Makeing Christmas Bad-@$$

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Desaecula, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. So Ozzie signed ontot he chat this morning as 'christmaspire".. so i drewz youz a christmaspire.

    Have a kickass Holiday season Iwaku!

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  2. I don't trust this Christmaspire. o______o I will not join him anyway without protection.
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  3. That Christmas tree beard is amazing.

    I want to sit down with him for eggnog. :|
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  4. niiiiiiice.

    I dig it.
  5. I hate Santa, but love the hell outta that guy.
  6. That beard is epic. How much would it cost to have a professional photo taken of my 8 month old son sitting on his lap?
  7. .. this is me.. not sure how to respond.
  8. Wouldn't having a pine tree on your face be really itchy?
  9. According to the manual of Mythender, Wil Wheaton played a Mythender game where an embittered Bob Kratchit and others who had a beef with him travelled to the Noth Pole to kill the cruel and arbitrary god of child morality, Santa Claus.

    Hopefully by next year I can steal and run that idea.