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  1. It's simple- think of a color, it could be your favorite, least favorite, or some totally wacky color- and create a being based on that color. Make sure to include appearance and personality traits.

    Good luck~
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  2. A shimmering almost ephemeral glow surrounds this being.
    Gentle as a mid-spring breeze; yet has the deep resolve to move with and adapt with whatever is thrown its way.
    Is it a boy or a girl?
    Nobody is certain, but the calm dance they perform daily speaks volumes of beauty surpassing gender, a combat against gravity itself.

    Thy colour is blue, endlessly flowing through life in my own way.
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  3. "Surely as cometh the winter, I know there are spring violets under the snow."
    "The violets thinks, with her timid blue eye, To pass for a blossom enchantingly shy."
    "The violets were past their prime, Yet their departing breath was sweeter, in the blast of death, than all the lavish fragrance of the time."




    Lydia Mauve


    Star sign:


    Lydia grew up in an extravagant mansion, sheltered from the outside world. Her father owned several famous companies- mostly fashion related ones- making the Mauve family extremely rich. However, because they were so rich, they were also very insecure. Lydia's parents adored Lydia, and since they were scared of anything happening to her, she was rarely let out of the mansion. Lydia was even home-schooled so she didn't have to leave the mansion for school.

    Lydia is a dreamer. She often looks out of the mansions windows, day dreaming of what is beyond. While her body may be caged, Lydia's imagination roams freely across dimensions. Lydia is also an idealistic girl. She sees for the best in people, and is extremely trusting. It's easy to manipulate or deceive Lydia, but her innocence is endearing. While Lydia is good at creative activities, she isn't very logical. In science she'll try to explain experiments with magic. In maths her default answer is 42. In art, however, she'll create a masterpiece.

    Lydia has soft, deep red hair, and bright blue eyes with long lashes. She has a small nose, and thin rosy lips which are always smiling. Her skin is smooth and fair, with a few freckles across her face. She also has a petite body frame, being short with thin shoulders, and having slender limbs. Lydia normally wears patterned dresses in shades of purple. She likes accessorizing with various types of plastic bracelets, and home-made necklaces. Normally she'll wear flat pumps, but she's also known to go barefoot.
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  4. Color-blue

    Name-Yuki Aquania

    Looks-ice blue eyes, with silvery blue hair down to her knees. She wears a blue shrine maiden uniform with a deep blue katana strapped to her belt. Her pale skin is flawless.

    Personality-calm and quiet, she gives of a peaceful feeling to everyone around her. She's a terrible force when someone gets her mad. She is protective over that which is hers but will give it up if needed.

    Favorite quote- "all things endless are blue"
  5. Primrose

    Primrose Lemon
    "Endless sunny, cloudless, skies."
    Yellow | Female | 28

    • Occupation: Preschool Teacher & Party Planner
    • Relationship Status: Married
    • Western Zodiac: Gemini

    Primrose has always been a happy, cheerful young lady. Ever since she was a young girl, there has always been an effortless cheeriness about her, that spreads like butter to the people she is closest to. Nothing really gets Primrose down, even at her lowest she can still find a way to smile. Every morning is a new adventure for her, and every night a time to wind down and reflect on every happy thing that has happened to her. She is full of vivacious energy, though at times she can be a bit overwhelming. Her light may at times shine a bit too brightly.

    Eternal Optimist
    There is never a cloud in the sky that can rain on Primrose's eternal parade. Always looking to the sunnier side of things, no matter how silly, Mrs. Lemon always finds the positive spectrum. She says that there is no better way of living. Though this trait of hers often gets her on the bad side of realists, who do perfer the more solemn side of things. It is all a matter of perspective to Primrose, and she prefers the optimistic side. This optimism can make Mrs. Lemon rather flightly at times, but its a small matter that can be overlooked.

