Magical girls? More like magical boys.

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  1. There's a lot of magical girls or mixed genders roleplays out there, but what about an all out magical boys roleplay? And they can be a badass magical boy or a cute and frilly one. We don't judge.

    Whaddaya say? Want to help me plot a magical boys roleplay and watch it come to life?
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  2. You are speakin my language.
    I make no promises I wont throw some gay boys into the mix >.>
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  3. I'd so be in on this, oh my goodness <3
  4. Yay, feedback!

    I was thinking that we could formulate the plot and such in here (because I have no idea) and then I'd make the sign ups and all that.

    Anyone have any ideas they'd like to throw out?
  5. Why the crap do I already have too much going on to jump into this?
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  6. I know the feeling. I have a lot on my plate, yet here I am, making another roleplay.
  7. Wish I had your confidence. If my workload clears up, I may join, but I'm already in two that have just kicked off, neither having reached Page 5 yet.
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  8. I'm going to make the Sign Ups/OOC today! Hopefully some more people will show interest and join~
  9. Did you still need help with the plot?
  10. Oh yeeeaaaah.....

    Yeah, I do! >.<;;

    I'm not sure if we should have some evil force lurking about while they try to get through the school year or just have a silly school roleplay -- nothing serious.
  11. Perhaps an evil force, that is always fun and it gives the Magica an objective for fighting.
  12. The evil force can be like another magical being. Just....evil XD Probably a magical boy who was teased for being what he was and, as he got stronger, he began to study dark magic, figuring he could use it against all of those who teased him as revenge. Then, his desire became more than just getting revenge on those who he teased him. He wanted to show the world that magical boys weren't something to laugh at, but to fear. And so him, and his followers, set on doing just that.

  13. I like it.
    People could possibly play his followers too. So a Evil Magical Boys vs. Good Magical Boys thing
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  14. The Evil Magical Boys could be in the school as well. They could be like spies or something. Or just kids who got sucked up in everything.

    Like Draco Malfoy, my baby.
  15. Maybe a mix of both, gives more character creativity c:
    I already have a character idea x3

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  16. Yay, a plot has been made~!

    Should I add a schedule?

    And, uh, do you wanna be co-GM? Since you did help me with the planning and such >.< You don't have to, if you don't want to, of course ^^
  17. Yeeeees! I've made a game about Magical (Cat) Boys!!! Sign me up! ;3
  18. Damn it, I wasn't getting alerts for this. I don't know why >:c stupid alert system.

    And sure I'd love to be Co-GM
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  19. I guess I best get to CSing. ;3 What are the limits? Yes... I love apping Cat Boys...
  20. I don't know about limits/the CS yet since I have to reconstruct the introduction of the Sign Ups. But Magical Cat Boys are definitely allowed since I'll be making one myself.

    Think I'm going to try a complex CS for this go round~
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