Mafia leader x Victim role-play

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  1. I need some partners for a Mafia leader x Victim role play
    I am already doing 3 but I wanna do more to see how they all turn out.
    I of course will be the Mafia leader a.k.a the male and you will be the female from (country of your chose).

    Why he will be kidnapping her will be in the plot below.....

    Vinny, the Sicilian Mafia leader, known from all around but never seen. He wants to find his enemies weak spot and his enemies just so happens to be your brother/father/lover and so he kidnaps you.
    Will you every warm up to him? Or fear him and his gang until they let you go?
    That's my plot. Shitty right? I know well I'm not good with plots.
    So if you'd like to do this please PM me, Grazie~ ciao~
  2. I'm interested though i feel the plot needs a few tweaks but got the general idea anyway.

    Though i would like to know what you're post length usually is, i can post 2+ paragraphs though at times a little below than that if nothing is happening in the RP currently and 1 paragraph posts are really uncommon for me and i will never ever post a one liner.
  3. I am interested as well~~
  4. I am very much interested in this. I think we should try it out if you want to. Just let me know ♥
  5. If you're still looking for variations of the idea, I'd love to discuss!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.