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  1. Hello. I was just wondering if anyone would like to join an RP based in the setting of Mad Max, set as the very last of those who knew the world before the war have died out, and legends of a warrior who crushed empires beneath his wheels are told in whispers.

    The RP would focus on an area that has been long terrorized by a tyrannical empire, and a group of skilled drivers, inspired by the stories of Max Rockatansky or, as the History Men say, "He Who Was Called Max."

    In case some of you do not know the story of Mad Max, I will summarize.

    When the world started fighting viscuously over depleted resources, governments lost control and Gangs became the dominating force, as nuclear war soon followed, the oceans were evaporated and the world (Or at least Australia.) Was turned into a brutal desert hell where vehicles were turned into war machines and ruthless tyrants terrorized the land. People have went back into a tribal system, believing in strange superstitions and almost (or actually) worshipping machinery.

    Questions and suggestions are appreciated.

    Probably going to have some extreme violence, as this is Mad Max we're talking about.

    Have a lovely day.
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  2. I think I could ride, shiny and chrome, into this. Sign me up
  3. I could see this going places. I'm in.
  4. Interested
  5. Alright, it seems that this is receiving members at a good pace. A few things remain to be discussed.

    For now, the method in which the drivers are gathered stands as such, the various factions that are under threat have received a message from a mysterious individual claiming to be a Blackfinger, with supernatural abilities to modify, repair, and build war machines. He has requested that the best drivers and their vehicles be sent to a location that he has marked as his "Workshop." There he will outfit them with them with the gear required to better fight the encroaching hordes, and send them on their way.

    Would anyone like to change and or add details to this beginning?
  6. Question: Are mutations a thing that can happen, if not, dangerously potent versions of drugs like steroids?

    Either way you've caught my interest.
  7. Such steroids are not available, and from what I've seen, it paints mutation as a detrimental thing.

    Granted, there are those who appear to have been warped by the wasteland into hulking brutes, these individuals were two of the sons of Immortan Joe, Scrotus and Rictus Erectus.
    To the left is Scrotus, as you can see, he's huge. I'm not sure how he got so huge, but I feel that the negative affect mutations generally have rules out mutation. Could be that some people just end up being absolutely colossal out of good genes mixed with ruthless barbarity.
  8. And mutation is a very hit or miss thing. You may not even notice it if you have one.
  9. Understandable. Thank you for the clarification.
  10. Ooc will be up later tomorrow. Should anyone have any suggestions for factions, the plot, or cool post-apocalyptic names, It would be preferable to mention such ideas as soon as possible.
  11. Apologies, I'm gonna have to get this up tomorrow instead. Had some trouble.
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