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  1. Hi, I hope this is okay... I searched for it and couldn't find a single thread for it. Feel free to delete this if it isn't appropriate.
    (From the wiki)

    I'm on-and-off with the game but I hope to be more active. I was also hoping to make a list of all of the people who play here!

    Mabinogi Players of Iwaku
    Forum Name - IGN - Server
    Tealocked - Saelicity - Mari​
  2. Sidenote: Known as Vindictus in NA and EU.
  3. Actually Vindictus is a separate game all together, i would know, i played it.
  4. Yeah, Vindi is another game altogether. I'm talking about Mabinogi, as I mentioned up in the first post. ^.^
  5. I've tried playing that on my laptop, but I don't think my laptop likes the game much. It makes me sad, but I shall fiddle away until it works right xD Then get back to you in regards to your first post, haha ^_^