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  1. @Kura

    Here we go! Once we get into full OOC mode we can move this, but for now, here is the OOC thread-thing!
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  2. *grins and goes to find the doll maker =D *
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  3. Here are every day Ren and Ren in a magic girl costume :)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  4. Alright, Here's Aiken!


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  5. [​IMG]

    I looked into Atlantis and its Gods, the thing is that it has the Greek Gods, so it is cut out because Falcon has Greco-Roman culture claimed. And because of the colors I am thinking I am going to take South America's culture and mythology though I know little about it, I will do my best with the religion.

    And going from El Dorado accounts, they had a lot of gems, gold, and other precious things, but thought nothing of them. Rather they focused on education and equality. I am going to make my girl focused on learning about other people, mainly girls, because she may be a bit of a perv (If I can make it believable) though Temperance will be her first virtue, then Honesty, and then Diligence. (No one has that order do they?)
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  6. Sailor-Senshi-DollDivine.jpg

    Here's Ankita Aradhana. Her culture is ancient India/Hinduism, and I think her original patron god is Agni, the god of fire, sacrifices, and eternal life. Her virtues are patience, faith, and diligence (in no order).


    Here's Folami Jager, representing Africa and the Vodou pantheon. Her basic uniform colors are the colors of Erzuli Freida, the loa of fertility, love, finery, perfume, and etc. Her virtues are honesty, loyalty, and (much later) humility.

    @Falcon, I'm thinking her father is a pretty powerful German businessdude, do you think their families might have any connection?
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  7. It looks like we have two characters claiming honesty???

    Renata Caito aka Ren is Justice, Discipline, and eventually generosity. I'm debating inverting the white and the black on her costume though . . . Rome's colors were actually red and gold, but the white and black thing fit with justice . . .
    Also, It seems like we each chose a different base color, did we want to keep any of the other elements similar?

    And what ages / school year are we thinking these girls are? all the same? or different classes?

    Do we want characters to have combat abilities (hand to hand, kick boxing, marital arts etc) prior to the magical ones? or are gaining combat abilities part of the powers?

    I actually did some brainstorming with the brother to come up with Ren's family. I don't know if any of this will be familiar to Falomi's family but here's what I've got:

    • Ren's father is the oldest son of a very wealthy banking family, as in a family that founded a bank way back when, and in charge in all but name. The grandfather still maintains the title CEO, but his sons handle most of the actual business. Her father is the favored to inherit. The family moved to San Fran so he could rescue a branch in trouble.

    • Ren's mother is a trophy wife, but she is highly involved in charity work and very rarely at home.

    • Ren has two older siblings. I don't know names or ages yet, but there are at least eight or nine years between Ren and the youngest of them.

    • The Brother, who does not live in San Fran but may show up at some point, is an investment banker, and set to take over his father's position should everything go to plan.

    • The Sister, does live at home, but is currently planning her wedding. She is an accountant. (May also be the Fuyumi character)

    • Ren's family is also known for being a conservative christian family who donate regularly to charities and are often seen volunteering alongside the mother. I think this is what will eventually lead into the generosity thing. It may also affect how Ren views her abilities. I'm thinking she'll be very reluctant to use them at first ^^
      (This assumes that we are not bringing actual mythological deities into this?)

    As things progress Ren is going to have to come to terms with who she is and what she believes, vs. everyone else's expectations and the image she is supposed to maintain.
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  8. Good question on the base color, Falcon: I'm fine with them the way they are since they all look similar enough that we can tell they're all magical girls, but different enough to really reflect the different places they come from. I'm open to any movements for more consistency, though, as well.

    I know Ankita will come into this already knowing how to fight, but I think it will be more realistic for the most part for them to get most of their fighting skills as part of their powers, aside from maybe interests they've pursued on their own. As for ages, I'm fine with them being in the same school level, but different grades as long as they're roughly 14-17/18. Personally, I'd prefer around 16-18, but I'm not laying the law down on anything. If your character is going to deal with issues of sex or sexuality, though, I think I'd be more comfortable with 16-18. Ankita is going to be about 16 for that reason. As players we're all 21 and over, but I wouldn't be comfortable with the characters being very young.

    And now what I'd like for us to talk about next: Who are our bad guys? What's their plan? And what structure are they going to occur in? For instance, will we have minor and major bosses, waves of drones, monster of the week, a combo of any/all of those? I think the only thing I'd like to avoid is pegging the enemy as one particular culture; I think it would be really neat to pull from mythological and cryptozoological creatures, and I can pull a wiki page or few if you guys want some examples.
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  9. You mentioned having three stages of costumes right? If we do that I think it would be fun to start simple and mostly consistent and then move on to whatever we want progressively. If there's only one costume I do want to revamp Ren's ^^
    She probably will have at least basic self defense skills considering her family.

    Ren'll be 16 nearly 17 and a junior. I have a hard enough time playing teenagers as it is, I don't think I can realistically manage much younger haha. I think everyone will be stretching their writing muscles somehow in this one.

    XD the really hard bosses could be refections of the magic girls somehow. Maybe there's one for each of them and they embody the negative part of whatever culture each girl represents? For example if Ren is the discipline, honor, justice, unification part of Rome, then maybe there's a baddie out there that represents the violence, power hungering, and conquering nature.
    That's not to say there couldn't be other monsters, or even a very big bad, but that was just an idea I've been tossing around in my head.
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  10. @Ethereal and @Kura , what do you guys think?

    Falcon, I love the idea of some of the bigger bads being the negative aspects of the culture they represent. I would say maybe the smaller monsters could be more related to the virtues, like ruthlessness instead of mercy, etc. Maybe some of the bigger bads could bring about the addition of the virtues to their first one. I like the idea of them starting off relatively simple. Maybe the costumes we came up with could be mid-level or third-tier costumes? Let's post simplified versions and see if we can find something we all like to be consistent on.

    Also, why are these monsters attacking, and where are they coming from? I'm voting for monsters based around the mythological creature of each culure, and I can pull up resources for those if you guys want to check them out.
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