    Mrs. Lemon is absolutely filled to the brim with life, at dawn she can be found cleaning, dancing, playing with her children, or whatever she wishes to do. Some say that she reminds them of too much yellow when you wake up, and that is exactly the case. From Dawn until Dusk, Primrose is busy with either her demanding job of being a pre-school teacher, or having house warming parties for friends she just met. Whatever the case, Primrose is never truly sleepy. But when she does wind down for some shut eye, she sleeps and snores through the night.

    There has never been a person, cynical or pessimistic, who hasn't liked Primrose Lemon. There are too many likeable traits to the young woman to deny her just a bit of humoring. Eventually anyone who has ever met Mrs. Lemon is bound to like her insatiable love of life. In fact her sunny disposition and bright outlook on life tends to rub off on those she surrounds herself with. She is bubbly as she is chipper, and she loves to meet strangers and make new friends. There are times though, when she can be a bit too friendly and it doesn't have the desired effect. Sometimes strangers don't appreciate her sunny smiles and cheerful questions.

    The older Primrose gets, the younger she seems at times though she never seems childish. Though there isn't much to respect as an adult, for she still cannot be taken seriously or even act serious for a moment. Mrs. Lemon is still treated with the respect of an adult, as much of a politeness than anything. Though her reputation with children is enough to earn her that respect. Children adore the school teacher and absolutely love her fun games and cheeriness that they do not get from their working parents. Mrs. Lemon's happiness also aids in her youthful personality and appearance.

    • John and Anna Primary - Father & Mother
    • Nathaniel Lemon - Husband
    • Violet Lemon - Daughter
    • Sammy Lemon - Son

    Mrs. Lemon was raised in a small, middle class, family just north the city of Dallas Texas. Her southern background made her aspire to be a teacher, and her love of children helped her to become a primary school teacher just like her mother before her. After being hired by a principal of a small school, in a small town she met her future husband, Nathaniel Lemon. At the time, Nahtaniel was still attending a college to become a chemical engineer. Six years before they would get married, Primrose found herself pregnant. She would call the months of her life, the best nine months she would ever experience. However, she said that about most exciting events. After Violet was born, Primrose stayed home for a while to raise her young daughter during which she found a second job as a party planner after she threw her co-worker a successful housewarming party. On Violet's fifth birthday, Nathaniel and Primrose celebrated his degree by finally tying the knot. Not long after their marriage, Sammy Lemon was introduced into the family. Now, the Lemons live comfortably in a two story home in the Northern state of Michigan, and Primrose owns her own party planning business. She couldn't be happier if she tried.
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  6. Color: Sky Blue
    Name: Sky
    Light blue hair long enough fangs that can cover the eyes, eyes storm blue. Manley yet boyish features he has muscle but not the over powered kind. Wears a light armor which is dark blue with the outer lining a violet. Caries a sword and shield.



    Very Positive, kind, sweet, loyal, protective.

    Knight of Zenov (planet looks blue.purple, and black)


    Older Brothers: Light (oldest), Moon, and Flame (second youngest)
    Parents: Deceased
    Girlfriend: Loutas
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  7. Colour: Aquamarine
    Name: Leilani Kalua
    Age: 23
    Race: Human/elemental witch
    Nationality: Hawaiian
    Occupation: Zookeeper


    She has shoulder length black hair that falls straight down and is cut a bit shorter closer to her face, in the sun it shimmers slightly in bluish green hues, and her eyes are a piercing aqua green with specks of deeper blue near the iris. Leilani is quite short at 5'6" but is surprisingly strong, she is well trained and strong with a solid build, her work and hobby is keeping her in shape. Living on Hawaii Leilani has a natural tan from all her years spent outside and her eyes are slightly tilted above her high cheekbones, he jaw is angled and while her skin is relatively free of birthmarks she has some scars to show instead, mostly from the animals she cares for or working accidents.


    Leilani is is best described as tranquil, she is calm and secure, someone who is loyal and trustworthy. She can quite quickly open up to people and is not one to judge people unfairly and prefers to make her own judgement over time although she isn't naive either and realizes that not every person is good natured. She rarely gets angry and even if someone manages to anger her it isn't very long lived or violent, nothing seems to rile her up much, she takes even good events and emotions in stride. You can even say her behaviour dips into indifferent but one look into her eyes shows the emotions hiding beneath her calm surface.

