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  1. Okay. I have an odd request and I would like for it to be fulfilled. I have tried several times to make this work with different partners, but I find that if they aren't quite so interested in it, I don't wan to reply because I feel they describe the wrong things.

    So the kink/fetish(es) that I would like to include are:
    -Diaper Lover

    We don't have to include all of the following, just one will do and it doesn't have to be a main focus, we can have more plot and I have several generic ones and pairings in mind that we can use, if anyone is interested.

    You don't have to be interested in the acts, but try to do some research on how people write it, maybe.

    I also do plain M/M plots with no extra kinks. I'm open-minded, though so you can suggest anything.

    I'm not big on forcing literacy, but I've been hard on myself and making myself post at least a paragraph, if not more.

    So yeah, PM or comment.
  2. I would love to RP this. I'm not quite that into Diapers, but I happen to LOVE the other two.
  3. I would love love love love love to do those with you if you're still interested.

    We can talk RP in PM or here, doesn't matter to me. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.