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  1. Yamato was back stage with his other band members sitting in a corner silently strumming his guitar strings silently looking down as he was getting himself ready for another gig and sighed as he always got a bit anxious to go on stage but not in the bad sort of way. He loved going on stage, it was the only time he felt as though the world wasn't so bad. Then they heard they were going on shortly and he stood up looking at Kazas as he spoke to Yamato. "Well.. its almost time for the show.. you ready?.." Yamato looked at him. "I'm always ready.. lets just get out there and give them another good show like we always do.." Yamato stated as he gave a slight smile though it was genuine it wasn't all that happy of a smile. It was time for their show now and they headed out to start.

    Yamato closed his eyes and took in a deep breath standing at the mic and sighed then opened his eyes looking out into the crowd the entire building was filled with fans, many of them were girls but there were also a good number of guys there as well. "Good Evening everyone! How are all of you tonight?! Are you ready to rock?! Well here we go then!" Yamato smiled as he looked over at Kazas who took it from there and started to count into his mic. "A 1, 2, 3! Lets go!" He screamed into the mic as they started to play and sing, hours going by as Yamato seemed to be so outgoing and cool on the stage and started his famous guitar solo while singing.
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  2. Katsumi shook her head as her friends squealed when the badn came on stage, they had convinced her to come to the show the night before to get rid of some family stress, she agreed after lots and lots of "pleases" from her friends.
    She sang along with all the other fans, she too was a fan only a fan in a way different way, she was a fan of the music.
    All the other female fans here where here just for the boys up on stage, shouting "I love you" all over and over even her friends did that.

    Katsumi couldn't deny good looking when she saw it no way, the guys where hot only she had ears for their voices. She loved all kinds of music and that's why she was there, she was a huge fan of the lead singer voice and instrumental skill.
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  3. Yamato was getting hot on stage as the light was beaming down on him from above them and he took his guitar off and continued to play and then he tossed his guitar into the air, which was one of his signature moves and when he did he grabbed his shirt and yanked it off tossing it into the crowd, it was covered in his manly musk and scent as he caught his guitar and continued to play now shirtless as the lights from the stage made his sweat glisten.
  4. She kept on singing along with the band until her friends and the other fangirls started a cat fight for a shirt. She didn't really see any use in trying to get that shirt, to her it was smelly and well just not useful anymore, she had no brothers to whom she could give it but she hated seeing her friends upset. She walked to the floor where the shirt lay forgotten between all the girls fighting and picked it up "Here you go Emiko" she whispered to her best friend and slipped the shirt into her bag "AAAHH thank you Katsumi!!!" She yelled above the music and hugged her Katsumi tightly. She just shook it off as another favor and turned back to the stage, closed her eyes and lost herself in the music.
  5. Yamato was starting to really burst his words out of his mouth as if the words were trying to break through his chest and really got into his singing while he was getting sweaty from the stage lights and moving around while playing his guitar, the way he played was so unique how he could strum with multiple fingers and a pick at the same time and closed his eyes, his face was red from the heat while sweat was running down his neck and Kazas signaled him it was time for more fan service, which he didn't care much for this part but he had to do it at each show to get the girls going even more and then he started to sing into his headset mic and hopped down in front of the crowd while he played and started to sing in front of all of them as now it was time for his soft and sweet solo, he was standing right in front of Emiko and her friends as well as some girls and a couple guys shirtless and sweaty, which honestly he smelled pretty good even though he was sweating because of his musk and he winked at some of the girls Emiko being one of them.
  6. Katsumi was far to lost into the music to realize that Yamato was now standing right in front of them, she only realized it when her friend almost fainted "OMZ" Emiko squealed and Katsumi snapped her eyes open to look and see what was wrong with her friend, oh and did she see what was wrong. She couldn't help the small blush that kept onto her pale cheeks, cause come on! Which girl would not blush at the sight? She tried to cover the blush and closed her eyes and sang further her own musical voice holding the high and low notes perfectly.
  7. Yamato cast his eyes on Katsumi and started to turn his solo into a duet with her and smirked as this was a new experience for him and was quite fun at the moment and then he backed up and went back up on stage and continued to sing the song again while he danced to the rhythm of the music that they were playing.
  8. Katsumi had opened her eyes when she realized that Yamato was now singing with her, their voices melted together in an amazing way, even if Katsumi's voice was a bit high. She completely stopped singing when he turned around and walked back to the stage and Katsumi was left with a bunch of fangirls glaring at her and ready to beat her up for what she just did.
  9. Yamato continued to sing with his eyes closed as his heart was racing from how excited he was from being on stage and he danced around while he started to get louder again with his singing, which drew the crowds attention back to the stage again. Hours went by as they played and Yamato sang, finally after three hours of a concert it was time to leave for the night, the concert was finished and he needed to head home get washed up eat and go to sleep since he had school to go to in the morning.
  10. Finally it was all over, Katsumi was more glad to be out of the ocean of hormones and screaming girls then anything els. "We are never doing that again!" She laughed as she and Emiko walked to the car "Oh Katsumi your voice was amazing! If only I could sing like that then Yamato might actually looks at me!!" She sqealed her and twirled around "ugh come on let's just get home we have school tomorrow" she smiled at her friend.
    Once she dropped Emiko off at her house she went home as well, she was greeted by the large gates of her home that was mansion more than a house. She sighed as she got out of her car, sometimes she felt so free when listening to music then she had to come back to reality.
  11. Yamato sighed as he got into the band van and they dropped him off at his place, sure he could drive himself but he only ever drove when they went on tours, otherwise he didn't feel like it, but he would have to tomorrow since he'd be going to a new school. When Yamato got back to his apartment he went inside and put his guitar away after cleaning it up and then he got in the shower washing up cleaning his blonde hair that was drenched with his sweat from the heat the stage lights had been giving off making him sweat. Once he was finished showering he went into the kitchen and made himself some instant ramen, he wasn't that good of a cook so he always ate out when he had extra cash from his gigs or when he wasn't in the mood he just stayed home and ate instant foods. After he finished eating Yamato headed straight to sleep after he checked his belongings and made sure everything he had was in order for tomorrow.
  12. Katsumi groaned as she rolled out of bed the next morning, she had a huge headache from last night. She stood up and with much effort got ready for school "Katsumi!" There was a yell and a knock from the door "Coming" Katsumi opened the door to come face to face with Emiko "Come on were gonna be late" she said and grabbed Katsumi by the arm.

