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  1. Autumn, nearly winter. A time of cold, rain, and even snow for some. At the same time, the time for sweaters, hot chocolate, and cuddling, and all that fluffy stuff. One of the most popular seasons besides spring, with the least popular on its heels.

    Natsuki, however, was not a fan of either. She missed the rays of spring, and the lack of too much rain and snow. The world was just too cold, even with the fever-pitch of joy emitting from some of her neighbors. It might have been due to having no one to share it with, something she scoffed at. The trees lasted decades alone, through cold and heat, never complaining. Then again, trees couldn't speak. Maybe if they could, they would. But as long as they couldn't, they'd never. That was her motto: only complain about something as long as no one hears it. She usually followed it, as long as it wasn't particularly bad. After all, writing about it and posting it, no one technically heard it, did they?

    No matter, Natsuki wasn't enjoying the coldness as she stalked the streets, looking odd slightly leaning forward, as if she was trying to press on against a harsh wind, despite the lack of a strong breeze. A look of utter fury was plastered on her face as she headed home. Stupid people. 'Other plans' was a man's excuse when Natsuki had already been waiting for half an hour outside a cafe. She'd have waited inside had there been seats available that made the front of the cafe visible, but that unfortunately was not the case. The building had been positively full of happy, smiling people, which would have made it all the worse as her disposition had worsened every minute that passed, until she had been leaning on the outdoor table, glaring at the cold coffee as she waited. An idea formed in her mind as she veered into an alleyway, something one would consider stupid had they not known who or what Natsuki was.

    She murmured something as she held her hands like she was holding something precious to her, and her body began to glow with a faint green light which grew brighter and engulfed her. Soon, the light faded, leaving Natsuki in a decidedly different outfit, and wielding a sickle-like weapon. The outfit, which included a rather short dress, was surprisingly warm. After quickly stretching her legs, she made a jump towards the shorter of the two buildings, landing neatly before jumping to the next. She'd travel home like this, hoping no one got in her way.

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  2. "Ah,Rima.Welcome!" An agent greeted as Shiki entered the building of the well-known agency she worked for.Shiki smiled at the woman and walked over to the desk."Hi!Um,is everybody there already?" "Oh,Rima.You have two days off,remember?Nobody in the team is here right now" Shiki blinked at her twice,then put a hand on her face.She forgot that the project they were working on was paused for now."Oh yeah,I completely forgot..well,I guess I'll be heading off now" she chuckled a bit and smiled,turning on her heels and walked out the door."Have a good day!"

    She looked around the busy area of the city she was at,not quite sure where to go nor what to do in the next few hours.She flattened some creases of her uniform's skirt and tucked the peach scarf around her neck before she headed onto walking towards the train station.Her work never stopped her from taking public transportation.After all,she would tell her managers,she was no different from anyone else so there's no reason to get picked up and dropped off in private cars.

    What is there for her to do?Do homework?She finished it before she headed towards the agency.Hang out with friends?She heard them say that they would be busy after school.Go shopping?There's nothing for her to buy.Shiki let out a soft sigh."Well,I guess I can stop by and buy a snack on my way home" With that decided,she made a turn at a corner and entered the pastry shop.
  3. Deandra had been out taking care of some errands. Her novel was proceeding well ahead of schedule, and there had been no need for the Crimson Flame to show her face for several nights. Life was pretty good, all things considered.

    She checked her pockets for her magic ring. Not that she thought she'd need to transform, but it never hurt to be prepared. Yep. Still there. Just like all the other times I looked. She was starting to get somewhat paranoid.

    She returned to her apartment and started to boot up her computer. As it went through the start process, her cell phone rang to the tune of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. She looked at the number and realized it was her boyfriend Benny. "Hey, what's up?"

    "The boss called. I'm going to have to head out of town on short notice. Mind dog-sitting for me?"

    Deandra shuddered. Benny's dachshund Fritz was one of the most obnoxious canines ever inflicted upon the planet, between the barking, slobbering, and digging through the yard. Still, true love was worth a few sacrifices. "I'll be over in an hour."

    "Door will be unlocked for you." Deandra hung up, pulled the flash drive with her work on it out of the computer, and got in her ancient, beat-up Toyota. He owes me for this.
  4. Aleeta slept in far too late for what she had planned for the day. She rubbed her eyes, looking around her apartment. She got up from bed, and quickly threw on her outfit. She yawned loudly, picking up her ghost deck from the table she had in her room. She grabbed her phone and then left her place.