    Her flaws include her reckless nature and need to do everything on her own, even when she knows instinctively that it is not possible or at least very difficult on her own. She is stubborn and proud of herself, her skill and doesn't always follow logic, she is averagely intelligent and she also prefers to keep away from technical stuff, she is not to be trusted with machines.

    Leilani is a healer and seer like her mother, she can sense sickness in a person, both mental and physical, and gather energy to help heal it, she can also see a persons past and sometimes future. However she can also manipulate the elements like her father, water and ice being the strongest with her but also some skill with air, she can manipulate water to aid her healing to enhance it's effect. Her favourite pastime is to swim in the ocean, she can extend her time beneath the surface by using her slight power over air to receive oxygen even while emerged in water.

    She is also a skilled singer and while she hasn't the best balance in the world she can surf quite well, cooking and painting is also something she can do but do not ask her to play an instrument or dance, she is terrible at it. At best she'll embarrass herself and in the worst case hurt herself.

    Leilani was born in Honolulu, her mother was a woman from Hawaii, a normal human but skilled in healing and the mystical while her father was an elemental, a being in tune with the elements. She grew up spending most of her time outside, hiking in the mountains, climbing trees and rocks, learning about al the animals and the secret pathways through the woods, scraping her knees countless times. Her life was largely uneventful though, she went to school and studied to become an animal caretaker, she didn't care for being a veterinarian as she couldn't stand the thought of opening up a living being and stick in her hands.

    After school she got a job as a caretaker at the Honolulu Zoo where she has earned herself some credit for always having a good hand with the animals with her calm and soothing nature. In secret she sometimes uses her healing on a sick animal before anyone even notices it is sick as she can sense it's health. She has a few closer friends and she spends time with them on her spare time when she isn't taking a time out by herself in the ocean.



    Antal is breaking. He's been breaking ever since he was nine, and he was swept away from his family to live in a foster home. But people don't see that. People never understood that, because he was always able to have a smirk on his face that infuriated everyone. At a first glance, people often saw him as the type of teenager who rebelled against everything. They weren't off, of course. They weren't off, of course. Antal hated authority, and always enjoyed their discomfort when Antal stared them down with that knowing smirk of his. But for the most part, Antal didn't do things to rebel. Sure, he vandalised things. He fought. He cut class. He drank. He smoked. But he did that for himself. That's what he told himself. He told himself that he really didn't care what others thought, he didn't care what adults thought. Of course, that didn't stop him from flashing the finger at any adult who looked at him disapprovingly, and working his hardest to make his teachers as uncomfortable as possible.

    At home(or whatever he calls home at the time), Antal is but a pair of ears to listen. Never given time to talk, not that he really wants to. He keeps his thoughts to himself, for the most part, mainly because if he voiced his thoughts out loud, he'd probably be sent away again, but also because he simply hated it when people wanted him to 'talk about his feelings.' He didn't need to talk about his problems, he didn't need any help. He just needed to work hard on his own.

    Antal has never been one to wish and dream. He was realistic, and he knew that that wouldn't help him in any way. It would just give him false hope that things could get better for him, when it would never happen. He knows that life will be like it is. Once he was old enough, he could live alone, yes, but that didn't mean it would be any better. It would probably be worse.

    Antal is often thought to be stupid. Surely, a boy like him wouldn't get anywhere in life. But that wasn't quite true. Antal might do stupid things, but he was good at school. In fact, he was in accelerated classes, and the only reason that he often had lower grades was because he skips class often. He is good at memorizing facts and tricks, so he does well in school. Besides that, he has street-smarts. He knows not to trust everyone, he only trusts his closest friends. Maybe he would trust someone like a small child, from time to time, but usually, he only wants to be around his own friends.

    So maybe he had problems. But he could work them out by himself. Stupid? Hardly. He could work things out on his own.

