Magic in the Wastelands.

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  1. In a world that holds nothing but the Wastelands, no trees, flowers or life there are still few humans that try to survive with the few places that weren't destroyed by the apocalypse, yet the ways to find food are not many.
    This world holds a new hope, some people learned ways to fix this, but as the world changed so did society and the people stopped believing in the hope of great trees, colorful flowers or great oceans. In this world there is only one thing that is normal and that is the horror of surviving in it, with mutants, bandits and other people that want to use the laws of the new world to become strong and mighty. Just was mentioned before there are those, gifted with abilities to make the world green again, but is the world ready to welcome these people already? Is the world capable of such 'unreal' things?

    It was his third day traveling already, he was escaping from the bandits he used to group up with, he knew that this life was not the one he wanted and he decided to fight his way through the wastelands. His dream was a world like the one he heard about, a world where everything would seem alive. He hoped to find a way to restored that world, but how? In the distance he saw a village, he didn't see one in weeks after he raided a city with the bandits, he wanted to live a normal life again, and maybe in this village he would find his chance, so he decided to approach the place.
  2. The city had been surviving by a mere thread for as long as she could remember. And as long as she could remember she was able to to grow things. As a child her mother told her to not let anyone see her doing this, for she could be in the most trouble she had ever been in. Always remembering that she continued in silence, until the food became scarce in the city. People walked about, thin as could be, but not her, she had been eating the many vegetables, and fruits she had at home.

    Eventually there came a day where she could stand it no longer, these people had to be fed, and she had the power to help.

    Lexi smiled at the plant and moved her hands forward. Little tomatoes began sprouting from the flowers of the plant. Taking a deep breath she picked it up and made her way to the town hall. Easily, she was brought into the office of the Mayor.

    "What is it that you want child?" The mayor's voice sent shivers through her body.

    "Mayor...Sir...I've found a way to grow plants so that our people may eat again. Become strong and bring our city back to it's former state." Lexi thrust the plant forward biting her bottom lip, hoping he would not ask how she came upon this plant.

    The Mayor's eyes darkened when the plant came into view. As if he already knew how she had come upon it.

    "Child...where did this come from? How did you get it?"

    Mustering all her courage she spoke with confidence. "I can do things Sir. My hands...they help the plant to grow. It's a light. It could help us." She heard numerous gasps from around the room, guards, and a few townspeople. As his eyes darkened even further, her stomach dropped.



    "Devil worshiper..."

    These whispers sounded out from around the room.

    "This is nonsense. Guards...toss the plant and escort this Young Lady back to her home. Where you will take all the plants she has, and put them in the evening fire. And you...I better not hear of this again. That is no plant, but is a figment of dark power and we will not put that into our bodies!" The Mayor's voice vibrated through the room and her legs and arms trembled.

    The guards in the room grabbed her arms and tugged her back to her home.

    As they began grabbing plants left and right, a certain red lily caught her eye that one had picked up.

    "Please! No not that one. It was my mother's.." The guard ignored her and began walking to the wheel barrow they had.

    "I SAID NO!" A light shot out of her hands and knocked the pot out of the guards arms. Lexi's eyes widened. "I'm so sorry. I didn't meant to. Please don't tell the mayor." Instead, one crossed the room and slapped her across the face.

    "Filthy witch." And with that they were gone.

    Lexi picked up the flower, that had broken out of it's pot, and moved quickly to get another pot out and replant it. "You're safe." She spoke to the flower as if it were her mother.


    Later that evening Lexi went out into town to get some potatoes to put over the fire for her dinner. Although she drew her cloak tight around her, the voices she could still hear. The same as earlier.


    "Satan's whore..."


    Even a few times she would feel the hard hit of a pebble hitting her back, but she ignored them and kept on her way.
  3. He entered the city and saw people throwing plants into a fire and he looked at it with wide eyes "Those people have to much food, don't they?" he noticed people following him, but he ignored it, travelers were not welcome in cities, especially when the didn't bring good to trade, his eyes went to someone that seemed to be hated by everyone, at least the person was insulted with words he didn't quite catch, he decided to go to that person, it felt like the right thing. Approaching the person he realized it was a woman about his age, she looked normal, what was wrong with her. "Hey there, may I ask what makes the people look at you like you were killing someone?" he had a gentle voice and ever since he stopped working for the bandits he was a rather nice person, he was still not a weak person though, just more considerate. "Oh, name's Cole." he smiled and held his hand out.
  4. Lexi jumped when someone spoke to her. She lifted her head and for a moment, she thought that he might be one of the police. As soon as he spoke she knew he wasn't one of the police, the police never had such gentle voices.

    She took his hand and gave it a firm shake. "I'm Lexi. I have magic. Apparently that's not so popular these days."Letting go of his hand and laughing lightly at herself she started to turn.

