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  1. Hello my pretties~ This is my wonderful search thread for partners looking for M x M pairings and plots. So, a little introduction before we dive in. I've been roleplaying for a good few years now (looking back at my early rps, I cringe a bit inside). I know I have room for improvement, and welcome any critique that you have, but please don't be rude about it. I enjoy collaborating on a plot and hearing my partner's own opinions and thoughts on what to add/change, so feel free to pm me about it. Hell, pm even if you just want to say hello~

    General Roleplay Rules/Facts
    • Regarding plot to smut ratio, I'm willing to work that out individually, but it's usually 50/50 for me. I do prefer that there are genuine feelings of romance between the characters and that it has time to develop, however. That could be anywhere from angsty enemy hate/love, to fluffy romantic love and everything in between, even something such as fondness or affection for a pet.
    • I like to think myself as a semi-lit roleplayer. I am very good at avoiding grammer/spelling mistakes, but I'm human as well, and can make mistakes too. Post size will also be mirror-based: what you give is what you get, or at least, to the best of my ability. I draw the line at page upon page upon page of text as well as one-liners.
    • My life can get rather hectic at times for reasons I will not bore you with, and I understand that you do have a life as well, so I'm pretty lax with postings. All I ask is that you do the same for me.
    • Pairings. I love, love, love, love, love taboo pairings. Incest of every kind, large age differences, teacher x student, boss x employee, etc. Those aren't the only ones I'm interested in, though, and if you have one that's not on the list below, don't hesitate to bring it up!
    • Plots. I can come up with my own plots, and at the moment of its creation, that's the one I'd prefer to pursue. I'm open to other plots, however, as I'm searching for a rp partner in general. I've found that I like darker plots or plots that incorporate D/s.
    • I'd prefer to be the 'catcher' or sub in the roleplay. My characters won't be pushovers or completely submissive in personality, but I just feel a bit more comfortable that way. Not that I can't dom, but really dominant, dark doms, I'm not that confident to do.

    Pairings, in no particular order
    • Villain x Superhero
    • Serial Killer x Target
    • Boss x Employee
    • Mafia/Yakuza Boss x Rival Boss's Son
    • Criminal x Cop
    • Cop x Criminal
    • King x Prisoner
    • Alien x Human
    • God x Human
    • Father x Son
    • Brother x Brother
    • Uncle x Nephew
    • Teacher x Student
    • Older x Younger
    • Canine (anthro or feral) x Human
    • Werewolf x Human
    • Demon x Angel
    • Demon x Priest/Exorcist
    • Vampire x Human
    • Tentacles x Human
    • Master x Pet
    • Master x Kemonomimi
    • Scientist x Experiment

    • God x Human (open)
      A god from ancient times (a deity similar to Ancient Greek or Japanese deities) has been asleep for several long centuries. Something has recently woken him up, and while he explores the new age he's found himself in, a young man catches his eyes. Since the god comes from a time where the gods were revered and pretty much given anything they wanted, and he doesn't understand that things are different in the modern world, he kidnaps the human and basically demands him to 'give up because it's useless fighting, you're mine' and all that. It doesn't have to be non-con, but generally lots of physical domination and seduction until the human is considered a proper follower or pet.

    • Super Powered King x Guest/Visiting Prince (open)
      There once was a kingdom that was known for its benevolent and compassionate king. The man was giving and kind almost to a fault, and his people adored him. However, this is all just a lie. The king had been born with a special power, graced with a voice so alluring and enticing, no one would be able to resist even the most outrageous of suggestions. It is with this magical voice that the king used to trick his people and hide the truth of his power-hungry sadistic side. It isn't until a foreigner visits the kingdom that the monarch's power is threatened, as the stranger isn't normal either. He is immune to the king's thrall, by some form of magic or innate skill, and is headstrong and willful. How will the king react to this rebellious and knowing man? How will the stranger react to the alluring king and his less savory desires?
  2. Game for the following~

