Maid for Hire [Looking for a Master]

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  1. Hello, I go by the servant name Lorchenne. I live to serve. In fact, I am alive if it pleases my master. I do not demand pays and days off nor do I resign or retire. I only stop if it pleases my master.

    There are no limits as to what I can do. Everything is for my master. Cooking, cleaning, massages, assassinations. I'll do it if it pleases my master.

    Will you be my master?
  2. I find this introduction to be disturbing and hilarious...

    Welcome to Iwaku! =D
  3. I did that on purpose lol! I wanted a fresh way of introducing myself. Glad you appreciated it. And thank you!
  4. Go clean the windows.
  5. Don't clean the windows.
  6. Kinky indeed :D

    Welcome here :P