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  1. This is a list of all the RPs that I wish to do. They will involve Mpreg, or "Male Pregnancy."

    WARNING: this is just a RP and this is somewhat religious in theme so please do not feel offended. If you do not like the RP, please don't post here.

    Plot: in the beginning, God made Adam and Eve, but she eats the Apple. Along with banishment out of the garden, Eve was destroyed and from the same rib that she was created from, God creates a new partner for Adam, a male whom can give birth to his offspring. God spoke, "the man who shall give birth will be known as a bearer." And once a month, bearers shall go into a heat that lasts between 7-10 days and during this time, they can get pregnant.

    The world flourished and the events of human history took hold, but there were no females, but bearers in there places.

    Men who do not bear children are know as "alphas".

    The RP can based on whatever time period that can be agreed upon so it could be from today's er or a historial time period.
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  2. Plot: (this is also a shifted RP as well) A lone omega adventures the land. He has no home and no clan to keep him safe.

    A new leader of his clan is looking for a mate, but none of the omegas in his clan interest him.

    Until he finds the lone omega.
  3. Plot: A nerd in college ends up mating a popular frat boy. Their worlds turn upside down when one of them is pregnant. But which one?

    Twins boy and girl are kidnapped and were experimented on. One day, the girl twin never came back from the lap and the boy twin was dragged to the operating room where he saw his sister's body and all of the blood. He tried to fight for his freedom but in the end, he was put to sleep and the major surgery began.

    The implantation of his sister's reproductive organs...

    And it was successful.

    What the boy twin didn't know was that his sister's womb had been with child when it was removed and it was all according to the mad doctor's plan.

    To get a male pregnant.

    After the surgery, a swat team came and rescued the boy and sent him to the hospital and that's where the rp begins...with Alphonse being brought in after all of these events happened
  5. I like the lone omega one. But I'm not good at the seme in mxm so would it be possible if I was the uke? If not that's fine I suppose.
  6. Please and thank you. I'm not a good seme
  7. Wait so I'd be the seme? ...I'm not a good seme either. But I suppose I can give it a shot though I suck at it.
  8. I can try but in this RP, it's more of a switch because the alpha will be stern but kind hearted and the omega wil be the strict and more alpha-like because he's been alone. The only part where the alpha acts mean or tough is when he has to be like when he was magi g with the omega. It's sorta a role reversal.
  9. A male being pregnant huh? Interesting.
  10. Would you like to RP with me?
  11. H
    Hmmm. As long it's MxM I'm game. XD
  12. Yeah definitely. Do you mind if I'm bottom?
  13. .

    Uh sure lol
  14. Okay so which plot did you wanna do?
  15. The male pregnant plot. I never done that before, we could try that.
  16. Technically they all are mpregs
  17. Oh! haha, well let's do the Nerdy who meets a popular frat boy Plot.
  18. Okay. Now which one do you wanna be? The nerdy one or the frat. I left this one up for debate for whoever wanted to do the RP.
  19. That is debatable. But if it's alright, I'll go with the frat boy. But who will make the first move? The Nerd or the Frat?
  20. I image that the frat would but I'll make the thread, profile, and get the RP started.
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