    -Antal is quite known among his school for being strong under pressure.
    -He has never lost a fight before, even if he did get beat up a little.
    -He's always been good at running away when someone noticed him keying their vehicle, or something of the like.
    -Alone, Antal has always enjoyed to draw. Animals, and landscapes, usually, based on things he had seen, but with details and qualities in them that made them seem surreal, in the end. He's quite good, but he never shows people his sketches.
    -Antal also likes to write. He's not quite as good at that though, not story writing. It's difficult for him, to imagine fake people in fake places in fake situations. But he likes it.

    The first four years of his life were spent with his parents in a small apartment in what was considered the bad side of the city. Really, he loved them. His father was often drunk, or angry at Antal, who he called a mistake, something who shouldn't have been born. He was probably telling the truth.

    When his father was getting a bit too angry, and maybe accidentally hit him, then Antal's mother would usher him into his room, and he'd listen to her soft, rolling voice talking to his father until he fell asleep. Antal, in his own opinion, was perfectly happy where he was, with who he was.

    He didn't seem to mind too much when his father died when Antal was five, though. People said that it was because he didn't understand death, but maybe it was something else.

    What he did mind was when his mother died a few years afterwards, when he was 9 Stress, they said it was. Stress from working several jobs to pay rent and bills, as well as taking care of a child. In a way, it was really Antal's fault that she died.

    After his mother was gone, he really didn't have anyone to take care of him. So he became a ward of state, and was sent to a foster home. But Antal didn't particularly want that. What he wanted was to be alone, or with someone he actually knew, who didn't seem like they were only taking care of them because they needed to.

    So Antal was never the most perfect child. He easily got angry at people, and even if he wasn't, he liked to anger them. At school, he provoked his classmates into fights. He challenged his teachers, and his reactions when frustrated often led to his suspension. When he was older, he kept all that up, and started doing bad things. His favourite thing to do was to go up onto the overpass and drop things onto the cars below. No one wanted to care for someone like that. So he was sent away, from home to home, courtroom to courtroom, correctional facility to correctional facility.

    Of course, his story isn't over yet, he could still change it...

    -At some point, his friends decided to call him 'Ghost.' It has to do with how he isn't able to find some nice place to settle, and how he was so quiet that they wouldn't notice him until he was right in front of them.

    Antal, while not blessed with movie star good looks, has the sort of looks that has got him more than a few appreciative looks. Dark hair, just on the verge of being too long, just a bit wavy. Grey eyes, a spark of mischief in them. In the warm seasons, his tan skin contrasts against straight white teeth. He has a pale scar on the side of his face, but it's generally hidden beneath his hair. He's taller than most, with tight muscles built for running and dodging, though not so much for heavy lifting. Maybe not the greatest looking guy. But good enough.​
  9. Color:gray
    Name:tomb stone
    Looks:tomb stone was named after his skin tone and texture he has long sky wight hair garbed in a long brown trench coat black jeans and combat boots a black matching fedora on his head.
    Personality:he is shy and with drawn from the people around him intellectually drawn to people he knows most would call him a wall flower.
  10. [​IMG]
    Name: Kobayashi Masami AKA Midori
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Masami has always been a fairly unremarkable girl to behold. She is on the slimmer side of average, but also on the shorter side, too, standing at only a little over five-foot-three in height. She has typical Japanese colouring, including butt-length jet-black hair that is clearly well-maintained and has a thick, silky complexion to it. Masami wears a pair of glasses with thin black frames and large lenses, as her eyesight is atrociously bad and she needs all the help she can get when it comes to seeing things. Her hair is naturally straight, but she often lets it fall over her face, peeking through it as though hiding behind a pair of curtains.

    She dresses quite conservatively, rarely showing a lot of skin and often choosing loose, baggy items of top-level clothing so as not to show off her body. She favours thick, warm jumpers and equally thick socks, along with scarves and coats, making her quite at home in winter, and causing her to struggle more in the summer months. Her clothes are often darker colours; blacks, greys and browns all being her preference as they allow her to blend in with a crowd.

