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This is just a simple freeform fantasy and possibly sci-fi RP. The thing that's special about this RP is that instead of making your own character, you request a character; then, you make someone else's. In this way there should be an equal exchange so that everyone gets a character, and gets to make a character.

Naturally, to preserve sanity, there are a couple of rules to the way this works. You can request a single specific thing or up to three vague things that must be included in the character someone else makes for you; you also have the option of not requesting anything but a character, but be prepared to play anything if you do that! Also, if a character is made for you that you feel you simply cannot play, and you can explain exactly why, you can ask for one or two changes if the problem is minor, or a different character entirely if it seems irredeemable. Please keep in mind this is a provision only if you absolutely cannot play the character; this whole concept is intended for learning flexibility.

What's considered "vauge" and what's considered "specific", you might ask? Well, it depends on which field you're talking about. Requesting your character be male or female would be considered vague because there are pretty much only two choices; requesting your character be a specific-numbered age is also fairly vague, but toeing the line a bit; better to say "teenager" or "old age". Requesting that your character be a Drow of a particular mythos, however, would undoubtedly be a specific thing; to make it vague you could say "some type of elf", for instance.

To prevent any kind of weird "I can make your character worse than you made mine" sort of feuds, I strongly encourage everyone to make a character for someone who didn't make their character, at least for the first character requested.

Okay, with all that out of the way, the next post will be the (fairly detailed) character sheet and the list of characters/currently standing requests. After that, maybe a reserved post for plot stuff for later and we'll be ready to accept characters.
Character sheet: (To be entered by the creator of someone else's character)

[noparse]Maker: (username of you, who is making this character)
Player: (username of the person who requested and will be playing this character)

Appearance: (should make sense with all of the above; may be a link to a picture or a description)

Regular Abilities: (non-supernatural abilities and skills)
Magic/Powers: (anything that isn't the above)
Deficiencies: (Weaknesses and the like; may be mental, physical, or magical)

DnD-Style Alignment: (Just so the player can get an idea of their moral compass/values)
History: (this is optional; if you leave it blank then the player is free to make it all up themselves)[/noparse]

Character Listing:
(none yet)

Request Listing:
Xindaris--Wolf-related, non-evil
San-Gry--Must have a Scorpio personality trait
Cereal--Some kind of elf, a stalker/mercenary type
notebook--A pair of twins who finish each others' sentences; some kind of pair theme like "salt and pepper".
Okay, now I'd like to request a character! I'd like my character to be wolf-related and not evil-aligned.
Hello! Requesting character and to make character! ;D Character has to have a Scorpion(the zodiac) characteristic please! And that's all I'd like to request for mine. <3
Thank you very much for coming in. I'm hoping for a third person at least so we're not just directly trading characters...

Just so we're clear, you're referring to a personality trait that is said to be characteristic of Scorpios?
Yes x) I often do not play characters with a Scorpio's attribute... So hopefully they'll choose one I really haven't meddled with, and I'll try advertising this some! x))
Okay so I'll give this a go. :) And then get started on one of your characters.

I want a character that's some sort of Elf (Not just because of the first post haha) and has somewhat creepy or stalker-like attributes. Like a hired gun, but with a bow and arrow haha. Just something along that general fill. :)
Okay, we might as well start working on characters for each other.

I'm going to work on a character for san-gry if you're not already.
I'll work on Cereal's then~ C: Fufu~ This should be fun~. I should have this up around 7 PM CST. Maybe earlier depending on how fast I get some other things done!
Hope this works. I was mostly going for "Powerful" with some "exciting" and "emotional" also thrown in.

Also, I bet that if you go to deviantart and search for any well-known character class (mage, thief, warrior, etc.) you will probably find that 90% of the images are female...

Maker: Xindaris
Player: San-Gry

Name: Iladrasel Rysonath; "Ila"
Gender: Female
Age: 38
Race: Half-elf
Appearance: This. (Image owned by the person who drew it!)

Equipment: Aside from the armor pictured, a rapier and its sheath
Regular Abilities: Quite a decent fencer (right-handed), generally agile and balanced. Both literate and fluent in three or four different languages, including of course the common and elfin ones. Fairly well-educated and knowledgeable.
Magic/Powers: Able to cast basic spells in several elements, mid-level fire and lightning spells, and rather high-level shadow spells. Shadow magic manipulates literal shadow, the lack of light, and is able to give it temporary physical presence; so, for instance, the shade of a tree might be temporarily turned into a bunch of spikes, or a pit to fall into which closes when the spell wears off.
Deficiencies: All of the magic she knows requires the correct magic words and some level of concentration; the higher in level, the longer it takes and the harder it is to cast. Therefore, she may fire off weaker spells quickly in a heated situation, but would have to be protected from distraction or harm in order to effectively use her more potent magic. The casting of magic also expends one's own physical energy, and while Ila has grown fairly resilient over the years she still needs food and rest more often when constantly using magic. Each element of this magic has an inherent weakness, and her focus, shadow, is no exception. Its opposite is light (which manipulates physical light). While she is certainly not a pushover, chances are that Ila would not survive long in a contest of pure strength.

