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  1. Whoop here I am again.
    What I'm looking for:
    ● MxM
    ● RoooOomanceeeeee with plot and development
    ● At least one paragraph. It's not that hard, just describe random things that's going on. (The more the merrier tbh)
    ● OOC chats !!
    ● Spelling & grammar. At least know the basics, that's all I'm asking for since I'm not really good in grammar myself.
    ● Tbh idk if this is too much to ask but please have your character(s) able to read the atmosphere and react realistically.
    ● Original rp, please. I'm only willing to do certain fandoms, and I don't rp canon characters since I only prefer to use the settings.
    ● Fandoms I'm willing to rp : Shingeki no Kyojin, Naruto, Dangan Ronpa, Hunter x Hunter, JJBA
    ● Someone who don't mind rping smut hahahaha--

    ● Slice of life
    ● School, work, etc.
    ● Fantasy !
    ● Drama (??)
    ● Romance
    ● Something light and fluffy-- uqu

    What I won't do:
    ● Incest, giants/giantess, humiliation play, hardcore BDSM, gore (slight is okay)
    ● Drug related.
    ● Furry and pirates because I'm all ??? about them.
    ● Canon character or play against one.

    Things I want to try: (Will keep updating lolol - Last update: 30 October )
    Show Spoiler

    ● Imperfections: During elementary school, there's a guy in your class who has disappeared mysteriously for months after a fire broke out in his house one day. There has been a rumour saying that he had died, and everyone believed it. Though he didn't. As he returned, everyone got a shock, but eventually stopped talking about it. You noticed he wasn't the loud and talkative boy any more - but instead, he covered half of his face with his hair and always wore long sleeves even when the weather was warm. It turned out that he was burnt and it left scars on his face and body. He became timid and would be sure that the scars were covered all the time. The others soon teased him and some even bullied him to the point where he would run away crying. He didn't turn up for the graduation ceremony since he moved away to live with his parents. It has been years and you're now in high school / college. You've heard from someone that there would be a transfer student who've just moved back to the town joining your class soon. It was him, indeed. Though he's still the same - the same scar, the same hairstyle and still wearing long sleeves. Sure enough, he recognised you. His reaction would depend on how you treated him back during elementary school.

    ● Sunshine Smile: He's just an ordinary guy. Regardless of his looks, built, voice, studies, anything, he's pretty average. He has his own little clique of friends and gets along with others normally. He doesn't stand out in a crowd nor would people pay much attention to him. But for some reason, he had caught your eyes recently. You couldn't find out what's so special about him, but he gave you a feeling that was indescribable. The two of you became friends, that was when you realised that aside from his kind and warm personality, it was his smile that had got your heart racing. But despite making an advance on him, he doesn't seem to get it, being oblivious to such feelings. What would you do ?

    ● Hackshield: Being a professional hacker in the era filled with hi-tech systems wasn't an easy job. Especially when a virus has invaded your system. Taking a form of a cocky, arrogant silver-haired male, the virus appeared on your screen. Despite doing all you could, he just wouldn't go away. Moreover, this guy has the ability to slip into every gadget you own, as long as it has a screen. Though when you were out one day, with the usual pestering in your phone, you noticed a familiar silver hair on the street. You took a second look and it was him indeed. Would you chase after him ?

    ● Drifted: There were times when he felt so drifted apart from others, from the world. It felt as if he's floating away from reality. There's no one there to stop nor wake him up. Let alone pulling him back. He spent his day spacing off, it was as if the ones around him doesn't exist. He would curl up in a corner to take naps and have his lunch. He had rarely spoken with anyone and he always seemed pretty gloomy.

    Expression: He always seemed so cheerful, full of energy. No one had ever seen him getting mad or sad before, not even the slightest hint of it. How could someone be so happy all the times ? He must be hiding something. And seeing him crying alone in the unused club room has cleared your doubts, he had been holding in everything. The one with the warmest smile is also the one who's the saddest deep down.

    ● A way: He came out of the closet at the start of the year. Since then, the school bullies has been chasing him down to no end. Calling him names, pushing him around and beating him up, it was only to be expected. He could had transferred to some other school, but he chose not to. The reason being the guy he had a crush on, who's in the same school as him. On top of all, that guy was the leader of the bullies.

    Please comment if you're interested in any of the ideas above !! ^q^ Feel free to share your ideas too !!
    Thanks for reading all these crap too.
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  2. I'm interested in the first idea. :)
  3. :D ! Glad that you're interested ! Would you prefer to move the discussion to PM ?
  4. PM please and thank you :)
  5. I think both of your ideas (the two that are left) seems awesome... I'd love to do either of them! ^^ Would you please PM me and we could discuss this further? ~
  6. I'm up for the Halloween 2spooky. My own character will need some brainstorming, other than a human boy. Maybe a young teenager who hasn't had a serious crush on male or female yet and is blown away when he's attracted to this vampire - or rather, slowly falls for him, since plot beats instant wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am.
  7. Sure, sure ! c: He could be attracted, then slowly falls for him, I guess ? And yeah, I'd prefer plot. ;; Would you want to discuss more over PM ?
  8. PM is good so people browsing your thread don't have to wade through our conversation! ^^

    You can start off with telling me more about your "vampire who's pretty dumb" and ideas of what personality of human you might like him to meet, since I'm still not sure. Physical/weak, outgoing/timid, studious/gamer, considerate/aggressive? One idea was of someone muscular but awkward and doesn't know how to get attention without bothering someone. Kind of like that first grader who pulls the hair of the people he likes, but high school version. So someone like that realizing he likes a boy, he might keep finding little harmless ways to pick on your character as an excuse to be around him. "Adorkable"?
  9. I like the last idea! If you're still up for it, please pm me and we can discuss plot etc.!
  10. Bump. ;;
  11. I love the fifth idea. c:
  12. While I'm not too interested in any of your ideas, you are almost exactly what I'm looking for as a partner. With this said, I'm sure we can come to some sort of agreement on what to rp.
  13. [MENTION=5810]runs_with_wolves[/MENTION] : Glad that you liked it. c: Would you mind sending a PM so we could discuss over there ?

    [MENTION=2706]Searin[/MENTION] : Sure, sure ! c: Shall we discuss over PM ?
  14. I like Imperfections or Hackshield.
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