Maidenhood, a generational dark fairytale

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    Sweet Dreams, child, for the world will soon see you lose your innocence...
    From Servant Girl in the dark and dangerous world of Marchen, rise your first Maiden's legacy to become the most powerful woman of the Kingdom. You will start with nearly nothing to lose, and so your only way will be either forward or upwards. Start your ascension small and steady and the fruits of your labour will make itself known, for, at sixteen, each Maiden have her whole life before her.

    A sandbox quest based tale, you will need your wits about you,for only the diligent and cunning prosper in these lands full of wickedness and monsters. Should you want to attempt this challenge and start a legacy, merely understand and follow the instructions placed in the following thread:

    Do not falter, and always hope, for the careful and decisive will always prevail over the bold and thoughtless.
  2. I saw the OOC and was interested, but then I saw a misplaced apostrophe in the third paragraph, and I can't in good conscience join while that's there. :(
  3. Oh my, how embarrassing, thank you for bringing it to my attention.
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Thread Status:
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