    • Villain x Superhero
    • Mafia/Yakuza Boss x Rival Boss's Son
    • Criminal x Cop
    • King x Prisoner
    • Brother x Brother
    • Teacher x Student
    • Demon x Angel
    • Demon x Priest/Exorcist
    • Scientist x Experiment
  3. Awesome~ Out of those pairings, are there any that you really, really, really want to do? I have a vague plot for the Mafia/Yakuza Boss x Rival Boss's Son, if you'd like to hear it, but that's the only plot I have for those listed. Unless you want to make one together?
  4. I'd like to hear the Mafia/Yakuza Boss one, and I do have a old plot for Scientist/Experiment that I still have around.
  5. Alright! The general idea is that the boss was wronged in some way by a rival gang that went beyond the normal 'going back and forth' kind of thing that's somewhat like tradition, similar to school rivals (maybe he was conned out of a sizable amount of the more harder-earned wealth or one of his more favored men was killed), and wants revenge. He wants to really hurt the rival boss, however, so he plans to target the rival's son-- not to murder, but to seduce. His goal is to make the rival son love him more than what his loyalty to his family is worth, to make the younger man unequivocally his. If you want it to have a darker edge, it could be more of a brainwash/mind break kind of thing; otherwise, it can be left to normal seduction.

    I'd love to hear your plot as well~
  6. Love the idea~ Seems like something I could really work with.


    A scientist has been interested in the human anatomy for as long as they've been walking. They breathe for their beloved experiments and will not let any of them go until God decides to take them away (Meant to be a little dark). They believe that they can achieve the unachievable, that they will birth the new cure for all known diseases. The savior of the ill. The person whose name will be scribbled all over through scientific and medical history. However, they haven't found the perfect experiment to present to the public. That the impossible is, in fact, possible. The scientist has been through countless live experiments, all pertaining to wild animals they caught and dissected. They have also taken live test subjects from homes, but the police were never able to track the scientist down. The scientist is always a step ahead of the police.

    One day, after countless hours of research, the scientist has found the mind blowing experiment that will most likely turn the world upside down. The scientist is in need of a live test subject to change into their experiment. A human. So they set about in their car to try and find not just a live experiment, but the perfect live experiment in during the evening. They come near an area where the soon-to-be experiment is walking about by themselves (or can be accompanied), coming back from wherever they were at. The scientist decides they must have them, and the experiment will commence.
  7. Yours sound great as well! The only thing is that I'm not very comfortable with gore. I can do dub-con, mind break, enemas, humiliation, corruption, injections, and even breast growth (Never had to actually play it out, but I'm fine with it), but gore frightens me somewhat. Unless you explain where you wanted to go with that. ^^;;
  8. It can include or leave off gore. Really, the scientist can be a surgeon type or the type that plays with chemicals and injects them into his test subject.
  9. Sorry for disappearing like that! I tend to do that when things get a bit busy, but I hope you're still interested~

    Anyway, I'll be fine with that, then. Which plot would you like to do? I suppose I'm biased, but I haven't played out my plot yet and am looking forward to it. I'm completely open to whatever you choose, however!
  10. @JadeTease I'm more interested in doing your idea :3
  11. Awesome! I suppose since it's my plot, I'll start it off, unless you want to?

    I normally use anime-style face claims and do have something I was thinking of using, if you'd like to see it. And before we begin, is there a specific age you want my character to be? I was thinking around 22-24, but I'm comfortable with changing it if you had something else in mind.
  12. @JadeTease

    You can start. I would like to see it, and I was thinking 24 c:
  13. Alright~ Here's the picture. I'm fine with changing it if you'd like, though.

    Show Spoiler

    Ah, one last question. I'm relatively new here, so what label thingy would I use?
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  14. @JadeTease

    It's a lovely picture, and what do you mean by label?
  15. The prefix thing when you make a thread. Like how I put partner request for this thread. Would I put dude smut?
  16. Terrible? Pfffft, anything but. I hope you don't mind I pull a character out of my butt.
  17. Thanks~ And lol, it's fine.
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