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  1. You've always wanted to be a doctor, You've always wanted to help people and heal them. There's only one problem. You don't have the power of healing. This has caused you to be ridiculed by your fellow peers all your life. You can't get a job at any hospital you apply too and you barely got through med school, the entire time you were being jerked around by teachers and students alike.That is until you get a call from a mental institution near you. They are looking for a group of doctors to help those that normal healing can't help

    This is a role play centered around a group of 6 doctors (3 male, 3 female) who all work at a mental institution. None of them have healing powers but they do have certain powers that are useful. They can be any sort of species that has a human form and all sorts of powers. The actual role playing won't be centered around their jobs at the institution but more of their lives.

    1. Follow Iwaku rules
    2. No Godmodding
    3. No 'perfect characters'
    4. I don't care about post length as long as its not a one liner
    5. Try to post frequently- if you get writers block or your going to be unavailable for awhile, just let either myself know or post it in the group.
    6. If you have any ideas let me know
    7. Have fun

    Age (remember, your character has gone through med school):
    Special power:
    Appearance (Can be real, anime, whatever):

    Character list
    1. Zach Allen

    1. Samantha Moon
    2.Emma scarletson

    This is my first rp that i'm creating so if you have any questions please do ask
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  2. Name: Zachary (Zach) Allen
    Age (remember, your character has gone through med school):30
    Gender: Male
    Special power: Can put people to sleep-however he must then stay awake for the duration he wants the person asleep. If he falls asleep or passes out, the person will wake up
    Strengths:Hard working, Smart, level headed
    Weaknesses:Can get stressed and take it out on others, Hates being wrong, doesn't like to talk about his problems
    Bio:Born into the youngest of five, Zach was the baby of the family. He was a shy kid growing up and did well in school. He fell in love with the idea of medicine but soon found that he had no magical ability in healing at all. He was crushed by this but still forced his way through med school, just barely passing. Once he got out, he tried to find a job but no one would hire him. That is until the institution heard of his ability, something he had only used for party tricks and to play pranks on people previously. He accepted the job right away.
    Personality: Zach likes to think outside the box and is very strong willed. He tends to talk to others that he may not know if he thinks it can help him. He's strong willed and tends to be stubborn once he thinks he has the right answer.
    Appearance (Can be real, anime, whatever):
  3. Name: Samantha Moon

    Age (remember, your character has gone through med school): 29

    Gender: Female

    Species: Half Fey, Half Human

    Special power: Inhuman Eyesight, basically she can see in the dark, see heat signatures, and through certain objects which comes in handy when patients have internal bleeding or injuries. Unfortunately, her eyesight has a time limit. She can go close to 2 hours straight, but she prefers to use it in terms of minutes and only when completely necessary.
    Strengths: Samantha is a very calm and collected person. She is usually well organized and on top of things.

    Weaknesses: People. She is not good when it comes to working with others, and easily gets scattered when other opinions enter the fray of a stressful case. She forms emotional bonds to easy and often gets too attached to patients that are already in critical condition leaving Samantha in a state of depression when she loses a patient she has formed a bond with.

    Relationships: Currently Single

    Bio: Samantha was born a twin, but her brother Andrew, died in a car crash when they were eight. Her parents divorced after the accident, and her mother took her own life but a year later. Samantha and her father were not on good terms for most of her life, which caused her to be more reclusive and bad with people. She spent her time studying for Med School. When she started Med School she gave up on looking for relationships and focused on trying to pass her classes. After squeaking through Med School, she was given this opportunity and she jumped at it. Not many hospitals hire Doctors without healing powers. But this Hospital had special patients that her eyesight could help with, and after hearing that, she couldn't deny them.

    Personality: Calm, collected and Kind. Samantha is a kind soul but when she gets scattered she also gets frustrated. She can go off like a canon in situations of high stress. She's not a stubborn person but when she feels the need to stand her ground, she will.

    Appearance (Can be real, anime, whatever): Here
  4. Name: Emma scarletson
    Age 30
    Gender: Female
    Species: witch
    Special power: she can control blood and make it bend to her will, She can make blood as well but she needs to start with a little on hand to make more. She can't use her blood powers for extended periods of time otherwise her power will turn on her and she'll end up draining her self of blood to continue her work.
    Strengths: She's very patient and it takes a lot to piss her off, She's quick at what she does and is a very fast runner.
    Weaknesses: When she gets annoyed she tends to start telling mean and sarcastic jokes as she retreats in to her shell of her emotions.
    Relationships: single
    Bio: being the middle child of a messy love affair is not easy, it's worse when your parents don't even bother to talk to you. She grew up with an older sister from another mother and when she went to high school she got a brother from another father. It was a little after her brother birth did she start developing powers her mother had in similarity, Her mother had basic control over water and she did as well but weaker, it was when her brother had been kidnapped and beaten did her power come to life and she saved him by putting the blood back in to him and keeping it there till his injuries closed. She'd hide from the yelling and bickering in the library where she discovered books on medicine and decided if she couldn't make her parents better then she'd at least do something to make others’ lives better. She was a bright student through high school and university even though the rumors that said otherwise followed her in her wake made the journey to her goal hard and painful. But she got through and left home as soon as she could. After med school she went off to find a job. Many wanted her for the price tag attached to her family name. She rejected them all but when she learned that one hospital was hiring special employees she accepted the offer.
    Personality: She’s cold and distant at times, preferring not to get attached to her patients or let them get to attached to her. She knows her job and what she can do and can’t do. Sometimes she’d bend the rules but it rarely happens.
    Appearance (Can be real, anime, whatever):
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