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  1. "Magic at it's purest essence is merely that alteration of the physical world controlled by one's will. If I lift up this ball and drop it on the floor, it is considered magic. My mind wished for the ball to be moved from the table and dropped back down to the floor. There is no difference between this simple act and the much more complex gravitational control of Newton's fourth spell. Magic, however mystified or obscured, is nothing more than simple will to perform an action. As proud students of Blackstone School for Magical Studies, I surely hope you keep this in mind. Oh and before we end class, I would like everyone to get their magic activation apparatuses calibrated at engineering. I don't want to see anyone overloading their systems during the field test tomorrow. Class dismissed"

    It was another day in Blackstone. Students rushed off from their classes. Some lingered to chat, others were showing off their skills in fantastical display of gravitational control or electric fireworks. Professors looked on with disapproval. Everything seemed normal except for one particular person. He overlooked the school from one of the taller buildings. It was large Victorian structure called, "The Clocktower," by the students and staff, although it had no clock at all. There was just a mysterious circle somehow burned onto one of the sides that resembled a clock. Everyone thought it was caused by accidental display of heat control, but the professors knew it to be something else.

    The man was as still as a statue. His eyes were closed, and his head was tilted as if he was trying to hear something off in the distance. After a few long moments, he seemed to have found what he was listening for. His eyes open to reveal violet eyes that seem to glint with a strange radiance. He merely let go and fell off the tower. There was no sound of crushed bones or organs being splattered across pavement, only a single feather dancing in the wind.
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  2. The courtyard was pretty busy, as per usual when dinner break came around. Most of the student population was passing through, whether to stay or heading back to their rooms in the dorms. The people that littered the ground ranged from fiends gathering for dinner to study groups. One girl was not with any particular group. She sat on one of the benches that lined the walk ways. Thumbing through a book, the girl was highlighting text, marking down special entries. The girl would sometimes set her book to the side and pick up her note book to write a few things down while comparing to her text book. A smile would spread across her face once in awhile, which is not something to see normally on a student's face while studying. She picked up her text book again, when someone called out to her. She looked up, pushing her glasses back that had fallen down her nose.

    "Hey, Alanna!" shouted another girl who was walking toward her. Alanna waved.

    "Hey Shell. Out of class?" she said, setting down her book.

    "Yeah, it was about time. I almost fell asleep in there." Shell said, adjusting her bag on her shoulder. Alanna let out a little snort.

    "I thought you liked pyrokinesis. You said it was your thing."

    "Well, it is my 'thing'," Shell said plopping down next to her, "But what isn't my thing is the calculations and programing of devices. That is your thing." she said poking Alanna's arm.

    "I don't see how you can not find it fascinating on how a simple calculation can let you do almost anything in the world." Alanna said rolling her eyes.

    "Rather use the product then actually make it, that is your job." Shell said with a big smile. "Speaking of which...I need you to calibrate my apparatus for tonight's battle."

    "No Shelby, I am not going to do that. Someone got hurt last week and the school sets rules for calibrations for a reason." Alanna started packing up her stuff. "I am not going to set your limits higher than what is safe just so you can win some...some...stupid little competition."

    "It's not stupid. Gregory has been bragging about his new cryokinesis inputs and I just want to set my flames from hot to extremely hot so I can melt his ego down to a decent size." Shell said, grabbing Alanna's arm. She stood up and shook her head.

    "No, I am not going to do it. What if someone gets hurt and they find out I messed with your apparatus? Then I would get in trouble too."

    "Please?" Shell pleaded, folding her hands and begging. Alanna just stood there and stared at her as her best friend stared back. Soon Alanna couldn't fight her anymore.

    "Fine, I'll do it, but only if I come with and make sure you are good."

    Shell cheered in glee. "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! You rock so much!"

    "Yeah, yeah, I know..."
  3. The man with the violet eyes was smiling. His body seemed so light. There was a certain art in wind surfing. You had to determine the right time to follow the wind and the right to nudge it in the right direction. It was an art he had finely tuned throughout his life. It was definitely way more fun than the contraptions other people used. Words like gravitational nullification or mass acceleration had nothing do with what he did. It was interesting to hear "modern wizards" speak about their trade. But he just got bored. There were so many numbers so many little steps they had to take. What they did was using a tool to do some special effects. It was kinda sad in fact, but people did what they did. He didn't mind them. His life was lived however he wanted. Traveling was fun, but he often found himself returning to Blackstone. There was just so much going on here. People were always so excited, talking about new innovation in "Magic". Sometimes when he listened clearly enough, he could hear old buildings. They were indeed old and knew many things. He was distracted again. His mind would just go spinning in random directions, almost like the wind. He refocused himself.

