M/M or F/F rp?

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  1. I'm really bored and I'd like to do either slash or femmeslash xD It'll probs be mature, but I really want to get into an Rp.

    I thought maybe a pet (Cat-human/Slave type thing)/Master romance
    Or kidnapper/Victim

    Ideas are welcome :)
  2. I'll do it! :D m/m nd f/f are fine with me. whichever you want
    But if we do neko slave can I be the neko slave? Pretty pwease!
    And I also like the kidnapper victim one :3
  3. Although I'd like to play the slave I could try to be the owner :)
    Would you rather do m/m or f/f?
  4. I usually do neko girls so let's do m/m something new :3
  5. Okie doke :D Anything we need to hash out? I usually just wing it.
  6. Same! :D hahah
  7. Should I just go for it and send you the link? :)
  8. Yeah totally. That's what I do. XD
  9. Yay thread!
  10. Hehe xD I'm sorry if it's crappy.
  11. No I like it. Most people do slave traders. We have a store! Fancy!!!!!!
  12. Haha, yay!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.