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  1. PLOT : A knight from a more technology based Kingdom comes to the mages magical kingdom to tell them that they live a wrong life style and that they need to change, thing is the knight meetrs this mage thats soo nice and careing that makes the knight see the beauty of the world of magic. The knight returns home and tells them about his trip, turnjs out the knights kingdom then enslaves the mages, this is bad, very bad as an anccient evil now awakens whent eh mages are taken as slaves, its up to the knight to break the mage free and stop this evil before it can destory the world.

    BXB I shall be MAGE

    Culture: The culture of this city of magic is mostly based on magic, nature, family and community

    Religion: They have true religion and they only worship the first magic user of this city a male named Humki. They go to an underground chamber where they can be alone for a coupler minutes, this person and chamber is very important to them.

    Foes : The knights city

    Technology, They are based on magic weapons that on each weapon they have a different elemental powers. Each different type of mage there is a different power on the weapons

    People life styles :

    Children 1-12 : Children at this age are seen as magical people already since they are born they are raised with a mark of their power. Some come in the form of a symbol on their hand or wrist or leg. These children are taken to school till they are teens then a new chapter begins.

    Teen 12-19: From this age and on you learn how to be alone and how to cummoncate with the creatures and guards around you. This is the big test and hardest since you have to learn many different tongues to speak. They are often put out in the wild many miles from home and have to be alone for the longest time, this is their life or death test which a lot pass, and some fail and never came back.

    Adult 20-89: From this age and on they are allowed to be whatever they are. Many mages become teachers some go out to find new animals to befriend and study. Many just have fun with all kinds of places and different opportunities

    Elder 89-103: They are the wise ones of the whole city, they live to be around 102 years old thanks to their healthy diet and much care from people. They are very wise and love children and telling stories.

    Animals in city:
    Shadow Guard (Shadow dragon)[​IMG] These shadowy creatures are VERY dangerous and only a couple have befriended mages, they guard the town as their duty to protect their land. The mages and these guards live in peace but outsiders beware they have venomous teeth and claws don’t get bitten and don’t threaten one either it will never end well.
    The lioness guards (Lioness guard female) [​IMG] These are female winged sphinx guards of the city, they practice in earth and animal magic, they are skilled with bow and arrows and they can’t fly but if you give them a chance to attack you’re not going to be alive for long.
    Thumle (Wild dragon creature, can be pets)[​IMG] Thumble are very docile creatures that often befriend young mages , they are often wild but they are large creatures. They can reach the high of ten feet and their claws can shred through any armor that they encounter. They only have a soft underbelly everywhere else on them is like steal and acid to outsiders.
    Snow spirit [​IMG] the snow spirit is only creature that one mage has befriended, it roams alone as the mage had died, it now can control snow and other weather. This creature is unable to be killed by weapons of man only pure holy magic can kill it, till then stay on its good side or be ripped apart.
    Heris (Horse that can be tamed but dangerous as wild) [​IMG] this horse is wild and free it rare is tamed; they can breed with other ones. They are gentle creatures that live in the forest near the city but want no trouble.
    Centaur guards [​IMG] Alright these centaur guards just don’t point a weapon at them, these creatures can be very hostile and dangerous is provoked. These centaurs work with deadly magic but they are loyal and kind to the city no matter what happens.
    The sea seal [​IMG] This is a water based creature much like seals of Earth but the only difference is that they can kill a person with a bite, their teeth are packed with harsh amount of venom and they do not like outsiders. They are gentle to Mages but when threaned they swim at alarming rates.
    The spirit elk[​IMG] the spirit elk is a creature that runs through the forest, uncaught by mages or outsiders there is only one. Mages have tried everything from magic to traps nothing catches this creature. Some say it can cause deadly nightmares.
    Vampire guards [​IMG] Vampire guards are very fast and deadly people with no remorse on anything they kill or attack. They drink blood but unlike vampires they like to toy around before a kill, they will blind a person rip some arms off before actually killing the person. They are fiercely loyal to mates and they hate sunlight but they can go in it. They are remarkably sweet creatures if you get to know one.

    Name: Ajax Harrison

    Age: 23

    History: He was born in this beautiful city and became a mage very easily due to his nature and animal magic he had. He became a mage after he defeated some rouge knights that wondered through the mages borders and killed with without much passion. The mage though however allowed one to leave, he often was not the kind of mage to judge and he often was looked down upon his city. The city asked he to be a teacher and he then started a life of being a teacher, he loved the job but a wildfire came and burned the school down and he had to stop his job. He doesn’t like how close mind many mages are in the society he lives in but he loves every creature in it. He now works as a loner mage that goes out and studies animals and creatures of the unknown near home. He has no true friends but two boys named Riccky and Seri who are both gays and seem to want to go after Ajax.

    Personality:Ajax is not the kind of mage that you would expect to have around her, he is an open minded person with a love for learning and trusting many people, many people say that’s his downfall but he never fights fair is he gets into a brawl. At first glance at the male you would think he is dark and evil but he is a rather gentle soul who loves to play around and have fun. He owns a pet Heris


    Pet (Robotic pet by best): Heris named Celoford
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