    The wind spun around him and gently placed him on top of building overlooking the courtyard. He tried to remember what he was doing when two girls distracted him once again. They were obviously students. He was strangely drawn to the the one on the bench. His focus increased and he spoke a few words and truly saw her. "Interesting," he said while grinning. His glance slid towards the open sky. He finally remembered and suddenly he was no longer on the roof.
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  4. Alanna laughed at Shell as she tried to explain to her the plan for her victory at tonight's event when something caught her eye. It stopped her dead in her tracks. A man lowered down from the roof and on to the ground. This didn't really surprise her, considering where she went to school, but it was the fact of how easily he came down. She had seen many people do the same feat but not as naturally as he did. He looked her way and she quickly changed her focus to her friend. Shell noticed something was wrong. "What's up, Alanna? See something you like?" she said turning to look. Alanna shoved her and stopped her from turning.

    "Don't be stupid. I just saw someone using....I don't know...telekinesis? Maybe....but" she stopped and looked around, "Based on the slight breeze that suddenly came by when he landed, I would say aero? But it was so controlled..." Alanna continued to mutter to herself, eyes darting from one side to the other.

    "Oh come on, don't worry about it. He could be using both. What's the big deal?"

    "Well, I've never seen him before. Blackstone is a decent size school, but due to weekly calibration testing, you tend to see everyone. I have never seen him before. And with how easily he uses magic, it's he a vistor? Or a guest lecturer? I just trying to think...."

    "Seriously, Alanna, you think too much...." Shell grabbed Alanna by the shoulders and adjusted her so that the man was behind Shell and Alanna was looking straight at him. "Just scan him, look for his device, nerd out and then we can head back to the room where you can forget about it and work on making me look awesome." Alanna nodded and looked down. She reached up and pushed her glasses up again. This activated her scanner. Alanna had a knack of engineering. The first thing she did after learning how to was to develop her glasses into a portable scanner where she could identify and break down any devices that produce any "magical properties". She examined him, check him over and over again. She started to get more and more worried. She grabbed Shell by the arm.

    "Shelby.....Shelby, he doesn't have any devices....."
  5. A student came up to Allana and Shell. He was holding several textbooks. His voice was annoyed and it seemed like he was inconvenienced somehow, "Allana, Professor Harold wants to see you in his office. He said something about an errand. I don't really know. Just here to tell you the message." He was about to quickly leave until he remembered something else, "Oh yeah. Shell, the discipline officers want to speak with you as well. It seems like they are catching on to your 'extra curricular activities.'" There was a snide grin as he spoke this. He continued on his way as if he was late for something.
  6. "Excuse me?!?!" Shell shouted. Alanna's gaze left the man and changed to the passing boy, who Shell was now yelling after. "They only way they would know is if someone told them. Just because you lost last week doesn't mean you have to ruin it for everyone." Shell let out a sigh and turned back to Alanna. "Damn it. I guess we are going to have to cancel the battle tonight. I have got to let people know that we may have been made." She pulled out her phone and started sending out the signal. Meanwhile, Alanna's gaze moved back to the man. Shell closed her phone and nudged her. "Hey, I am heading to Disciplinary to go check on what is going on. Want to head that way with me? The professor's office is that way..." Alanna turned back to Shell and blinked a few times.

    "What? Oh, yeah. Let's do that." she said nodding and looking back at the man.

    "Come on. We will forget about it after we deal with all this crap." Shell said, wrapping her arm around Alanna's shoulder and started on their way.....
  7. The school itself was built in a fantastical and overly impressive manner. Everything seemed larger than life and was made to showcase a variety of magical techniques. Buildings usually deemed to be architecturally unsound were easily made reality by the reinforcement of magic. One of these impressive structures is the Disciplinary Office. People often call it the crystal fortress for it was made almost entirely of glass. Shards jutted from all positions, and it was in fantastical geometrical shapes. The large stairwell lead up to it had glass sculptures of knights and soldiers, positioned like stalwart guardians. People often said that these weren't normal statues and were actually a form of security for the school, although currently no proof of their magical activation has been revealed.

    Past this grand glass structure was the main faculty building. It housed all the department heads of each magical disciplines. The building itself was actually quite normal looking. Very rectangular and sturdy. The founders didn't care for the flash and complexity for this particular building, and the current professors seem to agree. This isn't to say that the building was not a marvel in the magical sense. If one looks clearly there were so many interwoven spells and enchantments programmed into the building, most of the effects are unknown now. So many layers were piled on that a certain current magic seemed unstable. One of the professors even declared it his life's goals to decipher through this mess of magic. His name was Harold, and he was one of the finest wizards to teach at Blackstone.
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  8. Shell and Alanna separated, wishing each other luck. Alanna continued on her way to Professors Harold's office. She loved this school. The wonders and beauty of it all made her smile. Ever since she was little, she wanted to go here. Coming from a small town with not many magic devices around, she always dreamed of a place like this. She loved designing and calibrating devices and improving them. Never being good at using them, she rather take devices apart and put them back together. Many thought her to be weird for like this, but someone had to do. This is why she got along with Professor Harold so well. He understood her curiosity and matched it with his own. She headed down the hall that his office was in. She had taken this route many times before, whether for asking questions for class or just talking about the newest development in a field of magic. Alanna stopped before his door and knocked.

    "Professor Harold? It's Alanna Heiring......Did you call for me?"
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