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  1. Recently I have been hankering for a few partners to roleplay certain Fandoms with. My name is Jin Yoko, but you can call me Yoko, Jin, or Ink if you'd prefer that.

    The roleplays can be either plotless smut, or a small plot that builds up to smut. You can decide, though I tend to do pointless smut most of the time~ cx

    Anyways, here are my Fandoms, and if I have one you are interested in that is not announced on this list, please PM me to discuss details on certain Fandoms. I can do OC x OC based on a Fandom, Canon x Canon, and Canon x OC depending on the Fandom and whether I play the OC or Canon.

    Here is the list~ :

    • Kuroshitsuji
    • D. Gray Man
    • The Legend of Zelda
    • Creepypasta
    • Pok√©mon
    • Total Drama Island
    • Seikon no Qwaser
    • Attack on Titan
    • Sonic
    • Mario
    • MLP FIM
    • Ouran High School Host Club
    • Soul Eater
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.