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    The Ministry of Observation of Magical Occupations
    Peach Ops

    Episode One:
    Surprise! Welcome to Peach Ops! A Curious New Face Arrives!

    It was a cloudy morning on Plum Island, birds singing softly in trees as the island awakened for its daily routines. In M.O.M.O.’s Tangelo Base, lights were kicking on in rooms that had been shut down the night before, replacing the simple running lights that kept security from worrying about anyone hiding in dark rooms. Gates opened and closed as people arrived for the morning, and greetings were exchanged as passcards and palmprints were offered to gain access to the base.

    The first to arrive, aside from the usual morning guard and soldiers, were the cooks and office staff, followed by the doctors and new recruits. Officers arrived seemingly as they pleased, though for the most part, they were fairly strict with themselves about their morning check ins. After all, there was always much to be done at Tangelo. This morning, there was to be a meeting of M.O.M.O’s flagship team, Peach Squad, in the briefing room.

    Recently, many of the members of the squad had been transferred. Whatever intelligence had moved her troops away, Himeko Stasheff was unamused. Of course, she was also running later than she had hoped, due to an early morning conference call with the higher ups who felt that four AM was the perfect time to inform her of incoming new members of her squad. Unfortunately, she’d turned off her alarm when the call came in and fallen asleep at her desk. It wasn’t exactly like her to be late, and she still had to retrieve Akimoto from his apartment. She tore through the streets in her Lotus Elise, Spark sitting on the passenger floorboard and complaining loudly.


    “You really shouldn’t drive so fast! You’re going to get us both killed!” the Siamese complained, digging her claws into the floor mat.


    Himeko ignored her, trying to re-imagine her morning and wondering if she’d managed to get the files on the new girl on her way out or if she’d forgotten them on the desk. For the life of her, she couldn’t recall if they’d found their way into the locked briefcase in the trunk.

    She pulled up outside of the apartment building where Akimoto lived, hoping that he wouldn’t be running late or, worse yet, still asleep. As she put the car in neutral and put the parking brake on, her smartphone chimed with noise. Sighing, she pulled it out, flipping through the screens until she had the one she wanted. New information on the meeting was coming in over an encrypted signal. She waited for her phone to decrypt it, then immediately encoded it with her personal passwords and code so that it would be useless to anyone who somehow managed to steal the phone and get past the fingerprint lockouts.

    Himeko frowned at the information. Interesting. There was the prick of claws in her arm as Spark scaled it, perching on her shoulder and looking at the screen with china blue eyes. Absently, Himeko reached up to pat the feline upon the head and tug a whisker.
    “Hey, now! Stop that,” the cat hissed, digging her claws in deeper and provoking a wince from the Major. “Wow, you think your team is up for this one? Didn’t they just assign you a new soldier?”

    “Mhm. Fresh out of her training, too. This is going to be tons of fun. New girl, group that’s been ripped apart, and now this.” She wondered if the up and ups were trying to stress test her. That would certainly explain this morning, now wouldn’t it? She really should contact Akimoto and let the man know she was waiting for him. A moment later and a text message had been sent to him.

    She hadn’t had a moment to eat and figured that she had enough time to check her files and run across the street to a coffee stand. Turning the car off and taking care not to dislodge the cat on the roof of the car, Himeko quickly checked that all her files were in place, crossed the street, acquired coffee and a pastry, and returned to her car, leaning on the side of the vehicle and taking perhaps a bit more leisure time than she should enjoying the food and hot beverage. By the time she was done with the pastry, though, there was still no Akimoto.

    Sighing, she turned and pushed off the car, gently so as to do no damage to the paint. A wave of her phone overrode the gate’s locks and she made her way inside and up the stairs to Akimoto’s apartment. Why did he have to live so many floors up? She paused by his door, straightening her clothes and then banging loudly on the door proper.

    “Akimoto, wake up. You were supposed to be downstairs thirty minutes ago!” Nevermind that she herself had just arrived fifteen minutes ago. He didn’t need to know that. There was no immediate answer, so she kept pounding upon the door. She’d wake the whole building if she had to.

    “You’re going to wake the whole building up,” Spark offered helpfully. “Why don’t you just break in again?”

    “I’m seriously consi-”

    The door opened, revealing a large, slightly bemused looking, translucent wolf. Himeko sighed and stepped inside, cat and all.