    Personality: Masami is very timid. She's short, and slight, but not in any way that would make her seem especially small, so no-one ever really comments on it, the way that the really short girls might be teased or joked around with. She's very reserved, spending most of her time on her own, working on class assignments or reading books, and she has very few friends. Masami would say that this is because no-one else ever notices her, or tries to make an effort with her, and whilst this is partially true, she spends most of her time trying not to be noticed, so she must take some responsibility for it too.

    However, when she is on her own, at home, with her laptop, something remarkable seems to happen to Masami. Online, she is confident and popular and funny. She isn't some quiet nerd on the Internet; she's the Queen Bee that people are always keen to talk to. Face-to-face interaction terrifies the girl, because she's not very good at reading emotions and she trips over her own tongue when trying to answer, but behind a monitor, she has time to think and type out the perfect response every time.

    Her screen name is Midori, her favourite colour, but also a melon-flavoured alcoholic drink that lends her a degree of maturity and sophistication. That was, at least, her intention when she chose the name. She was shy at first, but now, online, she is someone different, making crude jokes that she would stumble and stammer over delivering in school, whilst giving sensible, helpful advice to people on subjects ranging from homework to family troubles and even relationship advice. Online; she is interesting.

    Over the summer, Masami has had her hair cut to shoulder-length, and her long curtain-like fringe is gone. She has had the ends of her new, shorter hair dipped in a vibrant shade of green, as if she had leaned over a bucket of paint by mistake. It is no mistake, however. When she returns for the last year of school in September, Masami is determined that things will be different. Buoyed on by the support and friendship she has found online, she will be less like the boring, timid Masami of old, and more like the confident, interesting Midori that she has hidden away for far too long...
  11. Purple.




    Seems to be a girl.

    Favorite color:

    Melissa never understood the world. Nobody got her. She had few friends, and they reached out to help her. Others saw her as a threat to us, making social communities torn apart. It was those, those people, that had torn apart the social communities, blaming it on poor Melissa. Her favorite color meant nothing to others. They teased her, saying things like 'Why isn't your favorite color normal, like blue or red?' and 'You weirdo, no wonder you like a weird color!'. She did not understand why they choose her. It was unexplainable.
  12. Colour: Red
    Name: Sasha Dean
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Zodiac: Aries
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Occupation: Back-up dancer
    Appearance: Her brown hair curls down her back to her tailbone. Her eyes are deep brown and wide. Her nose is cute and small. Her lips are plump and juicy. She has a very womanly body and wide hips with a nice ass. She looks professional and sexy all the time, well most of the time (We'll pick that up in "Personality"). Her skin is tanned and smooth and seemingly hairless. She always gets her nails done to match the venue they'll be dancing at next.
    Personality: Sasha is looking for "The One", she believes wholly in true love and soul mates, and wants to find her own soul mate soon. If she is cheated on, abused in any way, lied to, or in any way deceived, she will do everything in her power to ruin your life. She will be a menace to you and if its really that bad, she may kill you. She's a really fun city girl who loves to party but takes her job very seriously and dreams of world tours and meeting celebrities. She has a particular soft spot for animals and children and loves to do as much as she can for them and donates a lot of money to charity. She goes to rallies all the time to support the veterans and the homeless, and the gays, and any other group you can think of (except the KKK of course, do they still get rallies? I hope not.). She believes in justice and equality for all and is infuriated by unjust behavior. Overall, she has a heart of gold and a fierce temper. She's very energetic and spontaneous, everyone used to think she had ADHD as a child. Boredom is not an option for Sasha, she has to be doing something whether it be work or play. She's always great to have at a party, and as a coworker, but do not get on her bad side. She fights like a man too.
  13. Can I use two colors for one character???
  14. [BCOLOR=#999999]Black[/BCOLOR]

    On the darkest of nights, she comes out to play. Now, you might be lucky enough to sleep through her visits. Then again, you might just be startled awake by her entrance. It's nothing grand; she doesn't like showing off. But nevertheless her every movement is something to behold. No, she is not a buxom creature. She is your humanly fears manifested. She is the promise of death should you open your eyes.

