M x M? I have a interesting character and plot!

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  1. I decided to make another character!

    John David Maybeth

    Just recently turned 23

    Age he looks:



    Ex War Veteran

    Eye color:
    Changes from hazel to brown

    Hair color:
    Dirty blonde


    213, he has lost some weight.

    Distinguishing marks:
    Scar along his jawline.

    Daredevil or cautious:

    Drinking too much, talking before thinking, etc

    Moonshine, Booze, etc

    How much:

    Bowling Green, Kentucky (So he is a country boy.)

    First memory:
    Going hunting with his pa.

    When John was around 19, he signed up to join the Army. Though he did not expect when he was sent out to Afghanistan that he, and his team would be captured and tortured for the next year. He endured unbelievable pain, he was forced to give locations of other troops, and more. If he did not cooperate, they would hold a knife to his neck. Which explains the scar. He was freed on his 23rd birthday, someone had finally saved him. He was sent back to the United States and now resides in Nashville, Tennessee. He became a heavy drinker and can normally be found at any bar around. He lives in a small apartment, and has not deployed back to Iraq or Afghanistan in months.

    Ever since coming back, he has changed.

    Biggest regret:
    Not trying to get free, not fighting back.

    How do they react in a crisis:
    John fights.

    How do they face a problem:
    He tries to work it out the best he can.


    Your character finds John drinking himself to death at a bar, and you intervine in his drinking. You offer to drive John home and he says yes, but in the car, due to all his drinking, John spills why he was drinking. He tells everything to you.

    And we go on from there :)

    Though I am up to any ideas you have.

    This is going to be a m x m roleplay, and of course there will be smut.
    I don't like one liners! At least a paragraph and I'll do the same! But I understand if you have writers block. Just don't pull that trick off all the time.

    Hope your interested!​
  2. *Raises hand* Pick me! The plot sounds very interesting. Even though I've never done MXM rps before, but I am willing to experiment with just about any type of rp.
  3. Well, I might be able to make an exception! If you are that interested. We can do a M x F. It's up to you.

    Want me to pm you?
  4. Sure you can PM me.
  5. Awwww, I was about to say I was interested too. x'D MxM is my favorite, lol!
  6. I can do another! Want me to pm you?
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