    "If you'll excuse me I have to get some things for my dinner." Slowly she walked away and fixed her cloak back over her head. A shiver ran through her knowing eyes were still on her. Before she got much further a thought occurred and she stopped in her tracks.

    'He's not from here...'

    Quickly she turned back around and walked over to Cole.

    "You're not from here are you? You're from out of town." Lexi hoped he'd say yes. Of course, with him not knowing what she had done, he had to of been. And if he was from out of town...she could get out of here.
  5. "Magic you say? What kind of magic?" he looked at her, not as impressed, he heard of those things and he was just too sure that she was just lying to the villagers to scare them and make them avoid her. "Oh, of course..I won't bother you then.." he let her go and then turned back around as she came towards him. "I'm not from here. Why, is there a problem with that? I mean The people here are rather...well unfriendly to be precise."
    Cole looked at her with a gentle smile, "Do you want to leave this place? Am I guessing right?"
  6. "I can make things grow. It's...I've always been able to do it. Not sure if I can do anything else, never tried." Lexi hesitated at first to tell him.

    Her grin widened when he confirmed he wasn't from here. "No! It's a great thing." She fiddled with her cloak some and looked back up at him when he spoke of her leaving this place. That's what she's wanted for forever, now there was a good enough reason to. Lexi knew if she stayed here, eventually they would come for her, and who knows what would happen then.

    "Yes. If I stay who knows how long it is before they take me away. Hell might even hang me. I have to leave this place."

    Out of the corner of her eye she could see guards approaching. "If we're going to speak we might want to get out of the public"
  7. Cole listened to her and was a little surprised, this was not the kind of magic people would be lying about, it is hard to proof. "Is that why they burn things?" he wondered as he then walked away from the guards with her. "You want to leave then? I can't just take you out of here...I mean I can of course do it, but do you really want to?" he spoke, but his thoughts slowly caught up to what she said. "I guess instead of being hanged it is the better choice...where would you go then? When would you want to leave this place?"
  8. Lexi sighed. "I tried to bring my plants to the Mayor. Everyone is starving, and I have the ability to change that! But instead, I was called a witch, a pagan, or even a devil worshiper. They took me back to my home and started taking all my plants, and proceeded to burn them all. I saved one though."

    "Yes. I have to get out of here and the sooner the better. I don't care where I go, just...somewhere away from here. If I stay I'm dead." Looking around she could see the glares coming from the people around them. Finally they reached her home and she let him inside.

    "This room used to be filled with plants. I'll show you how my magic works."

    Lexi looked throughout the room and finally came along a small pot that had a dying pepper plant in it. Before doing anything she turned to him

    "Just...don't freak out okay?"

    Raising her hands she focused on the plant, and slowly it came back to life and little peppers began sprouting from the buds.
  9. Cole followed her to her house and listened to her story about how the other villagers started destroying her plants. "I wonder...I don't quite get why they would burn it, then again I also doubt that you actually are able to cast any magic.."
    They reached her house and got inside as he looked around. "I can't believe they destroyed everything..." he thought while she got out the pepper plant and he looked at it, it didn't seem like it would last very long in that state.
    Cole was watching as she used her magic, it amazed him, this sure was no cheap trick, at least it didn't seem like one. "Wh-what..." he took a step back, he was told not to freak out, but it still scared him somehow. "You can do things like that then? W-well.." he coughed to be able to sound more serious again. " might be able to sell that really well, after all it is you wouldn't have problems surviving."
  10. Lexi turned her head and looked at him. "Starvation isn't what I'm worried about. It's the barbarians who want my head that has my concern." Her tone was snippy and put away the plant. She could see the confusion in his eyes. "I'm almost sure there are other things I can do. I don't know what, but I have an inkling that there's more to this...power that I have. I'm not sure what but I'm determined to find out."

    Turning completely around she faced him. "I have to leave. If I stay I'm dead. If I leave maybe I can figure this out a little more. Maybe even find somewhere I'm accepted and where I can help others."

    Lexi went through the house and collected a few things then came back to him with a stern look in her eye. "So. When are we leaving?"

    Just as she spoke a loud bang came from the door. "Alexis Norriston this is the Mayors guard and we have warrant for your arrest. It's best you come out now." She recognized the voice and knew it was head guard, Aaron Blacksturn.

    "Well I guess we're leaving now then huh? Back door is safest and leads to an alley way that can take us to a break in the walls of the city."
  11. Cole chuckled, "you are eager to leave aren't you? I don't mind helping you out, but I'm honestly not trying to travel through the world forever, I don't want that for the rest of my life." He confessed as he heard the sound he grabbed her arm and left the house with her, he made his way to the wall and to the gate, he took out a longsword and made the guards keep their distance as they left the area. "We are leaving, you don't need to kill us, if we aren't here anymore right?" He got her out and they made their way out of the area. "I take you don't have plans of where you want to go, right?"
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