    She wandered the streets, passing by many different people. She was headed towards a dive where she knew the owner would let her in. She'd had to convince him with a fair bit of cash. She waved to the bartender, and sat down at a table. She spread her cards out, waiting for a mark to walk by.

    She saw a few guys come in, and whistled at them. She waved them over, and then held up her cards. "You boys wanna gamble?" She grinned a devilish smile. She was going to take these poor suckers' money without even trying.

    They followed her over, and she sat back down in her seat. She set the deck of cards on the table, looking between them. "Ace-to-five low boys. Lowest hand wins." She dealt everyone their cards. She checked hers, after putting down her bet of 10$. She managed to get mostly low cards, but that 7 wasn't doing her any favors. If anyone at the table had a 6 or 5, she lost this hand.
  5. "The Fates do not seem kind to you in the near future ma'am... It would be advised to stay indoors and away from anything potentially harmful." Seiki was with a client. She was a regular. In fact her entire business was based off of regulars. She had just read her future with tarot cards.

    The woman thanked her and headed out the door, looking side to side extremely cautiously. "You fortunate girl... So ignorant of what is to come, even as you come to me to see your future. Well the Fates are unkind. But to all. You are no different from the very people you are avoiding for fear of your health. I however... I know. I know of all the horrors and the injustice. It has gotten to the point that I am such.

    Seiki retreated into the depths of her building, decorated in strange and exotic knick-knacks which she had no actual use for. It would be a while before her next customer came in.
  6. Elucia weaved through the crowds of the city. It was the weekend and she was free of the burden of school, though it didn't really matter to her. Elucia would ditch school regularly. She only attended when she had to. Despite that, she maintained decent grades, to the chagrin of her teachers. While she didn't particularly like school, there was a large concentration of easily impressionable teenagers ripe for her usage. It was also a hub for gossip and information which made her life as a fallen lumen that much easier. It made it quite easy to discern other lumens at her school as well as fallen lumen.

    Ellie was a fallen lumen, but she didn't associate much with her fellows and peers. She cut off ties with the small fallen lumen cell that she used to work with. They eventually outlived their usefulness and she found that it was better if she cut it out on her own. Elucia did, however, keep tabs on other lumen, fallen or not.

    Elucia didn't have anything planned for the weekend. She could call her "friends" to hang out, but she decided against it. She didn't particularly feel the need to be around her friends. But as she rounded the corner, she saw another fallen Lumen by the coffee shop. The girl was a lot older than Ellie so she didn't really talk to her. Ellie knew only her name and the face. Natsuki. The girl went off into the alley and Ellie felt her transform.

    With a grin, Ellie followed her into the alley and transformed as well. She pulled out her relic, a small pocket knife, and it gleamed a faint shade of purple. In a second, Ellie was draped in her Lumen outfit. She had her black shirt and purple scarves. Ellie followed Natsuki and hopped onto the building. She called out.

    "Natsuki, right? You might want to be careful with the transformations. Wouldn't want to attract some... unwanted attention."
  7. A voice from behind her startled the green-haired woman. How'd they know her name?

    'Tch. Damn it.' Natsuki hesitated before turning around to face the source. A girl, likely just a teenager. No one Natsuki knew, though. She'd let it slide for now, though, as the girl seemed to be another fallen numen. Who did she think she was, anyway? A foul expression was again plastered on Natsuki's face. This time, it held a mix of irritation and disgust. “I'll keep that in mind. That it, or do you have anything else for me?” Her voice came out a bit raw, likely from disuse and cold. The hand gripping Harvest, her weapon, tightened a bit, knuckles growing white.
  8. “Scram.” With that harsh word, a body was pushed back and stumbled until it feel to the ground alongside a number of others. Sharp green eyes drifted from the shaking boy to those that were still on their feet around him, nervousness in their eyes, unease in their postures. The pooling blood from half a dozen of their “friends” having been pummeled was probably part of the reason, with the other being exactly how unconcerned the suited man looked. He put a foot forward and the remaining members tensed before shuffling away. “Pick up your trash at the least,” he muttered as he turned away and left the brats to help their injured. Straightening out his tie as he walked back inside the nearby fenced off building, the “bouncer” at the door chuckled at his approach, holding the door open for him to step inside.