    “Thanks for opening the door, Woof. Where’s Akimoto? He didn’t get tied up on the roof again, did he?” She looked around, not bothering to take her boots off as she didn’t intend to stay long. “Akimoto! Are you awake?”

  2. Woof had known that Hinata had to be up early. He'd known and planned on it and was ever so determined to get his 'Master' out of bed in plenty of time before the Commander had shown up. Hinata of course had resisted all his efforts with every fiber of his being. So Woof paced beside the bed. "You know, Hinata you're supposed to be up. Getting ready to go. There's a meeting...? Ringing a bell? No. Of course not." The incredibly large and rather translucent wolf sat on the floor. Being corporeal was hard. Too hard just to wake up Hinata, not that it wasn't tempting.

    Hinata was indeed absolutely out of it. Tucked into his warm bed. The sheets were all black and even the curtains surrounding the four poster monstrosity were black and they were of course drawn. All the curtains in the apartment were shut tight against even the barest sliver of light. Let it be said now that Hinata didn't wake up and deal with sunshine until he was damn well ready.

    The apartment was shut and locked tightly, not just against the sun but against the intrusion of agents and other annoyances all who wanted to wake Hinata up before he wanted to get up. Woof found the whole thing a little silly really, Hinata's obsession with sleep. The phone buzz and the wolf found himself whining at it. He couldn't do anything about it! He went back and nosed at Hinata, Hinata being the only one who could feel him, like he was there. Well, he was there. In his own way. "C'mon Hinata... Hinata-chan..." He cajoled, trying to wake up the green haired young man. "If you don't wake up I'm going to bite you!" He growled finally.

    Nothing. Not even a stir. Now that worried the wolf and he nosed him again, checking his pulse. Everything seemed fine. He was just really really asleep and certainly didn't feel threatened enough by his teacher to wake up and deal with the world.

    Woof just hoped the Commander would understand that this wasn't HIS fault. It was Hinata's fault. Or maybe it was all those people who bought Hinata all those drinks last night. Their fault. "Oh wake up already!"

    Then came the knocking and Commander's voice. Now Hinata was starting to stir. Of course the Commander could wake up the lazy model. Of course.

    With a twist of effort, Woof had the door open and he was staring at Himeko almost eye to eye. "Good morning Commander. Hinata-chan is being a baby and is still asleep. He might have had something slipped in his drink again..." The wolf tossed his head. "He's having trouble waking up but his pulse is normal." The wolf's eyes narrowed down to stare at Spark. "Good morning Spark... It's a beautiful day outside isn't it?" His tail started wagging, at least for a moment before he had it under control. "Not that I'd know... Ah. Come in?"

    Tongue tied around the cat, smooth moves Woof.

  3. -------- Physical Results ----------
    Name: Aishia Stephanie Linor
    Birthday: June 9, 1991
    Age: 21
    Blood Type: O
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 115, underweight, possibly suffering from malnutrition
    Blood Pressure: 120 over 78
    Heart rate: 65
    Temperature: 98.9 degrees Fahrenheit, slightly higher than normal

    Breast exam yielded no lumps or abnormalities.

    Pelvic exam yielded no tell tale signs of disease.

    Bodily examination: Patient is malnourished. Arms and legs look very thin, the muscles are toned however. Hair is very thin, another sign of malnutrition. Patient is being put on a diet, tailored towards poly and mono saturated fats, legumes, and starches until she reaches the appropriate weight. Patient has several cuts on her hands and arms, a result of working as a mechanic. Lots of bruising near the fore arms. Cholesterol levels are slightly lower than normal, thyroid glands are normal. Allergic to sea food.

    Powers Examination: Patient is well versed with her powers over Fire. Anger and irritability makes it stronger but harder to control. (Patient was irritable at first, calmed down as the physical progressed.) No mental blockage over her powers.


    Aishia absent mindedly rubbed at the gauze over her elbow. She sat alone in the doctor's office as the doctor busied himself by a laptop and printer. Her eyes caught sight of the various tools of his profession, like the temperature reader, the cotton swabs and the purple chemical that cleaned used equipment. Doctor Saul had taken at least five vials of her blood and she was starting to feel the effects of it. She heard his fingers tapping out things on the computer and the printer's whirring as it came alive. Light headed and a little dizzy she took the results from him and scanned it over. It had taken her a minute or so for her eyes to focus.

    "Malnourished?" She exclaimed as she set her Physical Results aside. "I eat at least three times a day, how am I malnourished?"

