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Okay, so, I wanted to try this out. Basically, it'll be an RP based on Magic the Gathering, in that our characters are Planeswalkers of various backgrounds and powers. Since Planeswalkers can traverse through the Planes, we'd have our characters meet up and such.

While I don't have a -specific- plot yet, I figured that, at first, it would be like arcs. Where we would go to a world, find problems, try to be heroes, and leave proudly (or shamefully, if we failed). I mainly want to see who would be interested in this, before I think too much into it.
I might be interested in this. I love magic the gathering and can already think of a few character ideas. I can help with plot ideas/etc. if this does get enough interest.
I'm interested, but how interested I am depends on how involved this is with the actual game of Magic. Would we post our libraries with our character sheets, or just "Know spells"? Because I'd be much more interested in the former.

If it's the former, we could try to integrate some PvP or PvGM via a program called Lackey that lets you simulate card game rules and has I believe every Magic set built into it, although I haven't used it in a while. Use the results and happenings of the duel to shape the story and all.
I do like your idea Spammy, and it could make the RP very unique. The ONLY issue I see with that is if people don't know cards well enough, or can't access it. It might hinder character creation too, a bit, if someone wants to make a character, but can't really build a good enough deck around that character.

And how do you suggest we play out battles in the RP? Like, say, in the online duel thing, I win, yet by using Jace the Mind Sculptor, how would it play out in the RP? Would Jace suddenly swoop in and save the character or something? That's the only issue I have with your idea. Otherwise, I think it's excellent!
Fights could also take a really long time, like some actual mtg matches *laughs*. Still I like the idea. I do worry about possible restrictions as a result, but we're here to iron that out. To be honest I'm curious where our characters would be starting out. I haven't read the books but I assume they'd give a good idea.

edit: Also what if I wanted to equip a machete to my glow moth? I'd assume anything outside the realm of logic might just sort of be shuffled over or altered slightly to work in character.
Yeah. There would be limits to stuff like that. Which is why I'm a bit reserved as to actually playing out games like that.
But in what other RP would you get to say that the winning blow was dealt by a giant moth carrying a machete? Or from a giant who just grabbed a forest god made of green mana and just threw him at your opponent? If you used Jace to make your victory happen, it would go just like the mechanics say it would. You summoned Jace Beleren and had him cast a spell to exile your opponent's library. The real issue is whether we go by the official(as I heard it) fluff, that said your library of spells were your memorized spells. Which is why mill cards sound so mind-destroying. Because they are.

The event summary wouldn't be a turn-by-turn replay, but more of a highlight reel. First blood, interesting spells, last blow, that sort of thing. A more loose and less rules-bound version of the match.

Planeswalkers and Legendaries should be limited to one per game, among all players. So we don't have a case where two Jaces are on the field at once, or the same Legendary shows up fighting for the opposite side every other game. And players could work that into their character, that they and their Legendaries/Planeswalkers are bros. Jace is your wingman.

If we had new players, we could give them an intro pack deck from any of the last three Core Sets. Those tend to be not entirely bad and pretty focused on a single easy to use gimmick. Plus they're not tied to any specific Planes. We would have to catch them up on the rules, either by having them read online tutorials or teaching them over Skype while using Lackey. As I recall, Lackey uses save files that should be transferable over email. I guess it would be like an introductory D&D campaign, but for Magic. Odd-ass, but it just might work.

We should probably make our own limit on deck sizes to keep ridiculous, too-long-to-list decks from happening. And a "Don't waste time" rule.

Well, I think it could work. At the least I'd like to see spell lists put up, otherwise... well, it just wouldn't feel like Magic to me if we did not have libraries of spells.
I guess it would work. It just seems that it would be odd. "And so I summoned another Planeswalker to fight to the death for me, for no real reason, and then leave." It would just seem odd to me, is what I'm saying.
Then make "No Planeswalkers" a house rule for decks?
Hmm. I'll have to think about it, if I decide to go that route. Like I said, I really like the idea, but it needs some planning.
Well if you do, it only seems appropriate that I offer my services to get the mechanical side of things running, since it was my idea.
Sure thing. I'll just have to think about how it would work. If I decide not to go that route, I'd hope you'd still play. XD
I already told you that I'm in, Moon.
Maybe we could brainstorm ideas together~ :3
So, so far, we have me, Hartke, Spammy, and Kitti.

I don't think I'll end up going with your idea (this time), because I tried using Lackey, and it seems a bit weird. For this, if we do end up dueling one another at certain points, we'll just act like grown ups so no one gets butthurt if their character ends up losing a duel. I'm sure we can figure things out.

And yeah, we can brainstorm ideas Kitti, whenever you feel like it! :D
Excellent. And I'm not too worried if my character wins or loses, so much as I'm worried whether or not my character will grow/learn something. A good story beats everything. Anyway. Do we have any ideas for plot direction/theme etc? Why are our character's going to these worlds? What ties all these events/pieces together? I like the idea of starting out with small arcs and building up to the biggest climax.

Also, where will our character's start ability-wise? Will they be starting with fewer abilities and learn more (become stronger/more experienced/able).

Just stuff to brainstorm I know we're just garnering interest now.
For a plot, I'm thinking we'd go to different worlds and such, and try and solve issues that exist in each word, while we all strive to fulfill our own personal goals. I'm thinking that, in the end, our main foe will be a Planeswalker of old, who was sealed away before the cataclysm. So this Planeswalker is, for most of the story, crazy powerful.

And I think we'll start out relatively mediocre in power, as we learn more spells and refine our abilities.
Sounds great. Hopefully we'll get a few more people interested so we can get this ball rolling.

And lets see, what else is there to figure out?
I'd love to give it a go. I remember trying something like this back when Zenidkar came out. As for the villian, Moony's discription sounds like what happened to Nicol Bolas. The downside to having him be a planeswalker from before the cataclysm is that they were all immortal. It's only after the rifts were sealed that all planeswalkers became mortal.

I'm thinking maybe our enemy isn't even a planeswalker, but merely some very powerful mage who has knowledge of the planes, runs a inter-planar organization, with the goal of creating a way to cross planes without a spark. Of course, the only ones capable of this are the Phyrexians. He might also have plans to steal a spark from a planeswalker if the Phyrexians prove too uncooperative. It could be set before Pyrexia's invasion of Mirrodin, and could turn out to be the cause of Pyrexia's rediscovered inter-planar travel technology,thus causing the invasion. Though that would be behind the scenes, as it were.
It sounds like a good idea. My idea was that the Planeswalker WAS affected by the rifts closing, so he became mortal, but is still just as powerful as he was before. And he is now working to regain immortality and rule the multiverse. But, thinking about it now, it does sound a lot like Nicol Bolas.... Except he's not an Elder Dragon... Perhaps another Planeswalker just as old and powerful as Nicol Bolas, and the only reason he hasn't taken over the multiverse is -because- of Nicol Bolas's presence? I'm thinking he might be trying to steal the sparks from various Planeswalkers, and create his own army to combat Nicol Bolas. Sort of like the creation of Carn. But not golems.
Karn is good guy, though. Karn is awesome. Karn is All. *burns incense before an altar to Karn*