    She has many a name - dream stalker, black widow, shadow weaver, devourer - none of which is her true one. And with good reason, because uttering her true name might just save you from her...assuming you can peer straight into her soul without going stark raving mad in the attempt.

    New to this world, but not her own, she has lived a long time in her shadowy prison. Isolation has made her vile towards others. But what is time to a beast like her? She has no concept of time; only of hunger.

    Should you open your eyes and gaze upon her, you might find her to be in no way human other than the shape of her head. With scraggly, oily black hair and a face populated by scabs, she is a terrifying sight. Her eyes are like ebony glass marbles, not a speck of white to be had; all the better to see you in the dark with. Her mouth is wide, reaching nearly from ear to ear as though her jaw could pop off at any moment and each time she opens wide, the sinew can be seen stre~tching to accommodate for her bite - sinew that was now exposed from holes in her rotting flesh. Teeth jagged and sharp sit as a single row on the top and bottom each, stained black as though someone had mixed ink with her tea. Her gaunt face perches on a stubby neck that melts into a deformed body. Where humans would have arms that lead to hands and legs that lead to feet, her limbs taper off into calcified points like spindly spider legs. But she has more limbs than she should, even for a spider. And upon these limbs she tippy-taps her way across your bedroom floor, easily straddling your bed and hovering above you.

    But don't wake.

    Don't open your eyes.

    Because if you do, you'll see her.

    And then she will eat.
  15. Name: Dawn Beige

    Color: Beige

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Dawn has a simple and slightly boring appearance to her, and she tends not to look original to others. She wears a beige sweater, along with a pair of black plain pants- nothing special. Her shoes are just simple plain shoes, like sneakers but with no laces or designs. She has plain white socks on underneath them. Her hair is a simple brown, and it is in a ponytail with bangs that go over her forehead, curling. Her eyes are brown, she does not wear makeup besides a little tan blush. She is average height, and it average weight. Her nails are never painted, and she never wears jewelry.

    Personality: Dawn is known to be a rather simple person, sometimes boring like her appearance. She sticks to a simple routine, waking up at the same exact time, and eating the same exact thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She rarely talks to anyone because she is focused and is trying to get stuff done. She tries to block out everyone else, because she does not care what others think. Most people find her lame and ugly, but very few kind hearted people actually understand her and care.

    Biography: Dawn was born in a small town in Alaska, where the summer, winter, autumn, and spring were cold and snowy. She hated the cold weather, so she spent most of her time inside as a young child from the ages of 3-10. The only time she would leave the house was for school, which she got B's and C's mostly, so her parents were mad. Because she stayed inside, she was starting to gain a little weight from not participating in athletic events every day, such as running. The other children at school made fun of her for the small amount of weight, and called her fat. Feeling terrible, Dawn started to stay in her room, not coming down for dinner- thinking that her mother's rice cakes would make her 300 pounds. Soon enough, she started eating for a little bit, but not eating much. When she reached middle school, she really was the loner in the back of the class. She started her routine of waking up at 6:30, and so on and so forth. When she was in her last year of middle school she meant her friend Cassidy who has OCD and has a certain time routine like her. When High School came, Dawn had to move away to Texas where the weather was very different. She changed her routine, and started to work at a different pace. When she finally graduated, she went to a small university and started to get a job in accounting. Because of her being in college, her routine changed, upsetting her. She dropped out of college after owing money for a loan. She moved back to Alaska into a small apartment where she lives now. She was 20, and then meant a woman named Alix. Her and Alix fell in love, and they are still together.
  16. Name: Rene 'Goldbrick' Johnson
    Colour: Gold
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Excessively Greedy Billionaire
    Personality: Rene is almost always smooth-going and friendly, but at the same time he is exceptionally greedy, and is able to be persuaded with money or gold by the wrong hands. This has gotten him into trouble numerous times, and it isn't easy to anger him.
    Biography: Rene was born in Europe, the son of a rich family who had plentiful amounts of gold. Growing up, he recieved excellent education, and was skilled in design and business, and to some extent, trade. He used these skills to get money and gold, and he became famous throughout Europe (notably Germany.) At the age of thirty, Rene moved to America. He contacts his parents every now and then, and they occasionally need money assistance. Rene will gladly help any relatives, but his customers are not his problem. Today, he is almost the richest man in the eastern hemisphere, and he continues his success.
    Appearance: Rene is a tall man who always wears a tuxedo made of black and gold silk, with a solid gold bowtie. Under his tux he wears a black shirt, buttoned together with long sleeves. Rene also sports a silver monocle and a 'stache, with tan skin and a bit of a stubble. He also has black pants and large golden shoes, along with gold gloves with white cuffs. The man sports a large black top hat with a golden rim and a cane.
  17. Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Name: Simon 'Si' Anne
    Colour: Cyan
    : Male
    Height: 5'8"
    Age: 18

