Madoka Magica, maybe?

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  1. hey.
    so, basically, i've wanted to start up a group roleplay based off of madoka magica or do a onexone roleplay. or both at the same time, i just really want to do something with a plot along the lines of the anime, since my muse is EXTREMELY high for it. it'd be a little different in some ways (both magical girls & boys, none of the characters from the actual series, except for kyubey, and maybe some other small changes) but for the most part it'd adhere to the original plot of things.
    it would of course still be during the time where madoka hadn't existed to slay all the witches before they became witches, and it'd be full of character death and some feels-y scenes.

    so, anybody interested at all?
  2. If it were to be more fleshed out (like they tend to be after and interest check) then you could count me in.... I was looking for having one as well..
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  3. i'd add more details and make it more fleshed out for sure if others are interested and i go on and make it. glad to know you're showing interest!
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  4. Yes. Yes. Yes. I would love a Modoka Magica RP!
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  5. cool! If i get another person or two to show interest I'll start one up! :>
  6. *Raises hand* Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
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  7. just saw this!
    alrighty, I'll be making the roleplay thread, then!
    hopefully it'll be done by tomorrow or monday :>
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  8. This still open? I adore Madoka Magica and I would adore this, too!
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  9. I'm interested.
  10. Cool!
    really sorry for not having it up yet!
    I've been worried over how good the plot would sound, and my week has been a little occupied by other events that have gotten in the way of me working on making the thread!
    i am really, really sorry for those of you waiting!
  11. I'll join if there's still space.
  12. For some reason I haven't been getting notifications... Hope this post fixes that. Can't wait for the link!
  13. Lol usually the notifications stop coming if the thread's previous notification had been seen, but not opened (kinda like how an email will just pile up onto one if you don't open it, then after you open it, it will start a new one.)
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