GROUP RP PLOTTING MAGIC. (It explains everything, doesn't it?)

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  1. MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!! Badass, isn't it? Plot is still in development, and ideas would be appreciated. However, I've got the class system ready. CSs come up on THE OOC. Not here.

    • Witch/Wizard- Elemental magic users. Often imbue weapons and objects with power to attack with. Some are skilled warriors, others are frail with a mastery of magics. The least specialized of the magical castes, but not in the least less dangerous. Familiars are rare, but can be used as wells for power to be drawn from. Thus, creatures with immense fortitude are necessary.
    • Witch Doctor- Master of curses and animal spirits, Witch Doctors represent the vengeance of nature. They are often regarded as the stereotypical witches of history, noted for their extensive use of potions and other brews in active combat. They summon corrupt animal spirits as familiars, which they set upon their enemies and use as energy sources. As well, they are recognized as masters of curses, using ancient chants and rituals to invoke misfortune and death on the targets.
    • Shaman- The antithesis of Witch Doctors, Shamans are the benevolence of nature, and are capable of manipulating Mother Earth's flora, and animism. Power is drawn from the life energy around them, and they are capable of entering into a state of astral projection, which they can use for long distance or spiritual communication and divination. Energy drawn from the life around them can be directed to various uses, such as stamina, durability, speed, strength, or even healing of trivial to near-fatal wounds (all 5 of which can be directed to another). They are known for their knowledge of healing poultices and plants, and often offer aid to others.
    • Necromancer- Dark magicians, often communing with the dead. Powerful necromancers are capable of raising armies of the dead in seconds, and can be used to haunt and possess enemies. Even more rare are those who can use the dead as "shields", which absorb injuries that would normally be taken by the magician. If a fatal wound is experienced by a ghost, it will be wiped from existence, having died twice. Most necromancers draw there power from great numbers of the dead, though only 3-4 are needed. Some necromancers are great warriors, using spirits to power themselves to transhuman levels of strength, speed, and stamina by completely absorbing the power of the spirit, resulting in the ghost becoming little more than a wisp.
    • Warlock- Masters of the pentacle, these magicians use the power of demons to achieve their goals, an art regarded with fear by others. While the summoning is extremely dangerous (as demons are finicky creatures, and can easily devour your soul as they can be tamed), the rewards can be immense: Polymerization results in complete control and absorption of the demon's power (often used on particularly powerful devils), and is the least practiced art of Warlocks, being the most dangerous; Summoning uses hosts, which will be possessed and morphed by the demon(s), transformed to whatever forms the spirit sees fit, resulting in an army of monsters less powerful than the true demon, the host form diluting the demonic power. However, it is the easiest and most practiced art of Warlocks. Alternatively, a summoning can be practiced without a host, resulting in the true form of the summoned demon(s) manifesting. However, these minions are incredibly difficult to control, as the full power of the demon is present. Warlocks gain power from their minions. Without the demon, a Warlock has no true power. Warlocks are the only magic users who have the affinity for demons, and thus the only ones who can use their power and control them. When drawing upon the spirit, Warlocks get a taste of the demon's power (flames, shadow, etc.), which often tempts Warlocks to the extremes, resulting in the highest death rates in the caste system. Warlocks use grimoires to find and document the summoning rituals for demons, and are often a well for the Warlock's power. If a grimoire is destroyed, then all the demons summoned by it are released upon the Earth without a leash. Thus, the grimoires of defeated Warlocks are all kept by the victor, often resulting in added power to the latter. There is a massive collection of grimoires stored by the Templar, collected through years of fighting the magic community, along with other magical items.
    • Skinchangers- Relatively weak magicians compared to others, they completely absorb animal spirits to use their power. This power can be displayed in human form (displaying some traits of absorbed animal spirits), though far more diluted. To access the full power, they transform into a hybrid of man and beast, being the cause of myths about therianthropy. However, a bite DOES transfer the influence of an animal spirit. However, the victim does not gain the control and power that the Skinchanger does. They merely gain the mind of the beast, and essentially go rabid. Powerful Skinchangers can absorb and contain more than one spirit at a time, creating a transformed state combining the aspects of the animals. However, there is a downside: The more spirits the Skinchanger absorbs, or the longer they stay in their transformed state, the closer they get to the beast. And if they get too close, there is a chance they can never return to their human form, and that one or all of the spirits will take control of the bestial hybrid (i.e., the Chimera).
    The Templar will be the opposing force, being those people who consider magic unholy and demonic (*cough* Warlock *cough*) and thus which to destroy or control it. Magicians of all types are born into their castes, and cannot move out of them. They can intermarry, and often do. The magical community is overseen by a council of the greatest of each caste. You the roleplayer can be any of the above magic users. I will only accept one of each (thus, only 6). Here are my rules:
    • Grammar, Sentence Structure, and Punctuation of Intermediate Level.
    • BE APPROPRIATE. If you're making a joke, make it clear that it is a joke. No racism, sexism, or other -isms without some clear comedic value. If you're being an ass for no reason, you will be kicked, no warning.
    • NO PUPPETEERING WITH ANOTHER PLAYER'S CHARACTERS. You have total control over any and all characters that YOU make, be they major or minor, but NOT those of another player. First offense results in a warning on the public OOC. Second offense results in being kicked and killed off.
    • Once upon a time (three or four days ago), I was kicked out of an RP. I will not name which RP or who the GM was, just the reason: I proposed a faster pace of posting, that it would be unfair to other roleplayers for one to hold up the rest by not posting for a while when it is impossible for the plot to continue without them. This contrasted with the GM's ideas, and thus I was kicked. I did receive notice, and the issue was settled after I explained the comment as a simple preference rather than a necessity. She accepted this, but by then had already opened up my position to someone else, and I couldn't get back on. The point to this? CONFLICT WITH THE GM (me) OR Co-GM WILL RESULT IN THE IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION OF YOUR POSITION. However, you will be privately messaged, and an appeal can be made. If it was simply a misunderstanding (as in my case), you're welcome to join again. Otherwise, the situation is permanent. The PM will appear the DAY THAT I FIND A PROBLEM. You'll have 48 hours to make an appeal to regain your position, within which it will not be open to anyone else, and that seems to be plenty of time to me.
    • POSTING SPEED WITH A MAXIMUM OF ONCE/MULTIPLE POSTS PER DAY, AND A MINIMUM OF ONCE A WEEK. I may have made this somewhat plain in the post above, but it I feel it unfair to other people for someone to join the RP, say they're dedicated, and then back out on it, holding up the line. Conflict with this rule (no post within a week) will result in a PM, followed by a waiting period of 48 hours for a post. If you have a good reason (work life, relationships, family events, etc.), the period is extended for however long is needed or estimated. If there is no action in the time period, another PM will be sent, with a 24 hour waiting period. If no posts occur within the 24 hour period, you're kicked.
    Hope to see you soon. Remember, this plot is STILL UNDER DEVELOPMENT. I'll be looking for suggestions here.
  2. well, this is a tentative interest, since i can't very well say that i like a story idea with no story lol, but either way i'd be happy to help you conceptualize a plot idea.

