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  1. Minibit is having one of her occaisional "I'M A REAL GIRL" outbreaks and wants to talk about make up and stuff with those who enjoy that kind of thing.

    Personally I don't wear makeup on anything near a daily basis. I wear it on special occasions like birthdays or date night, and if the mood happens to strike me, and more often during christmastime when dressing festive helps me feel cheerful during the most stressful month of the year.

    Speaking of, I got a discounted 6-pack of sparkly eyeshadows today and I put one on to see how it looks and it's not really an eyeshadow so mcuh as an eye GLITTER but if you put the glitter on and then dust some actual eyeshadow over it you have BRIGHT SPARKLY EYELIDES AND IT'S AWESOME.

    I also quite enjoy lip gloss because I'm prone to dry skin (and lips) when the weather turns cold in the fall or warm in the spring, and lip gloss is a pretty way to keep my lips protected and also let me feel pretty =^.^=

    So lets talk cosmetics! When do you wear them? What do you like best? Do you go balls-to-the-wall foundation-coverup-blush-eyeshadow-lipliner-the-works or just throw something on on your way out the door? Do you ever wear it just for fun? THE FEMININE SIDE OF ME WANTS TO KNOOWWW
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  2. Make-up is a weird subject for me. Cause there are times when I'm in make-up, which is usually just a lot of eyeliner cause I'm cool like that (sometimes their lip gloss/stick), and friends will be like, "Oh, so you're a girl today?" And it get's awkward when I answer, "Nope, still a dude."

    But yeah, when I do wear make-up, I go with foundation (good god is it hard finding shades light enough o_e), maybe some eyeshadow (greens/blues/purples.) and lots of eyeliner. I enjoy looking like a racoon :P If I'm feeling up to it, then we get down to the lips. Otherwise, they stand out pretty well on their own.

    I think the one time I ever got praised by my cosmo teacher was when we did "High Fashion" make up. I got used for the demo. Made one of my friends literally fall over in shock when he saw the result. 8D

    For a long time I refused to let myself indulge in it, but as of four years ago I've been all into the makeup game. If I'm going out that day, you can pretty much bet I'm wearing makeup, even if it's just concealer and some eyebrow grooming. Seriously, if there was only one makeup application I could do, it would be my eyebrows. Occasionally I will gather enough courage to go out wearing nothing if I'm just going to the grocery store or something, but generally I'm a self-conscious ninny and feel the need to wear at least something. I've thankfully been blessed with good skin, so I very rarely wear a full face of foundation, which is good because I am pale as haaaale and it's really hard to find a foundation that matches. Thankfully I have found one and it is MIRACULOUS. :D It's the Revlon Colorstay Cream makeup (in ivory, because everything is in ivory) and I adore it. It has a lovely light, whipped texture and makes me feel like I'm wearing nothing, when I do wear it.

    My most recent 'addition' to my makeup routine is contouring. I'm not particularly good at it, yet, but the difference in my face is quite noticeable. I just need to find the right shade of bronzer and blush.

    For my daily 'going to work/dinner' makeup routine, it goes like so: concealer (under eyes and the sides of my nose,) eyebrows, contouring/blush, a light shimmery eyeshadow on my lids and the corner of my eyes, eyeliner (wings), mascara. Right now I'm using Maybelline cream eyeliner with an angled brush, and I dig it. Cream eyeliner is definitely my favourite out of pencil/liquid/cream. I rarely do fancy eyeshadow unless I'm going out somewhere special or I'm just having a fancy day. Even then I'm not too adventurous and generally stick to my Naked 3 palette.

    I'm kind of terrible about makeup hoarding, though. I buy stuff full well knowing I'm probably never going to use it, like eyeshadow primer (which I should use, I know) and setting powder (I just don't wear foundation enough.) I don't buy the cheap stuff, either, so I try to stay away from stores carrying high-end makeup unless I'm looking for something in particular. >_> I also need a better way to sort my makeup collection, now that it's building.

    I never wear lipstick, though. I have weird tiny lips and I think I look bizarre with anything but a bit of lipgloss.
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  4. This is odd because I just went through a girl crazy phase this week, I spent two days just pampering/torturing myself.

    I am using A clay mask for all skin types from the Botanic products once every two weeks, I use a Nivea Moisturizer creme and make sure to clean under my nails, my hands and whole face thoroughly before applying the creme. I wait twice to let the creme absorb into my skin and apply three times. I now have a pantene shampoo that is heavy duty moisturizer, I feel like...I have new hair! I use a tiny bit of the Nivea creme in my hair to moisturize the ends of my hair. This is all before applying any make up if I wear it. Usually I am the same Mini, I don't use make up too often.

