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Madam Flamel's Reform Academy for Wayward Girls

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Jeanvieve, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. New York , 1867

    Welcome to Madam Flamel's Reform Academy for Wayward Girls. The headmistress is a reputable English lady with real experience straightening young girls with behavioral deviations. There are 7 girls presently but we have two openings which will be filled today for a grand total of 9 girls. The girls are tutored in arithmetic, English, French, History, Geography. Also, each girl is screened for possible skills for marriage or a trade. At all times, the girls are held to a strict behavioral standard with real consequences. We do encourage corporal punishment and isolation. We aren't afraid to diagnose mental illness...

    The Academy is a three story brick building of lavish design. Each girl's room is well furnished and decorated, yet locked from the outside only.

    Headmistress Flamel: A tall thin woman. With pretty, yet sharp features, she can seem otherworldly and frightening. She wears the same style of black dress daily, and high bun. She is a woman of few words, high intensity, and short temper.
    Miss Margot: A resident nun in training, just starting her novitiate. She is meek, easily startled, and overwhelmingly kind.
    Lady Andrepont: A french teacher, speaks very little english. Eccentric and funny, she is lusciously large and pretty.

    Girls currently enrolled:
    Portia Wilde- orphan enrolled by distant aunt
    Moranda Bowle- daughter of mayor of New York
    Ada Franz- ? doesn't talk much, german decent?
    Camille Bennet- orphan enrolled by good samaritan
    Bella Antonelli- Italian ambassador's daughter
    Tilda and Tonya Michel- third generation french immigrants

    New Girls:
    Jeanvieve Dreis (My character)
    Hildy Bonham- Native new-yorker, enrolled by strict parents.


    The girl on the left is wearing the uniform for all students.
    The woman on the right is wearing a dress the style of Madam Flamel.

    [​IMG]Miss Margot the Novice

    Lady Andrepont :)

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