    They arrived at school a bit earlier then usual. After Katsumi had went to put away her violin she was walking all around the school with Emiko "So now what do we do?" She asked she was getting bored and it was still so early.
  13. Yamato woke up and yawned walking to his bathroom and got a shower for in the morning. He always made sure to get a shower before he went to sleep and in the morning when he woke up, he also did if he every started to sweat and had the chance to. After he was finished getting his shower he went and got dressed in the new school uniform and headed out the door to go to the school and hopped in his car getting himself there and went into the staff office to confirm his transfer, it was kind of annoying having to confirm it even though he signed himself up and everything, though when he was finally finished they gave him a locker number, the combination to it and his schedule for classes. Yamato first headed to his locker after going to the library to pick up his text books and stored away the ones for the second half of the day so he didn't have to carry all of them and headed to homeroom sitting at a random desk waiting for people to show up.
  14. After a whole while of wandering around the school grounds the bell finally rang "Finally" said katsumi in relief "Let s get to homeroom" she asid to Emiko starting to walk that way.
    When they entered the hall way all the kids where around her homeroom door, talking, screaming and whistling "What's going on here "Katsumi!!" Came the voice of her other friend Hanako "did yoi see him! Did you!?" She yelled "Who?" Asked Katsumi "Well Yamato of course!" She squealed and then Emiko joined into the squealing.
  15. Yamato was sitting in class with his feet propped up on the desk and a pair of headphones on listening to music with his eyes shut, he didn't seem to notice anyone around since it was so loud while he was listening to it, actually he was listening to his own music wearing their school uniform with his hands propped up behind his head and his eyes closed relaxing.
  16. "I don't get what the big deal is he's just a kid" Katsumi said and it was as if the whole world went still and the whole crowds girls turned to her "WHAT!?" They yealled in unison "Don't get it, he's like the most famous teen star and the hottest of the too" one girl almost fainted at the thought of him "Well I'm in lovve with his music..if I could have his voice you can take him" she smiled and pushed through the crowd and went to sit down at her desk, she didn't pay Yamato any mind she sat looking out the window.
  17. Yamato opened his eyes as he sensed Katsumi walking in and stood up taking his headphones off and the teacher came in as all the students sat down and he walked up to the front of the class for his introduction. "Well students.. today we have a new transfer student joining us in class today.." The teacher turned toward Yamato and smiled. "Would you like to give your name and some information about yourself?" The teacher as as Yamato looked around and blinked before answering. "Hello everyone.. I'm sure you probably already know who I am.. but My name's Yamato.. Its a pleasure to meet you.. I'm eighteen years old and a senior at this school now.. and I'm single.. but that doesn't matter because I don't date.." He stated in a calm tone as he looked cool and the teacher gave him his seat which was in the very back left corner near the window and he grabbed up his bag going to his seat and sat down.
  18. All the girls except Katsumi looked they have been kicked when he said that he doesn't date "you mean don't have a chance at all" Emiko whispered sadly next to Katsumi " I don't blame him, a teen star in a school full of his fans" she spoke still looking out the window "The poor won't be able to turn a corner without having a bunch of hormonal girls cling to him" she opened her eyes to look at Yamato "After all a famous guy is never just one girls guy" she leaned back in her chair readu start her day.
  19. "I'm not interested in relationships.. All I care about is my music.." He stated as he sat in his chair and sighed looking out the window as his blonde hair seemed to glisten in the sunlight shining in, it was obvious he took really good care of his hair and never allowed it to be dirty, though it did get that way when he played since the stage lights got so hot.
  20. The res of the time Katsumi sat and listed to her teacher drone on about sports and upcoming events not that's she would partake of course. She was one of the first to jump up when the bell rang for the next period, Music, her favorite.
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