Magic vs No Magic

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Magic or No Magic?

  1. MAGIC - I like characters with supernatural abilities!

  2. NO MAGIC - I like characters that use other means!

  3. BOTH - I am an equal opportunity user!

  1. In the wonderful world of roleplaying, MAGIC or Supernatural powers seem to be the most common theme. A majority of the roleplays will feature magic and unnatural abilities as an option.

    When creating a character, do you more often have some sort of magic/supernatural ability? Or do you prefer going without and relying on other skills like weaponry or special combats?
  2. I definitely love using magic. It makes fighting scenes unique, in a way.

    That, and there's something satisfying about creating a magic system that works well and is usable.
  3. It's all in the character, it's a piece of how each character spent their lives.
  4. Generally, I'm not interested in anything that doesn't involve some kind of magical or supernatural element, but at the same time I think it's better in roleplays when people look for other ways of introducing action and developing their characters. There's always a danger of using magic as a crutch and not focusing on the other, more realistic aspects of the characters and/or story.
  5. Badass normal is badass.
  6. I don't find drawing characterization from a character's paranormal abilities nearly as hard as its sometimes made out to be.

    I'm willing to play both, but I favor magic. Especially in freeform.

    Although the more rigid the system, the less interested in magic I am. I prefer magic as a storytelling tool or conduit for creativity. It can be paint or a canvas, depending on the situation. Take that away, and I lose interest. I'll likely either play a non-magic class or find another game.
  7. I say magic because it's kinda boring if I can't creat fire in the palm of my hands
  8. Supernatual powers based out of a more dream-like state vs. combat magic. I'm more into magical realism; in magical realism we find the transformation of the common and the everyday into the awesome and the unreal. It is predominantly an art of surprises. Time exists in a kind of timeless fluidity and the unreal happens as part of reality. Once the reader accepts the fait accompli, the rest follows with logical precision.
  9. Magic is for pussies, real men use axes.
  10. Sometimes, you just need to upgrade to a bad ass abnormal to get the job done.
  11. While I do sometimes make characters in a supernatural RP without powers, often times I do, so I voted Yes. Like my current array of characters, even though about half of them don't have powers in such games I have two characters in all of them and the other one does, so, yes, I like me the magic, even something simple like my demi-god that doesn't realize he's one.
  12. I enjoy magic, but I also enjoy the challenge (and it is a challenge to me) of creating a non-magic user.
  13. Magic is for city-bred sissies. REAL men trust only in their sword and their wits to carry them through the day.
  14. I like a little bit of both, and everything in-between. Kinda depends on the RP too.