Magic & Secrecy: Scholastic Grimoires for Novice Sorcerers

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  1. This will be a way for me to try my hand at world and lore building and for you dear readers to hitch a magical ride with your character in a dynamic world. Inspired from the literature and media I know about magic and sorcery you will be plunged in the skin of a young adult in the Victorian Era, a young individual with a very special future ahead of them, should they grasp it. Indeed, they will get their hands on an ancient and magical grimoire that appear blank except for a sole ritual, a ritual that, the book say, will give the reader who attempt it successfully the beginning of magical powers. From there on,the choice of entering a brand new world hidden from the uninitiated eye will be within their grasp.

    Will they grasp this opportunity or let it pass by?

    Do magic really exist?
    They will have to find out if they wish it to be, won't they?
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  2. This sounds like it could be interesting. I'll keep an eye on this!
  3. Awesome, thank you for your interest~!
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