    let's start with the basics. any story is driven by conflict, be it person vs person, person vs society, person vs nature, or person vs self. the story ends when the conflict is resolved.

    It seems that right now you intend the conflict to be person vs person (the magicians vs the templars) so let's expand on that, what will be the setting of this conflict. Is it going to be a shadow war between two secretive factions (think assassin's creed) or will it be open and known to the general public? will one side start out with the advantage while the other is weakened, or will boths sides be of reltive equal strength. the templars hate the mages, but do the mages hate the templars? would the mages be fine with living in peace if the templars just stopped trying to kill them? if so are there some mages looking for a peaceful resolution to the conflict?

    will the conflict between the mages and templars be the MAIN conflict, or will it be featured to the side of the main story (for example, say our group of mages was sent on a mission by the council to retrieve some all powerful macguffin, and the templars simply happened to show up looking for teh same macguffin, and then it becomes a race to see which faction can retrieve it first and get back to their respective HQ with it)?
  3. It will be known to the public, and the Templars dominate the minds of the proletariats, while the magicians are considered evil and unholy by the populace. They are of equal strength, but the Templars have the advantage of public opinion and weapons designed to withstand and counter magic. Both hate each other for their views: Templars believe the use of magic to be unholy and a defiling of nature; The magicians believe that the Templars are merely jealous of their power, and that they cannot think for themselves in their blind following of a god. The magicians once tried to reveal this fact to the Templars, which resulted in the massacre of the first council. Thus, the magicians have never forgiven this offense, and the Templars have devoted themselves to converting or eliminating the magicians. The conflict is the MAIN story. Some may be tired of fighting, but acknowledge that there will never be true peace or equality.
  4. hmm, alright then.

    so what will be the setting of the story? any ideas on that yet?
  5. A good place to plug... I mean have another Transdimensional adventure with Fenix Testa before Avion Archipelago premieres on Iwaku
  6. All are welcome.

    Real world, alternate reality, set around the 1300's, where there was such a thing as cannonry and gunpowder (make it a tad difficult), but the Templars were still in a position of power (in this world, the Crusades were won completely by the Templar, there was never an inquisition directed at them, and they've become a major power in the world), and swords were still in use, to add more to the concept of close combat. However, most Templar officers will use more sophisticated weaponry, such as a thinner blade (like a rapier), which in real life was only seen in the 16th century. Here's an idea of what I thought they'd look like:
    As you may have noticed, the heraldry is a rose instead of a cross. This is an ALTERNATE REALITY. The Templar (while still being fanatically devoted to Christ and God) are a very different organization, and have since adopted the Rose as their symbol rather than the Cross, symbolizing how they favor Jesus's message of peace rather than holding on to the symbol of his death.
    Magicians remain prominent in society, but most are feared and hated for their power, especially for trying to manipulate Phillip the IV to order the execution of the entire Templar order (which was stopped, and Phillip was put to the sword, replaced with a new, more Templar ruler).
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