Make It or Break It

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  1. Make It or Break It:

    Within the East Side of L.A is a neighborhood full of young men and women, each with a dream to make it big. But the woes of life become challenging as they try to navigate the hardships of dating, working, auditioning, training, and of course friends and family. Can this bunch achieve their dreams?

    Okay, so the jest of the story is a group of friends (the neighborhood) all trying to reach a level of success that would bring their parents out of poverty. I want this to be a small rp that really centers on the development of the characters and the bounds they form. Also I want this to last a while so it gives this a chance to flourish properly.

    • The age gap will be from 18-25
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  2. I like the idea, this could be a real cool!
  3. I'm in (and I'll text scorpio and let her know about it for you :P)

    Edit :: She's in as well
Thread Status:
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