Make Your Groups Shine

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  1. Make Your Groups Shine!

    Summer. Heat, rain, vacations, and oppressive sunshine beating down with the fires of... well, just one sun, but that’s beside the point.

    This summer, many groups have gotten a bit dusty. Sometimes, people are just too busy to keep them going, other times, people go on vacation. Normally, these are small groups that fall into disuse. But occasionally, larger, thriving groups can undergo spontaneous dust collecting. If you are too busy to maintain one of your groups, consider giving the group to someone who has time. If you want to keep your group and just don’t know what to post, ask the group members a discussion question and try to get people talking again. Here are a few other ways to get groups, either yours or those you are in, moving at full speed again:

    Start a new discussion.
    Post to a few older discussions.
    Link to some related content and ask for feedback.
    Add a few new images.
    Start a trivia thread or Q&A, where group members can answer questions.
    Utilize the Community Hub to advertise your group
    Issue a discussion or post a day challenge to your members.

    Remember, active groups get highlighted in the newsletter, and groups are a great way to talk about what you love. Also, keep in mind that people new to groups are often shy about starting new discussions, so if you have an influx of members, make a few topics for them to join in on. Good luck and have fun!