Macho Cafe ChaRP [AUG 17TH @ 12:30PM CENTRAL]

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  1. Fujimoto Hinata is an eccentric, but sad old woman. Once upon a time she was surrounded by all of the strong, brave men of her family. Uncles, brothers, and sons. But over the years, the silly fools got themselves killed. Delinquent fights, acts of dumb bravery, daredevil antics... Now poor old Hinata is all alone, save for the presence of her dutiful granddaughter.

    Missing the presence of men in her life, Hinata got a brilliant idea! She decided to open up one of those trendy themed cafes. Instead of catgirls or maids, she chose MACHO MEN. Handsome men of all ages to be the staff of her cafe. Now she awakes every day with a smile knowing there will be plenty of butts for her to pinch and nice bodies for her to admire. Each week Hinata has them dress up in some new themed getup.

    This week is shirtless butler. The guys aren't too pleased about that. But who can refuse such a sweet and happy old lady?


    WHO: Everyone is invited!

    WHAT: You may play an employee or guest of the Macho Cafe! If you are an employee you MUST be a male character. After all, that is the point of the Macho Cafe. 8D Customers can be anything. This setting has no magic or supernatural but is totally anime style. Expect anime tropes and shenanigans. Bios are not required but highly encouraged!




    This is a SOCIAL ROLEPLAY WITH IMPROV GMING. That means the object of this roleplay is to interact with other characters, and from those interactions I will create a plot and story around you. The more interesting and developed your character, the more you interact, the more awesome the plot turns out!

    My roleplays are NEWBIE FRIENDLY so even if you are terrible at roleplay or have never participated in a ChaRP before, this will be easy for you to get involved in. :D Ask questions, let me know when you need help.

    As always, if you have any questions about this plot or roleplay, just ask away!


    fa-asterisk Don't worry if another player is doing something similar to your idea. DO IT ANYWAY! Similarities and things in common happen in real life too. Everyone also plays differently, so two characters who are both "sweet and shy" will still end up being totally unique people. Two assassins could create a fun and interesting conflict!

    fa-asterisk Talking to other players about their character before the roleplay is a GREAT way to create connections and background for your own!

    fa-asterisk Post SHORT AND FAST. Charps are very quick pace and contain a LOT of players. Players can't wait 20 minutes for you to write a wall of text. If it takes you longer than two minutes to type your post, you are taking too long and might get lost in the action. This is an exercise in quick and concise writing!

    fa-asterisk Like in Real Life, a character may not be able to acknowledge or notice your character immediately because they are engaged in doing something else. (For example a new character walking in to the room, but the other characters arguing about muffins and do not see them.) Don't get discouraged if you go can't get someone to interact with you right away. Just keep posting and doing actions with your character, or even approach others who also seem to be idle and it WILL happen.

    fa-asterisk Do not take events in the roleplay personally or assume that bad reactions are because they think you/your character sucks. Everyone is playing a character and reacting to things as their character would!
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  2. *weeps tears of joy*

    I will be playing an employee! Character sheet coming soon!
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  3. I will also be playing an employee! :D
  4. wow hi.jpg

    Ian Chen

    Friendly & flirtatious on the job and more so off the job. | 20 years old. | Dance & Performing Arts Major. Wants to be a Choreographer.​
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  5. Just a couple more days. 8D
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  6. I am stupid crazy excited for this. @_@
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  7. [​IMG]
    Mori, Ryouta
    Twenty-Six | Employee at Macho Cafe | Everyone's favorite Big Brother type |Very good at making iced coffee|
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  9. charp is startin now! 8D If you wanna play, just join us in the CITY RP CHAT. You dun need a bio!

    For anyone who wants to play, tell me which day is a good day for you!

    My BEST days for GMing will be Sun - Wednesday! But I can be flexible if someone REALLY needs a specific day or time!

    And pinging @Dawn and @Tribs since you guys are the only ones with bios at the moment. XD
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  11. Does anyone have objections to Monday the 17th? O_O
  12. Nope! And I will try to round up some peeeeeople.
  13. YEEEE! This looks like fun~ I hope you don't mind my noobness
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    :~:Aoi Kogishi:~:

    19|Everyone's favorite tsundere cool guy|Really good at suggesting types of food, or making special dishes|Aspires to be a chef someday.​
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  15. I might poke my nose in as a customer at some point if this runs, it looks kinda interesting ^^ -wimps out of trying to make a guy character for the moment-
  16. So it's basically a host cafe?
  17. Yes. >:3 for adults
  18. This is TODAY! Make sure to drop in to the Cbox today to let me know you're online or post here in this thread if you might be late. O__O That way I dun get sad if no one is present right away!
  19. I might join for a little bit o_o How many hours is it until it starts? (Time differences confuses me D:)
  20. It is 7 currently and starts at 12:30 so 5 and a half hours from now!
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