M-My Cereal! It Has A Message!!

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  1. It says:
  2. Are you eating alphabits or cheerios?

    Think carefully this is very important.
  3. Yes, it is. As in a life or death kind of way...
  4. They're a mix.

    My cereals had a secret intercourse. x_X;;
  5. CEREAL SEX, YOU SAY?!?!?!

  6. Peter, those are Cheerios.

    Classic Family Guy.
  7. Mine say "FFFFFFFFFFFFF"
    But that's because I'm eating generic Lucky Charms.
    With phallic marshmallows, because what is generic Luck Charms without vaguely phallic marshmallows?
  8. They are nothing that's what.
  9. I know this is out of topi...a little, but am I the only one who eats cereal with chocolate milk? Like, I want to know. X.x
  10. ​I have an urge to post the Milk and Cereal song/video here now.
  11. You should , I need something I can laugh at :D
  12. Two guys with horrible 2000's hair singing about milk and cereal (open)
  13. Mine say "Kill Matt Fucking Ward"
  14. O.O your cereal is so violent X-x
  15. It is right though, he's great for rules, just don't let him touch the Fluff......ever.
  16. I used to eat chocolate milk with my cereal... But..
    No more chocolate milk. Q-Q

    I'm kinda weirded out since I went downstairs this morning and found the Special K on top of the Raisin Bran...
    As long as they don't start cereal AIDs, I'm perfectly fine with it. xD
  17. Oh my o.o what would that taste like?

    "Hm... My cereal tastes odd."
    "What does it taste like, Suzie?"
    "Well, Jim, it kind of tastes like AIDs...."
    "Suzie.... Wtf."
  18. *eats special-k with the blood of his foes*