    Personality: Boasting a rather vivid hair colour, Simon, or 'Si' as he prefers, is a headstrong young man. He is quite athletic and swimming happens to be his favourite sport. Due to his passion for swimming, this makes him rather competitive and he turns most things into a competition. However, most of the time, Simon is relaxed and level-headed. It takes a lot to anger him and for him to hit his breaking point. His favourite colour is, without a doubt, cyan. He surrounds himself with all things blue or cyan, even going as far as dying his hair to that colour.
  18. [​IMG]
    Name: Agnes Bin
    Gender: Female
    Age: Early-twenties

    Color inspiration: Taupe

    Appearance: Agnes pretends not to care for fashion, and so puts little effort into her appearance. She’s clean, certainly, as she showers daily and never wears dirty clothes, but falls flat where style is concerned. Truthfully, she’d love to curl her hair and paint her nails and wear trendy outfits, but her low self-esteem convinces her that she’s not worth the effort. She thinks that no amount of make-up or designer duds will turn her forgettable face and unshapely body into something worth a double-take. When she looks in the mirror she sees a young woman with features that are neither pretty enough to attract a lingering glance nor ugly enough to elicit revulsion. She is, in a word, plain.

    Personality: Though hindered by self-consciousness and self-doubt, Agnes possesses a natural desire to succeed in life. She wants a job she loves, a wonderful boyfriend, and a beautifully decorated apartment in the city. Down the road she sees marriage, a meaningful career, kids, and the suburbs. She’s just like you and me… and everyone else. That isn’t to say she doesn’t have opinions, but she airs on the side of diplomacy and what society deems “politically correct”. She is also ever the pragmatist. If she makes an investment, she first makes sure it’ll be long-lasting and worthwhile. She doesn’t wear white because it soils easily. She considers realistic expectations. And she always chooses function over fashion. If you ever chat with Agnes, you’ll find she’s a polite girl – sweet, nice, docile. But underneath her pleasant demeanor, she desperately wants to be a charming and charismatic social butterfly. If only she could overcome her fear of judgement and rejection, of disapproval and harsh criticism. Alas, she remains on the edge of the crowd. She says and does nothing to garner attention (positive or negative), miserably (yet comfortably) resigned to life as an eternal wallflower.

    Thank you @Lyrical Machine for the fun challenge! Personifying a color was a wonderful exercise to help create the foundation of a character. Good stuff! :)
  19. "Well, lookie here. A newbie wanting to learn all my dirty secrets. Shame on you."

    Name: Marigold Kim-ly

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Species: Bengal Tiger/Human hybrid

    Occupation: Student at

    Appearance: Marigold has long blonde hair that, when not done up, cascades down to her lower back in waves. However, most of the time, her hair is up in curly pigtails that flow freely. With, of course, tiger ears and a tail to match. She has golden eyes to match as well, framed by fairly floppy sidebangs. Her complexion is rather fair, this fact likely being highlighted by the three dark stripes on either side of her face. She claims they're birthmarks, but many assume that it's facepaint. Others have spread rumors that they're actually scars, and that she carved them there herself.

