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  1. Choose a class and join in!!
    Fire water air earth dark and light

    Minty was walking down the halls of the school she had chosen Light magic but was unsure about her decision.
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    Based from the books Aster had read, Water Magic was good for healing and such. He had never been one to fight on the front lines during an encounter -- not that he ever had, he just wasn't into fighting -- and stuck to being a Healer or someone who supported the leader and their team.
    When the time came for the students to choose their magic class, he chose just that. He hoped it wasn't hard learning it as much as he tried Dark Magic -- damn, that wasn't a very nice experience for him.
    There wasn't much to do after choosing the Magic he wanted to master, so he made his way to the library. Hopefully he could find a place to rest there, since the dorm was too far away.
  3. She went over the basics of light magic in her head again before deciding to head to the library, Some of what she knew was still warped or fuzzy from what her grandma had taught her. When her grandma passed away she moved back in with her parents for a few years before heading out for the academy. Thoughts started forming in her head again. What kind of people would she meet? What would her friends be like? What about the classes? She started to space out not noticing her surroundings.
  4. Yunna Himemiya sighed as she walked from hallway to hallway completely lost. She wanted to master the element water magic but she wasnt sure where she should even start.
  5. She continued to walk and even started muttering to herself.
  6. Yuuma suddenly heard a noise, it was a strange girl that was muttering to herself. Without even a second glance Yuuna slid some of her natural silver-white hair behind her ear and looked at her map that was given to her once more. While she was looking at her map she started walking. I hope this is the right place Yuuna thought which was interrupted when she slammed into the mumbling girl. They both fell on the ground hard. Yuuna saw the girls books everywhere "Omygosh! I'm so sorry! Here, let me get those!" she smiled nervously and started picking up the girls papers.
  7. "I'm sorry! I'm a bit of a klutz" She scratched the back of her head. She picked up the rest of the books and handed what was not hers to the other girl. "I'm Minty Stones of the light tower." There are six towers one for each class. Then classes are held in a separate building in the center of campus.
  8. Aster stirred from his nap on one of the couches and watched the two girls pick up books off the floor. It seems one of them had bumped into the other and their books crashed. He was satisfied with observing them, catching small snippets of their conversation. One of the girls was from the Light Tower, he overheard, and thought to himself, wonder what the other girl's chosen element is.
  9. After gathering her books she continued to walk to the library. She noticed another first year watching her so she approached him. "Hello" she said to him
  10. Aiden Wolfe sat back in the library, engulfed in one of his favorite books. He was of the Dark tower, but he wondered if that was all he could do. He managed to catch a little bit of the fuss behind him, but paid no attention to it. Running his hand through his slick, pure white hair, he sighed calmly at the silence of the room. No doubt it was... Relaxing.
  11. She continued to the library and opened up her book to brush up on the magic types. Water was good for healing, Earth was good for Guarding, Fire was good for offence, Air was traveling magic, and light and dark magic was summoning magic, each with there own type of creatures. She could at this point Summon a level one base sprite But that was it. Everyone could learn each type of magic but it takes many centuries to master it all so most only specialize in one or two of the types.
  12. Jake was in the library Reading a small black book he tried to stay away from people and be alone was also fiddling with a die in the other hand
  13. With a soft sigh, Aiden closed his book and and sat up, whispering softly to himself, "Well, that got boring." He looked around to see if there was someone he knew in the library, but to no avail. Calmly standing from his seat, the white-haired teen pushed it underneath the table and tucked his book at his side. "What to do," he wondered as his ice blue eyes gazed across the room, "What to do."
  14. She smiled as she summoned her sprite It smiled at her and floated about swirling around her then landed on her head. She was done reviewing the types of magic so she put that book away and brought out her Light Magic book and started taking notes about summoning fairies. She wanted to learn how to summon a water fairy, it might come in handy. The students could go on missions if they choose, to earn money for items that could help them learn more spells or bags to hold more items, Or even cosmetic spells.
  15. The fire tower was full of hot-headed people; and that's not a pun-like joke, even if Cynthalia wished it to be. Everywhere she goes, any man and woman in the tower was top-notched in the meanie department - not because they are learning the chaotic powers of the flame - but it seems that their attributes matched their attitude.

    Cynthalia was not like the others. Unlike the large crowd of bullies and prideful chumps, Cynthalia was a woman of silence and prefers to be that way. She sneaked away from the fire tower's main lobby with a book wrapped around her chest and took the stairwell that leads to a hall of rooms. The third door to the right was her assigned quarters, so she turned the doorknob and entered inside. She sat on her new bed and placed down the book she possessed, a book which helped her through the basics of fire spellcasting. For now, she can successful summon a small spark of fire to burn a candle; but there's a lot more learning to do, especially for what her teacher had told her when they've met for the first time.

    "So, you want to learn the power of fire." said Mr. Norman, the introduced fire teacher. He told her the basics of the element of fire, and how fire differentiates from the other towers of light, darkness, air, water, and earth. However, this element must have a valuable importance depending on one's heart.

    "Listen carefully, Cynthalia - student of fire," Mr. Norman said cautiously, "Even though fire is a valuable asset, it can be of two things: one, of creation - and two, of destruction. The way you choose the side of the flame you desire, you must channel your heart to seek your true flame. The true flame is the light or the darkness that was buried inside your soul and your mind. Remember that, student. If you choose the light flame, then you'll go well here. But if you choose the darkest of flames," Mr. Norman snapped his fingers, and both of his hands were engulfed with fire; but one hand was engulfed with the yellow-orange glow, and the other was black with a purplish tint, "the darkest of flames can lead you to a line of destruction... and someone will have to stop you."

    The wise warning of Mr. Norman made Cynthalia headstrong in channeling her own flame. It was rumored, however, that some of the fire students did embrace in the darkest flames - and their sentence was to be baptized in water, with the whole class of the water tower to help. They said the baptism was the most painfullest, the most unbearable, and the most scary occurrence for the unfortunate ones. But the baptized come back alive, but unable to share their experience to anyone, nor participate in any activity.

    For the fire tower, every day someone became "baptized"; so being a wielder of fire is complicated towards others.

    I must not be like them, Cynthalia thought when she opened her book back to the chapter of the light and dark flame, I must be of the light, not of the dark.
  16. Monochrome.jpg

    Monochrome sat in a darker area of the library, nibbling on his strawberry shortcake as he read a book on other magic elements besides his own. He enjoyed using Dark magic, being good for long-range and short-range attacks. The occasional spell was thrown in there, but Monochrome enjoyed his attacks quite a bit. His name wasn't Monochrome, but that was what many referred to him as when seeing him. Especially his eyes. They could look right through you...He sighed and quietly read his book, eating his favorite dessert slowly with a hum of appreciation.
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    nivek walking around rubbing his head sighing "i do one little trick and its called magic" sighs again "just my luck oh well what can ya do now where was it agian the wind magic was???" roaming cant find it but see the gym "ow well if you can find it sleep on it" he said as he heads twords the bleechers for some rest
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    Rin would of walked into the library and look at the people who were in their but would only shrug and would walk to a lonely table near the door and put her bag down, open it and then start reading her books on Dark and Fire Magic. Inside her bag would also be a Notebook, a few pens, a Leather book that can be assumed as a diary and sketch book. She would read silently and not talk to anyone unless approached upon having a somewhat emotionless face but would be concentrating on her book.
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  19. walks in the gym and jumps on the bleachers with little help from his natural wind and sits on the top bleachers and rests alone
  20. Damian is walking through the library to brush up on his knowledge of light and earth magic. He was sure to pick those 2 types of magic and he was starting with light. He does have a bit of trouble casting things. He thought he will need to study harder or ask someone how they cast stuff.
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