Mahoutokoro School of Magic: AU Harry Potter

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    The year is 2014. Second term has long begun, and spring break has
    started. For who? For the students of Mahoutokoro School of Magic,
    Asia's premier private magical school. Featuring a dual-school campus,
    these being Kihonmahou Academy, for years one through seven, and
    the other Koudonamahou University, a private university-level
    magic school designed to prepare our students for life outside of the
    Mahoutokoro complex, Mahoutokoro has much to offer our student body.
    Join us in our first year of learning, as our young witches and wizards
    of Asia learn the arts, and sciences, of magic. Offering several races
    besides Wizards, and a sandbox style gaming environment, as well as a
    unique Japanese setting, filled with enchantment, spirits and yokai.