    She stands at 5'6" and three quarters, with a rather lean and toned figure from all of her exercise. Her skin is fairly sot where she has no scars, but rougher where she does. Her nose is on the smaller side, and her eyes- or irises, anyways -seem fairly big, according to those she knows. Typically, she stands with amazing posture, if only to try to assert her dominant nature and/or intimidate others. At other times, though, she will slouch or act very casual, likely in hopes of throwing others off.
    (image here)

    "If you're thinking I've got some grand past revolving around me being a pretty damsel in distress saved by Prince Charming... Well, prepare for maximum disappointment."

    History: Having grown up with a whopping eleven brothers, her father, and an exceedingly annoying step-mother after the death of her true mother at a young age, it can be truthfully said that Marigold was far from spoiled. She tended to spend a lot of her time roughhousing with her siblings and messing around with them in general, but she wasn't allowed to do so after only a short period of their step-mother living with her, instead having a variety of chores and tasks dumped on her. While she would oblige when her father made the requests, she rebelled against her step-mother, refusing to listen to anything she said.

    As a result, her step-mother secretly signed her up to leave for training, lying to Marigold's father and telling him she'd asked to go - but only after convincing him to send her brothers away as well. Thus, she was sent away to a school made for fighting and training in combat, where her step-mother was infuriated when she learned that the girl enjoyed it there.

    Eventually, after graduating from the school, Marigold convinced her father to let her attend a more adept academy of the same purpose.... Only to find that this was where one of her brothers had been sent off to attend, as well.

    "Just your above-average babe hanging around and kicking butt."

    Personality: One word: blunt. Never afraid to speak the truths others wouldn't dare voice, Marigold could be considered a bit dislikeable. She's never afraid to voice her own opinions or contribute to conversations, and she appears to enjoy doing so. Admittedly, she's fairly fiery and sassy, and occasionally instigates fights or arguments unintentionally(though this was avoided with her team, who had a good understanding of her). On which note, she will begin to treat others with more respect once she seems they've earned it. Confident, mischievous, and mildly flirtatious, Marigold has before admitted she finds mild enjoyment in the annoyance of others.. At least, under the right circumstances.

    "Ooh, trying to figure out my shticks already? I can respect that."

    -Talker: Not big on talking? No problem - Marigold has it covered for you. Even in combat, she doesn't seem to stop running her mouth
    -Witty: ...Probably not a perk for anyone but her
    -All-Terrain... Save for snow and desert: Marigold can climb, swim, jump, and brawl it out virtually anywhere you throw her. However, she falters slightly in the desert due to sand throwing her off, and in the snow because she despises the cold
    -Well-Balanced: Likely one of her greatest advantages: a great balance
    -Distracting: Another thing that Marigold is great for - being bait
    -Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: While not the smartest tool in the shed(as she would likely say), Marigold makes up for this in sheer strength and speed
    -Close Combat: Not only does she fight well with a bo staff, but Marigold can also fight even better without any weapons at all. She prefers to fight unarmed, knowing many techniques and martial arts that she likes to combine and mix up for a unique and unpredictable fighting style.

    -Lacking intellectually: That being said, Marigold is mostly brawn, and can be found very underwhelming if you're expecting an intelligent person
    -Annoying: Saying that she is 'annoying' is a pretty big understatement. It sometimes seems as though she was specifically manufactured to push everyone's buttons
    -Loud: Yeah. Never expect Marigold to be discreet. That'd be your first mistake
    -Cold Aversion: No matter how cold-hearted and bitchy she might seem to others, this Faunus hates the cold, and can be thrown off by it
    -Rebellious: Oftentimes, Marigold doesn't stick to the plan, instead either making one up on the fly or just completely tossing all planning aside to go about things her own way
    -Strong hearing: While this might be an advantage, it can also be use to cause a lot of pain for her

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