    It wasn’t long until he exited the building again, looking much the same as he had entered. It wasn’t far to hit the busier parts of the city, the establishment he worked for was located in one of the many side streets, although given the nature of the people it was also naturally in a shadier district. Not one that someone should probably walk around in with a fancy suit, but with a reputation like Kato’s, the concern of being assaulted wasn’t even relevant. Eventually he merged with the flowing crowds as he reached one of the main streets without issue, and was swept up in their numbers.

    Feeling somewhat lazy, and with a fair bit of cash on hand at the moment, Kato opted to eat out rather than make his way back home to prepare a meal. There wasn’t a particular lack of choice given his location, and he paused to think on his choices. The crowd continued, unabated, around him though a few people shot him dirty looks for the abrupt pause in the middle of the sidewalk.
  9. Natsuki's voice was dripping in disgust. She seemed to hate Ellie as soon as they met. "Oh come on now. No need to be so hostile," she spoke in a condescending manner. "We're all friends here, right? I'm just looking out for my fellow fallen lumens," Ellie said, voice dripping with mock concern. Ellie sensed a good bit of fun could be had through this encounter. By the looks of Natsuki, she was not happy to see her. She had a mean-looking scowl on her face as well as her weapon ready at hand. This just meant that playing around with her would be much more enjoyable.

    "So let's be civil. I already know your name, so I'll give you mine. The name's Ellie." She spoke with a large amount of cheer in her voice, seemingly to annoy and even provoke Natsuki. Ellie had little motivation to be her friend. Natuski just seemed fun to tease. "So tell me, what's got you so riled up?" Natsuki seemed agitated and ready to fight, which Ellie would oblige if their conversation came to blows.
  10. Deandra decided to stop in at her favorite snack shop and pick up some fruit pies. It wouldn't take long, and she'd be able to make it to her boyfriend's house in plenty of time. As she opened the door and saw just who was there, she stopped dead in her tracks. "Is that... holy crap! It's Rina Deshima! The biggest teen star on the charts! I'm amazed that the shop hasn't been overrun by the paparazzi."

    There was a strange warmth in the air, a sensation Deandra knew well: the telltale sign of numina magic. It was easy to pinpoint Rina as the source. "So, she's a numina too. This keeps getting more and more interesting." Deandra perked up, her eyes scanning the coffee shop. Numina rarely met by accident or coincidence, and almost never uneventfully. She would definitely need to keep her head on a swivel.
  11. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

    It was a small sound that could have been ignored amongst the din of everyday life, but this far away from everything, it was almost like a thundering avalanche that ripped through the silence with enough force to rattle windows, shake foundations and unnerve innocent victims. Yet despite its devastating nature, it would remain ignored in favour of a sleepy roll to the side, which left Shyama completely uncovered. Wearing relatively thin street clothes, the young woman could not ignore the faint feeling of cold running through her skin, crawling up her entire body until it manifested as a shiver of her limbs. Coupled with this feeling was a distant sensation of wetness, as if the air she was breathing was thicker than what she was used to.

    Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

    The cold soon ran its course and despite her sleepiness, Shyama found herself waking up because of the ice which contrasted against her skin, freezing her to the bone, so she took a deep breath to stop her shaking, then she recited a brief, silent incantation that would stir the flame spirit that she found here. A curious and completely neutral fellow, it had no interest in the balance of the human world nor what the strange woman did in her spare time as it only had eyes for itself or for keeping warm. At first, she had wanted to enslave it to her will, but then she discovered that it was seeking shelter from the cold and the winds, meaning that all she had to do to be in its favour was to fix up the holes in this place from time to time.

    Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

    The strange sound was getting annoying, but at least the priestess could feel the life as well as the warmth returning to her limbs, so she stood up, then waltzed over to the large wardrobe that she had liberated from one of the criminal hideouts she had raided. Shortly, she was wearing her streetclothes, after which she retrieved a hammer from its place. The noise that had awoke her was coming from a leaky part of the roof that she thought she had fixed some time ago, but it seemed that the rooftiles needed to be set in place once more. Hopefully, on her journey towards the roof, she would find a cooperative water spirit that enjoyed the rain, because it has been a while since she had enjoyed a decent bath.

    But for now, she just put on her coat, retrieved her ladder, then climbed up the roof to fix the damned thing again.
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