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  1. Hello.

    As I am new to these forums and have yet to meet anyone, I decided to put in a request. I would like to roleplay a m/m or "yaoi" roleplay with someone. Subject matter is up in the air, but I do like a good crime roleplay or fantasy. I enjoy the good guy/bad guy trope as well, but am completely open to ideas from a partner. You can read the Roleplayer's Resume on page for more info on what I like, but please feel free to PM or reply to this thread if you're interested.

    Thanks so much. :)

  2. *raises both arms and lone leg* ME!
    Okay yes I want me a good rp, and what do you mean by Up in the air?
  3. Oh, it's an expression. I mean that we can decide together what sort of RP we should do. I like crime and fantasy, as I said. :) What sort do you like?
  4. DRAMA, I am the god of dramah according to Windragonwolf, a close friend of mine's lol.
    I love slice of life themes and sad themes, and pretty much everything dark, I don't like happy themes and I don't like female characters, reason for which I'm exited about this :D
  5. Alrighty, that sounds pretty awesome to me! How about a crime/drama sort of thing? It could be a bit cliché but making it our own is always a surefire way to remedy that. We could have something like a mob-setting or a serial killer issue, and whoever the main character on that side is could be shacked up with an FBI agent or something? I'm not sure, any ideas you want or things you want to try?
    How about this: There's suddenly a lot of serial murders on people who were on the lookout of the police and FBI because they were pedos and rapists and were kinda in a black list because they were never caught or were too rich as to dismiss the charges, and they begin looking for the killer, however the main detective in the meanwhile knows a boy who appears in almost all of the crime scenes, and well the rest would be spoilers but a lot of drama is in hand e v e (and in as boy, not a minor ... well not THAT young anyway)
  7. That sounds like an awesome idea!! =D
  8. You start!
    *runs away*
  9. Um, wait, who do you want to be? The boy or the cop?
  10. the boy, you be the cop
  11. Alright, I'll send you a link to the first post once I have it up
  12. Thank you! n A n/!