Magical Girl-esque rp (looking for partner)

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Hello Hello!

I'm looking for someone interested in coming up with an RP for THIS lovely girl. The world that she lives in has a few quirks:
  • Magical girls rarely work together
  • Magical girls also reach a certain strength before dying, falling to the darkness, or becoming a prisoner (hence why they don't work together, it's too risky)
    • These girls do not know when their strength will cease to grow, sometimes it comes in surges.
  • Every girl's power is different
    • Some are based off of things they like, some off of elements, etc.
  • It is always possible that those who fall may become stronger as villians.
    • Yet another reason not to team up
      • Weaknesses can be exploited
      • Trust can be manipulated and abused

So I'm looking for someone to fill some kind of role. We can work on something together.
Sure! I'll hit you up with a PM for planning if you don't mind :)
Yeah that's fine. Just shoot me a PM when you're ready. :)

I'm also going to start looking for a partner for her! I always like seeing what ideas people have!
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