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  1. Hello, everyone. <3

    I'm Zinnie. Currently, I'm looking for something that's really, really fun! I suppose the kind of thing I have in mind is the kind of thing one pulls all-nighters for. I'll start by laying down a few ground rules (preferences, really), and then we can get to the plot part, so please bear with me.

    • First off, thanks for taking the time to read these.
    • I'm a teenager, and I want to roleplay with some fellow teenagers. That's understandable enough, I think, because most people like interacting with folks in their own age group.
    • No god-modding, no power-playing, etc. I'm sure we won't have any problems here.
    • You don't have to report back to me for every single thing you do, but if you won't be able to respond for a couple days or something, please let me know in advance.
    • I'm super chatty, so it's probably best if you're big on ooc.
    • Contribute to the plot. I want some good back-and-forth discussion, not that tacky one-sided nonsense.
    • Please don't make any big plot twists or spontaneously kill off any characters without discussing it with me initially. I know that sometimes surprises can be lovely, but try not to hit me with anything too big.
    • Doubling is a must. I like playing more than one kind of role, and I think it's fun.
    • Communicate with me! I'm very friendly, and I want to hear about what you want and your concerns. Don't be afraid to suggest things. I'll probably love your ideas.

    Now, my plots. I should definitely mention that these honestly aren't proper plots; they're more like little overly-specific pieces of shit, but we'll go with it anyway. Oh, and I'm gay, and honestly I'd like to stick to m// right now.

    • Newbie Superheroes
    • Fairytales
    • Historical
    • Online Chatrooms
    • Detectives
    • Boarding Schools
    • Fairies
    • Supernatural Creature x Human
    • Fan x Celebrity
    • Anti-fan x Celebrity
    • Playboy x Prude

    I think that's all. Thanks for your your time, and have a great day! c:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.