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  1. It was a normal day in the capitol of Jheromen, Ishgarlde. The suns (this planet, Pheonix, has 5 suns! Talk about daylight savings...) were shining down through the clouds, basking them in their far-away glow and warmth. (Each sun is more than 2x as far from Pheonix as Earth's sun is from Earth. If all the suns were that close, they would shrivel up in seconds.) The suns were about to eclipse, and everyone eagerly awaited, as the suns became dimmer as they eclipsed one another, even in mid-day.There were festivals going and people dancing, celebrating as they do when all the suns eclipse, unaware that something was different this time. There was one moon that acted as a prison from an ancient being, trapped by the creators, that is said to wield just as much power, if not more, than the creators themselves. This moon would also be involved in the eclipse, after 250,000,000 years of imprisonment. The suns darkened, as they usually do because of the massive magic energy they produce when they eclipse, but it was darker than it should be, almost new moon on Earth type dark. Eyes turned to the skies, and sound ceased... Even the wistle of the wind died away, and the uncontrollable sizzling of the meats and greases dropped from the air, like birds shot from the sky. The moon pulsed, absorbing both heat and power, growing larger and larger before it looked like it would touch the atmosphere, before it stopped. It stayed for what seemed like decades, filling the once noiseless world with the sound of buzzing energy and a constant throbbing, like a heartbeat. In this time, the suns would have moved on and left the eclipse to continue their endless solar paths, but... the moon had something to do with it, everyone knew, but what could they do against a giant floating rock prone to blast the world to smithereens with a single breath. Then, it simply shrunk to the size of a small boat or a one-manned airplane. It then sped towards the closest sun, at more than teleportation speed it seemed. It reached the sun, and nobody would ever, forget what happened that day... The entire universe was filled with a great shrieking, like a raspy old man when he tries to take a breath. The closest sun began to shrink and glow bright once again, then brighter than it ever had before. Eventually, the sun became the size of Mars after shrinking down in size from our sun, 3x. The breath stopped, and the suns began their paths, save for one. The small sun was simply pulled into the orbit of the closest sun and was engulfed in the fiery abyss of a large star. The being then showed up in Pheonix's atmosphere, faster than teleportation, yet again. It spoke in a voice that was equal to royalty, but obviously not his true voice. "I am only known as the hopper. You will not remember me as anything more than a myth, but I assure you, I am real. I have taken one of your sun's magic to fuel my own. You will not die, and you won't exprience any changes what so ever. Continue your normal, everyday lives, with the thought that the hopper is finally free. I have watched you from my moon prison, celebrating every eclipse since the beginning of your creation, and it has kept me from insanity. Therefore, you are allowed to keep your lives, as my thank you gift. Goodbye, citizens of... Pheonix..." The hopper than opens a portal through space and time, and hops through. The portal does not close, and everyone begins to shake off the daze, as well as noticing that sound has returned to everything. People slowly begin to resume their everyday lives, and after 5 days, the king and queen have chosen a champion to fight the hopper. His name, is Brad Long. After the king selected Brad as the hero, the hero sent out a message to the citizens that anyone who was strong and brave enough to accompany him could do so if they spoke to him... That is, if they found him. Brad was a very hard man to find, as he hides in the least obvious place: the prison. If they found him, then they could ask to accompany him.

    So, obviously, I am going to be Brad. Here are the rules:
    1. No god-modding, you have to be fair.
    2. (This may be the same rule, but whatevs) No perfect characters, perhaps you've heard, nobody's perfect.
    3. No separation, if you aren't with Brad, you aren't in the story.
    4. No controlling or killing other characters, unless you have the player's permission.
    5. If you say something that someone finds offensive, please either explain your reasoning or apologize. If it helps, you can even delete your post to save the trouble. Then you can act like it was some sort of joke.

    Here is the CS:
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  2. Well, other than the 5 stars, there's a severe logic issue with this that I see, and that's going to be rather problematic. Why does anyone actually want to fight the Hopper? He came, he told everyone he wasn't going to bother them, he left. He didn't give any reason for them to try and defeat him. Not to mention he's absorbed the power of a star... I can't imagine anyone's going to be very eager to challenge him.
  3. Everyone wants the Hopper dead because he turned very evil in his quest for and even greater ability that has never been achieved before. He wants to be able to jump between timelines so that he will be able to rule literally anything. here, let me put it this way:
    In the legends, he was a divine being that helped others, but after he figured out about timelines and the creators told him that he could not attempt it, he turned from his light side and began building his power. He broke many previous promises before the creators trapped him on a rock, and all the energy seeped out of him and solidified, turning him into a moon, which shows just how much power he had.
    If he broke promises then, he will definitely break them now. The king doesn't want to wait around for that to happen, so he want people to battle him, and Brad was the only one not traumatized by all of the recent happenings. Telling them that he would not bother them was probably just his way of buying time until he comes back and absorbs more suns.
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