    Because those meals usually consisted of ramen and chips. It wasn't like Aishia was starving, she just didn't have the money to go out and buy anything better. Sure she would have the occasional sandwich or soda, but that was about as diverse as her diet could get.

    "What are... Le-gums? Mono saturated fats?" Aishia looked up at the doctor, frustration crossing her eyes. "This ain't gonna cost me a fortune, is it?"
  4. Himeko sighed at the report of Akimoto’s state. They were already late, and now they were going to be more delinquent than ever. The apartment was dark, too. As much as Himeko disliked doctors, she had to admit that they had a point about natural light making one feel better. She couldn’t imagine how Akimoto lived like this. No, she couldn’t at all.

    As she made her way further into the dim place, Spark leapt from her shoulder, landing lightly upon the floor before Woof. Whatever conversation followed was lost to Himeko as she set about opening the curtains, first of the windows and then of the bed. For a moment, she hesitated before doing the latter. Akimoto would protest. But at least a protesting model was an awake model. Still, she could offer him the option of a graceful surrender.

    “Alright, Akimoto. For the last time, wake up. Or your bed head is going to be seen by anyone with a snooper camera focused on this apartment, fashion boy.” Her hands gripped the curtains, ready to throw them open should he not respond.

    Meanwhile, Spark sat primly and curled her tail around her toes. Her whiskers went forward in a happy smile as she looked up at Woof. The giant creature was so awkward. She found watching him a constant amusement and was fascinated with his magical properties.

    “Always optimistic about the day ahead, Woof.” The cat lashed her tail once before settling it again. “It, ah, seems like a good day for work.” Not that I get to do anything anymore. “You’ll be happy to know you’re likely being sent out on the mission with the others today.” Lifting a paw, she gave a disinterested lick. Still, she couldn’t hold back her curiosity.

    “Is it fun? Going out with the team, I mean. I could do it, you know. I could go out there and help. I just, ah, choose not to.” Even though her mistress had promised to let her help, that promise had not shown any hint of being fulfilled.

  5. Hinata opened his eyes and then closed them, curling up into a ball with a hiss of annoyance. "No lights. Coffee. Please, oh please tell me you brought coffee?" Finally he sat up, his green shoulder length wavy hair was a dark halo around his pale face and dark eyes. "I have coffee..." He shook his head softly like he was trying to clear the sleep from himself. Not that it was working.

    "Woof let you in again, didn't he?" Hinata slid out of the bed, still in his slacks from the night before though albeit they were a bit more open than normal. He stretched and slumped, his knees bent as he tried not to hit the floor as the world wavered in front of him for a moment. "Too much alcohol. Can't turn them down, you know?" He pinched his nose and started walking for the kitchen, leaving Himeko behind with whatever threats, admonishments, or help.

    Hinata passed the 'animals' and stared down at them with a snort of amusement. "Morning Miss Spark. Morning Dogbreath." Hinata went straight to the fridge and pulled out two chilled cans of coffee. He downed the first one with his head thrown back and not even tasting the rich creamy chocolate coffee treat. The second one came with him as he went back to Himeko in his bedroom.

    "I've got to shower. Go sit on the couch. I won't take long." He waved his hand, he was an expert at fast showering and if Himeko didn't find herself moving she'd get a show as Hinata began to shimmy out of his slacks on his way to the bathroom, the slacks added to the ever growing pile of laundry on the bedroom floor. He hoped in a kind of round about way that it was Maid day but he couldn't remember.

    Hinata showered.

    Woof sighed at the state of his Master and looked apologetically at Spark. "I just can't do anything with him... oh, we're going out today? I thought it was just a meeting?" The transparent wolf clearly perked up a bit. "I guess I do get to go. I don't do much help, I assist Hinata with magic stuff but..." He gently stepped on her tail, there was no pressure of course. "Can't interact with flesh and blood people besides Hinata... who isn't flesh and blood but more like sugar and coffee..."

    "Stasheff-san, if you are in my bedroom... I'd get out." Came the warning of the naked man, though he was wearing a towel at least. Jeans and skivvies and a shirt and socks and whatnot else all were found and quickly put on. He ran a hand through his hair and resisted the temptation to go back and actually brush it. Later, there was always later.

    If there wasn't, that'd be okay too.

    "I'm ready." He popped the top on his coffee and took a sip and didn't even cringe at the taste of coffee and toothpaste.

    "What are we doing today?"

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