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  1. Hello guys and gals (but hopefully gals for this!) While I have a new account I'm not at all new to Roleplaying or Iwaku, and certainly not new to adult Roleplay, so I'm posting this to tell people that I am available for plots!

    Plots/Scenarios I am personally more interested in:

    - An Apocalyptic Scenario
    - A Fantasy Scenario
    - A Sci-Fi Scenario
    - Monster Girl (Mamono) scenarios

    Of course this isn't all I do! I do modern and slice of life settings too, and moreorless most else within Libertine except furry and yaoi plots. So if you have an idea about what kind of plot you would want to do, tell me!

    Feel free to reply to me either here or in PMs. But note that I usually conduct adult RP in PMs for privacy reasons.
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  2. Still looking for more potential partners!
  3. I could be up for a monster girl rp! ^.^
  4. Still looking for Monster Girls RPs!
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