DnD-Style Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality: Absolutely nothing Ila does is ever done halfway. In conversation, she can talk without end if it seems necessary, projecting every emotion she feels at any moment. In combat, she throws herself or her magic at enemies with a fierce, unrelenting drive. She loves adventure for the thrill of it, and sees unused or untapped power as a terrible waste. She is a loyal friend to those who have earned her trust, and an unstoppable adversary to those who betray it. She would go well out of her way to help a friend, but not a stranger unless there was clearly something to gain from it, and never an enemy. Wealth is okay, but nowhere near as important to her as thrills, fun, power and knowledge. Her intellect and education show whenever they need to, but she never rubs them in people's faces. She doesn't go out of her way to be rebellious or break laws, but efforts to directly impose authority on her rarely end well.
History: Both of Iladrasel's parents were half-elves, and the past two or three generations of either side were likewise half-elves, making it seem more to them a pure race than a half-bred one. They were also both mages, working in an arcane university since before she was born, spending their time delving deep into the theory and secrets of magic. They groomed their daughter for a similar lifestyle. Although she went with their plans long enough for a few years' worth of education at the same university, she quickly grew tired of theory and study, desiring to put the power now under her control to more practical uses. In her later teenage years, Ila got the chance she was looking for: A small party of adventurers seeking a mage to help them invade a dragon's cave and steal all of his treasure. It should be noted that this was a relatively peaceful dragon, not threatening anyone, and it was in self-defense that he fought the small party. Ila was the only one with enough common sense to get out when they were clearly defeated, and her fellow adventurers were roasted alive for their foolishness.

All the same, it was a lot of fun to her. Rather than returning home to be berated by every authority figure she'd ever known for partaking in such a foolish venture, she left for another town entirely. She has participated in other little adventures of varying degrees of foolishness, and survived them all, learning new things about her magic's use that no school could have taught.
Hey there! This sounds like a brilliant idea.

I am requesting to make a character, and for someone to make a character for me.

My request: I have always wanted twin characters. I really do hope this is acceptable, to use more than one, but for these twins I would like them to be "one" with each other. So, if I may, could I have twins that are very close to each other--they think alike, they talk together sometimes, etc.? And umm, if they could have some sort of "theme" that would be fantastic. (Lame examples: cookies and cream, or salt and pepper.)

If this is unacceptable, then how about a male monster of some sort. Dragon, manticore; doesn't matter. Perhaps semi-human.
I think the twin idea should be quite doable. Let's see if I can write up a proper loop:

Arrow means "is making the character for"

Anyone mind doing this order?
That's fine with me, I was just checking back to get working on whatever else needs to be done so I'll try out the twin idea. :) Maybe even incorporate a few traces of Dragonkin ancestry into somehow. :P
So I will be making your character then, Xindaris?

I'm perfectly fine with that. And yay, my twin idea isn't banned!
I've been waiting for someone else to make a character, but seeing as no one but Xindaris has, I'm going to go ahead and make wolfy. I am a fan of animalistic characters, especially lizardmen and wolfmen. So I hope I do a good job...

Maker: Notebook
Player: Xindaris

Name: Skoll (or Boris if you prefer that -- or if you don't like either, you can choose it yourself)
Gender: male
Age: 31
Race: wolfman
Appearance: Fairly tall and built with broad shoulders. Has fur on his chest, arms, and legs. There are scars all over his body, especially a large, deep x-shaped scar on his right shoulderblade. He has black medium length hair that falls to his shoulders; the same color as his fur. His ears are pointed, and his nose is fairly large. He has a pronounced jawline. Usually he is seen wearing casual clothing that covers his arms and legs as he is embarrassed by his fur; with the clothes on, he looks more human. He looks like an especially rough, scary man, but hardly acts how he appears.

Equipment: His fists, claws, teeth are what he uses first. If the fight is serious, he will use a giant battle-axe.
Regular Abilities: Although he's not especially fast, he's very strong. He is good at close combat. His defense is especially good. When in human form, he relies more on his intellect than brute strength to get the desired results.
Magic/Powers: When the moon is full, his strength and speed double. His senses sharpen, and he is able to see in total darkness. His entire body becomes covered in fur, and he grows wolf ears and a wolf tail. He acts and moves like a wolf, and much of how he fights is based in instinct.
Deficiencies: Naturally, he is not good at long-range combat, but has strategies to defend against this or counterattack. However, when the moon is full, he is unable to think clearly. Although he can mow down most opponents easily, he cannot defend himself from intelligent strategies.

DnD-Style Alignment: chaotic good
Personality: He is actually very shy, quiet, sweet, and gentle. He is ashamed of what he is, and tries his best to hide it, though no one can deny that his facial hair can get out of control quickly. However, he can change very quickly from sweetheart to brute if he sees an innocent getting injured. He is highly protective of loved-ones, and is quick to snap to anger if he finds something offensive enough--even jokes. He's picked up smoking due to rumors of it being able to help a person relax, but unfortunately he found out that that's not quite true. Due to his habit, if he goes too long without a smoke he will be nervous and even more irritable than usual. As long as you are polite to him, he will be warm. Children are drawn to him.
History: (I honestly wouldn't know where to start... sorry)

I really hope this is okay. Part of the appeal I see in this challenge is the spontaneity, so a concept of a wolf guy popped in my head and everything revolved around that basic concept.
That's awesome, notebook. I think that it works best to take a concept and go from it like that, it's sort of what I did making San-Gry's character...
I'll go with Skoll, because it's a rarer name and Boris makes me think of that one guy from that Samurai Jack episode.
Glad you like it!

I've been waiting for this roleplay to go somewhere. Don't tell me it's dead? D: