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  1. After a brief break from role playing I have returned and I am looking for a few partners for various plots, but rather than dictate who your character is I will post mine and we can discuss (via PM by preference) a setting and how if in any way the two know one another.

    A few preferences and ground rules for me since that seems to be a thing around here:

    I prefer 18+ RP if only for removing the limit on certain aspects of role playing that may be inappropriate for younger audiences.

    I can and do enjoy running multiple characters and letting the story progress where it will. I find for me it adds layers that just makes me enjoy it even more.

    My responses are generally 3-5 paragraphs in length, but I can match longer posts (even if it takes me a little longer to respond.)

    Good grammar is preferable as well, but if I can understand what you're trying to communicate then you're ok by me.

    As far as let us say mature scenes go: I will do them, but my preference is plot over smut or fade to black. If relevant to the plot then by all means we can have at it.

    Questions? Comments? I find OoC discussion pleasant so feel free to PM me.

    Characters and Settings:

    Coming Soon
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.