel the plans for tomorrow...we were suppose to have family movie night, I know Jenny's been dying to see her cousins again..."
    Susan glanced at her daughter, giving her a smile. The daughter gave her a half smile back.

    "Alright...well, keep me posted...if you need anything tomorrow just let me know..."
    Susan hung up the phone and gave Jennifer a plate of cut up hot dogs and mac n' cheese, "eat up sweetie, I need to go make a few calls..."

    The very next day Jenny and her mother were standing outside of their relatives house.
    When Jen was just a baby, her father used to abuse her mother to the point where she almost died. It wasn't until the father almost hurt the baby that Susan had the courage to take the kid and run from him, ever since she had been struggling with rent and how to take care of her daughter, right now though shes doing barely alright.

    "You okay honey?" Susan asked, looking at her child who was hugging her stuffed animal.
    The girl only nodded, despite the uneasy feeling in her tummy and took her mothers hand, the two knocked on the door, waiting.
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