    A Victoria secret kohl black Eyeliner, it's expensive but its the only eye liner I feel comfortable with and I have had it for the longest time out of any eyeliner I have ever owned. An organic dark brown Mascara, and a Revlon photo ready Light/pale concealer stick for any blemishes that occasionally happen. Vaseline lip therapy, rosy Lips it has no real color it adds but it smell like a rse garden, and a Maybeline eye studio eye liner gel that I almost Never use. Mostly my girly care goes into shaving my legs and plucking hair out of my face. I have thick dark hair and very pale skin...Its a fucking nightmare sometimes and when they say Beauty is pain...they are not joking.


    I also clean my make up off with a Botanic makeup removal for all skin types and it is gentle on the eyes, I can get it in my eyes and it doesn't bother them or leave this oily feeling in them and I am constantly filing my nails to shape them and rarely apply a clear acrylic coat or two.

    that's about it lol.
  5. I am curious about make up. I like lip gloss and lip stick but I get a lot of compliments for my skin. So I'm very Effie because I like the natural look.

    I had a really bad experience at Macy's in the make up world that scared me off too. The lady put it on wrong, I ended up orange looking and mascara ended up dripping in my eyes. It was just awful, burned so bad. Smh
  6. If there's a Mac or Sephora store anywhere near you, they usually do a ridiculously good job making you look good and showing you different techniques. On the downside, if you're poor like me, then you have to try and escape their insistence on buying their crazy expensive make-up! Buuut if you're not poor, their make-up is really good quality.

    I normally go out with eye primer, eyeshadow, and eyeliner. On days I'm rushed or just blehh I'll just do eyeliner. On special nights I'll do the full face: primer, foundation, powder, blush, mascara, lip stain... I don't like lipstick because it's too dramatic for me, and lip gloss is too shiny, but I enjoy lip stain from time to time.

    And I use gel eyeliner. For smokiness I'll dust it with black eyeshadow, but I hate eyeliner pencil (with special exceptions), and liquid eyeliner is a pain.
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  7. Lol yes, trying to flee is the worst xD
  8. I just wear foundation, both liquid and powder. I put very little powder on my face in order to set the liquid foundation. I don't need mascera because I have very long natural eyelashes, I don't wear blush because it's meh. I have incredibly pale skin (I'm the lightest of all colors, my color is called fresh ivory with Clinique) I have to wear Acne specialized make-up while I'm working on trying to get my acne under control (22 and still have acne... ugh) I don't wear eyeshadow because I only wear makeup during the day and I can't find any that speak to me. I don't wear eyeliner because I want to look natural. I rarely wear lipstick but I wear gloss. If you guys get the chance try out the Chubby sticks that have natural shades by clinique. it's very little color and makes your natural lip color POP. I look like I'm wearing lipstick while wearing a kinda gloss. is amazing. Okay I'm done now XD
  9. I was a makeup artist for three years so u find makeup delightful. It is my way of expressing myelp artistically except my canvas is a face. My favorite type of makeup to do is editorial. The crazy extreme makeup the runway and fashion models wear.

    Personally, I used to wear a lot more when I was a full time makeup artist. Now I wear liquid and powder foundation, blush, bronzer, earth tones eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. Unless I want to dress up in which case I usually do a smoky eyes with some fake lashes.

    if you have a love for glittery eyeshadow like I do, or use black eyeshadow for your smoky eye, hold either a tissue or tp right under your eye as you apply it. The loose glitter or shadow will fall on the tissue not your face! I haaaate it when you try to rub the loose shadow off your cheeck and it smears all over.

    Hate lipstick on your teeth? After applying the lipstick stick your finger in your mouth, put your lips around your finger and pull your finger out. It will take away any lipstick on the inside of your lips that would come off on your teeth.

    I have many more tricks up my sleeve :)
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  10. Be careful with MAC. I'm all about Thier eyeshadow, gloss, mascara, etc. Basically anything not on the face. If you have sensitive skin stay away from Thier foundation and blush. MAC is non comedogenic which basically means it will clog your pores. A lot of people with skin difficulties go to Mac because it can make you look flawless, however it almost always makes the complexion worse even if you have normal skin. It's like painting spackle on your face. If you want full coverage try Urban Decay if you can afford it. It's about the same as MAC.