Make Me Laugh

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  1. This is thread is meant to not only make me laugh, but you as well. I'll accept jokes, pictures, videos, just make sure it's funny.

    Keep your jokes tasteful or I will be a Mad Zen. If you think someone will find what you post offensive, don't do it!

    And if you want you can rate the hilarity on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the lowest, 10 is where on I'm the floor doing ROFLCOPTER. Let us know if you're laughing!




  2. [video=youtube;hPCnsex4Wlg][/video]
    "There's a head... A severed head..."
    "Just tea for me, thanks."
  3. Punk deserved it!

  4. [video=youtube;0qMpmYXl8A0][/video]